Riddick groaned as he slumped against a back alley door. God he hurt. Seven mercs had tried to take him for his bounty…except they were going for the dead bounty. He'd managed to get away, but he didn't know if he was going to make it this time. He couldn't even stand up anymore and his vision was starting to blur behind his goggles.

"Oh look, an easy mark," came an oily voice. Riddick looked up and saw two punks standing over him grinning like idiots. Normally he'd have just laughed as he kicked their asses, but he couldn't even lift his head. The two advanced on him and he let out a groan.

"What are you doing assholes?" came a stern voice, causing the kids to freeze. Riddick tried to roll his head to see who was walking towards them, but could quiet manage, "If you're still in my sight in three seconds I'll kick your punk asses. Now scram," the voice commanded. The two guys looked at each other, before taking off. Riddick groaned again as the sweet scent of a woman filled the air as a pair of jean clad legs came into view…a long, slender pair of legs. He clenched his teeth and rolled his head back to look up at the woman. She was tall and her pale skin looked soft. Her hair was a fiery mane that fell around her pretty face and her eyes were a milky blue. Her left arm was cover in a tattoo of hell with grinning demons and the Grim Reaper standing the middle of the black flames on her forearm.

`"Well aren't you a sight?" she asked kneeling down in front of him. She stared at him before reaching out and slipping his goggles off. He growled softly in protest but she was unimpressed. "Please, mother fucker. Even if you weren't more than half dead you couldn't scare me," she told him, "Well, come on."

Riddick stared at her as she slipped his ruined right arm around her shoulders and lifted him up. She grunted slightly as she slipped her arm around his waist and for all intensive purposes carried him down the alley. Riddick raised his weary head and looked over at her before he blacked out.


Riddick groaned as his eyes opened. He tried to sit up but found he hurt to much. He realized that that he was on a bed, and naked under the covers.

"Back with the living?" came a familiar voice. He turned his head and found the woman sitting beside his bed with her feet propped up on the foot of his bed and a cigarette in between her lips. Her grey wife beater was covered in blood and her jeans as well. He noticed that the table beside his bed was covered in medical supplies and bloodied bandages.

"Where am I?" he asked.

"Slum side of Ursula City," she told him as she put her feet down and sat forward, "So what's 'cha name?" she asked blowing a cloud of smoke away from him.

"Why do you care?" he asked. Riddick didn't like giving out his name to random people. She smirked and took another drag.

"Well, I'd like to know the name of the man who I just spent four hours keeping alive. Plus convict's code says you should," Riddick stared at her for a second before realizing that the milky appearance of her eyes came from glazing. Glazing made the person's vision crystal clear, they could see every detail in light and dark. Only one slam in the verse that you could get your eyes glazed at, The Cage. A double-max on the other side of the verse that rivaled Crematoria. "But since you seem a little hesitant I'll give you mine. Kelly Henderson," she told him.

"Richard B. Riddick," he replied noticing that she had bruises on her jaw and cheek, "What the hell happened to you?" he asked.

"You don't take kindly to someone pulling bullets out of you," she told him. Riddick stared at her and began to laugh. This woman hadn't even known his name and she still had carried him to a bed, and taken him hitting her while she was saving his ass. He looked up and found that she was grinning slightly.

"So you let me hit you?" he asked.

"Twice…then I punched that nasty gash on your stomach to knock your ass down a few pegs. Since it seems that you're still alive I guess it's safe to give you some pain killers," she said as she stood up and grabbed something off the table.

"What's that?" he asked trying to sit up, but yelped. Kelly rolled her eyes, as she took his arm and injected something into his vein. She put the vile down and smirked.

"Pain killers duh. Nighty night," she replied.

"I doubt that they'll….," Riddick began but suddenly the world went wavy and he felt his whole body go limp. He felt light and airy like he was suddenly 200 pounds lighter.

"Wasz zhat?" he slurred as his eyes became glassy and his mind foggy.

"Morphine with Acetaminophen and Diazepam chasers. That outta keep your ass down for a while. If you move around to much you'll rip out those stitches I worked so hard to get in," she told him, "Oh and you'd bleed out in a matter of seconds. It's amazing that you lasted as long as you did. Still coherent?" she asked looking down at him. Riddick was gone, he grinned up at her stupidly.

"You're purdy," he said and then the giant beast of a man giggled. Kelly grinned and shook her head slightly.

"And you're stoned," she replied, "Go to sleep." Riddick's eyes drifted closed at her command and he knew no more.