The Universe's Trash Compactor

"Assholes." That's what Vic thought as he saw the look on his former colleagues' faces when they brought him in. Aceveda, grinning like a fox, Claudette looking disappointed, Dutch looking like he still couldn't quite believe what he was seeing. Danny and Julien just looking at him.

Then there was Ronnie. The most solid guy on the Team, the guy who'd literally been through the fire to prove his loyalty…and he was the one who wasn't going to prison. Ronnie's testimony was going to bury him; Vic knew that. He also knew that he probably wouldn't last long in prison, not unless he wanted to be kept in solitary for the rest of his life.

But strangely, none of that seemed to matter now. All the crap he'd been through, all the dirty deals and playing both sides-now it was all just him, and for some reason he was okay with that. In spite of the fact he was going down, he felt at peace for the first time in a long while.

They took him into the cellblock. Slid the door shut and left him alone. There was a camera there; they'd put him on suicide watch. Like he'd give them the satisfaction of going out that way. No, when he got to trial he was taking them down with him, especially that assclown Aceveda. No way was he going to let that smug S.O.B. walk away from this…

Vic heard footsteps coming down the corridor. Firm and deliberate. For a minute, old paranoia came creeping back. But Shane was dead; the Mexicans were too busy with their own problems to care about him now. Vic looked up…and was stunned by the face he saw looking down at him.


The former Lieutenant smiled. "Hey, Vic. How are things going?"

Vic rubbed his eyes. This couldn't be real…"What the hell are you doing here? How the hell did you get here in the first place?"

Kavanaugh shrugged. "They let me out so I could come and see you one last time. There are a couple of Federal Marshals waiting to take be back to prison right outside."

Vic scowled. "I guess you're happy now. You finally got to see me taken down. But you didn't do it. And that's gotta be eating you up inside."

But Kavanaugh shook his head. "Nah, I don't think like that anymore. Yeah, it's true I got a little…overzealous…in my pursuit of you; maybe I lost some perspective. But that doesn't matter. You're the one who brought yourself down, Vic."

Vic sighed. "Okay, Kavanaugh, I get the point. I'm sure the guys back at Club Fed must be waiting for you."

Kavanaugh chuckled. "Remember when I told you that sooner or later the Universe takes out its trash? You said sometimes it does. And you know something? You were right."

Vic didn't say anything, but Kavanaugh's words stayed with him as his former foe walked back up the corridor. The cell was small; Vic could already feel it squeezing him and wondered if he really would be able to take it for the rest of his life.

If he could take being swallowed by a trash compactor.