Throwback 5?: Answered

"There was a great commotion and trouble when it became known. Many people were upset, mostly outside the Uchiha, at the precedent; they said if our enemies discovered that Sharingan eyes could be transplanted, they would stop at nothing to obtain Sharingans for themselves."

The Uchiha had been expecting some sort of backlash by the more reactionary members of the Hyuuga clan after the Council of Clans that was scheduled for the Thursday after Sasuke's unexpected manifestation. They had not expected that the attack would be before the much anticipated first lesson in the afternoon and before the equally preparation-intensive council meeting later that evening. Instead, it came before Lunch.

No one had seriously considered that the kidnappers would strike in broad daylight, snatching Sasuke from the playground of the primary school during morning recess. It goes against many years of ninja traditions to attack after dawn, and attacking the school was far enough beyond the pale that even those who had been sympathetic to the kidnappers' cause were disgusted. It wasn't the ninja academy; it was a kindergarten.

It started with a gentle genjutsu of normalcy, then a duo of sub-dual specialists took the boy. He managed to cut one of them with a mostly dull kunai, but no five-year old could hope to resist a senior chuunin and special jounin in a fight. Only one of the children in the class realized something was wrong while the kidnappers were still in sight, and she spread the alarm quickly. Hinata Hyuuga was very shy, but she wasn't about to let down her newest friend in his time of need.

So, it was only a double-handful of minutes later that a scratch team of trackers was on the case, led by a one-eyed masked man and his pack.

"Others were just offended on principle."

"My brother will hunt you down, my father will kill you, and my mother will make sure they never find all the pieces." Sasuke said through the remains of a gag.

"Shut up!" the younger of the two kidnappers hissed even as he slammed his hand over Sasuke's mouth.

Unrepentant, Sasuke sank chakra-enhanced teeth into a convenient finger, then wrenched his head side-to-side as far as his bonds and his victim's grip would allow. He tasted metal and salt and his captor swore, yanking the savaged appendage away. He seized the moment: "HEEEEEEELP! ITACHI! MOTHER!" Sasuke didn't expect anyone to hear him, but...

"Shut up, you little shi-!" Whap! An instant of pain followed by darkness.

"Fool!" the older kidnapper snarled. "He has to be conscious during the Sealing!"

They didn't realize that there are precedents for the gift of Sharingan eyes between Uchiha. I was the first outside the clan to receive such a gift, but in keeping with true Uchiha tradition, they stole and adapted a solution to the possibility of theft.

"Through this door and down the hall to the left. There's at least seven of them, and the boy in unconscious." the Aburame chuunin reported, directing the odd collection of ANBU operatives, semi-retired jounin, nin-dogs and Policemen/Uchiha towards their targets' hiding place. "The walls and ceiling are too thick for Byakugan to penetrate in either direction. There may be other exits, but my allies will have tagged all of the targets by the time you attack. We will track any that escape."

"Good." Kakashi motioned for his makeshift team to move into position. "Lizard, Mikoto, Tsume and Kuromaru for the initial assault; knock them off balance. Deer and Itachi to secure and evacuate the victim. Tekka secure the exit and watch our backs. My pack and I will take care of any who try to flee."

Nods and sounds of acknowledgment from the group, then all hell breaks loose.

You should remember this: the Uchiha do not abandon those they consider their own, even when it angers outsiders. They would never let the Hyuuga steal and seal you like they do their own.

"Sasuke, wake up. It's safe to wake up now." Mikoto tried to coax her son back to consciousness.

"No." the stubborn boy replied, trying to roll away from her hands. He rolled directly into Itachi's knees.

"You should listen to mother." the older boy told him, flicking his fingers against his brother's forehead.

"Itachi! You came!" Sasuke deigned to open his eyes, taking in the circle of concerned heads leaning over and blocking his view of the sky. "Mother! Father!" he sat up and gave his mother a hug.

"Of course we came." Mikoto chided him even as she squeezed the breath from his lungs. "We would never let them steal you away from us."

"I wasn't worried." Sasuke assured her, then looked past her and Fugaku, who had enfolded them both into his arms. "Kakashi-sempai! I did like you said I should and made them knock me out! Kuromaru, I made my teeth sharp like you do so I could chew through the gag and bite them! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

"You didn't piss on them like I said you should." Pakkun complained from Kakashi's shoulder.

Sasuke flushed, "I didn't have any left. I had just used the toilet."

"You should always keep some in reserve." Pakkun scolded. "You never know when you'll need it."

"Yessir." the boy said in much the same tone he used with his father's edicts.

"What have you been teaching him?" Mikoto accused Kakashi, Tsume, and the ninja dogs all in a single glance.

"What to do if he was kidnapped by jealous Hyuuga." Tsume replied flippantly. "He didn't want you to know that he was worried about it, but Kuromaru could smell it on him when he came by to do the report interview. Just the basic precautions; fighting back intelligently, leaving a trail, that sort of thing." the rough looking jounin grinned. "He did good for a pup."

Sasuke flushed a little at the praise but smiled fiercely at his rescuers, Itachi tried unsuccessfully to hide his own laugh, and Fugaku beamed with approval at his youngest son. Against this unprecedented onslaught Mikoto was forced to capitulate and smile a little herself. "Thank you. All of you."

Kakashi waved off the thanks with his usual casualness, but Kuromaru growled something for Tsume to translate. "The pup will repay the favor someday, when he is old enough."

Sasuke nodded his agreement; Fugaku looked a little skeptical but said nothing. Kakashi excused himself to inform the Hokage that Sasuke had woken and was unharmed and Tsume left with similar excuse on her lips but a much darker expression on her face.

"What about the people who did it?" Sasuke asked his father quietly after the crowd had started to break up. Fugaku had taken Sasuke from Mikoto when they all stood up, refusing rather uncharacteristically to let him walk on his own.

"The Anbu and jounin took them to the Hokage tower for confinement. Hiashi Hyuuga and his wife should be on their way there now." Fugaku said softly, but did not gloss over the truth. "We agreed that it was a bad idea to have the police hold them because most of the police are your uncles and aunts and cousins. Your clan will not take this incident lightly or well. Some may have lost their tempers and hurt the prisoners before the Hokage could decide their punishment."

"That would be bad." Sasuke agreed, laying his head on Fugaku's shoulder.

"It would be well deserved." Mikoto growled. "I'd like to-

"Dear." Fugaku drew out the word and made a cutting motion with his free hand. "I am sure the Hokage will make sure they are appropriately punished. For now, I think it is time for lunch and it is Sasuke's turn to choose where we eat."

So, to answer your question. It was awkward at first, but once the initial furor settled down it was fine. The Uchiha made a new seal that shared only a slight resemblance to the Hyuuga Seal, so that the Sharingan could not be taken from me against my will. The sharingan must be activated when it is taken to be effective in another ninja's body; I could not deactivate Obito's sharingan on my own, so they made a seal that would deactivate it for me under certain circumstances, ones I could control. Something along the same lines can be made for you.

Author Note: yes, it is Kakashi in Italics. sorry about the delay in updates, but the computer I had been using died spectacularly (power surge took out the power supply and the mother board). Posting from my shiny new laptop.