Things kind of got back to normal once I got rid of Gary. Idiot thought he could crush me? HA! I'm Jimmy Hopkins-Evil-Boy-Genius-Wonder-Fist! I basically rule! Technically everything was almost normal. When Lilah's parents heard what had gone on at the school, they took her out of Bullworth and placed her at some boarding school in the tropics. Nice location, but sucks for our relationship. So now I'm back on the single's train and I'm out on the prowl! I did try to date that Zoe chick, but she's not really my style—she likes older druggie guys anyways.

Anyways. Like I said, things were going great. Petey became Head Boy and I became his personal body guard. Not that I wasn't before or nothing, but now I had the title and the golden spot—no Prefects could touch me. I could basically do whatever I wanted and Crabblesnitch couldn't say a word! It helps to save someone's sorry ass, doesn't it? Besides, Crabblesnitch was a little busy with his secretary to care, now that he didn't really have to run the school anymore.

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end, which they did and it hit hard. While myself and the Petey/Beatrice blob went to the Carnival before it packed up and moved out of town, I was sitting on a bench minding my own business while I was inhaling some sugary sweet, ecstasy when all of a sudden the wind picked up and blew a newspaper into my face. I was pissed cause I lost my grip on my cotton candy and my view I had of this really hot blonde working the concession was now gone.

I grabbed that newspaper and was about to throw it to the ground where it belonged when something caught my eye. ASYLUM UPHEAVEL! PATIENTS ESCAPED! I forgot about the candy and the blonde and went in search for the rest of the newspaper. Luckily a kind civilian lent me their paper.


Earlier this week an escape attempt at Happy Volts Asylum in the Blue Skies Industrial Park area succeeded. At around 9 o'clock on Sunday two patients, Gary Smith and Alice Lockehorne caused a diversion while Happy Volts was understaffed, which helped them escape the premises. Currently they are still at large, as well as a few other patients who wandered off as well. Gary Smith is said to be highly dangerous and could possibly be armed since he attacked an orderly during the ordeal, instantly killing him. If anyone knows about the whereabouts of either of these two escapees, please notify the local authorities and/or Happy Volts.

Now usually I don't get freaked out by many things, but that article didn't give me a happy-go-lucky feeling inside. I felt like I was going to puke; coulda been the cotton candy too. I folded that newspaper up as quickly as I could, stuffing it into my pocket as I went in search for the others. All I could think about was where in the world was Gary Smith?