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Kiss me Sweet

"Kiss me sweet

I'm sleeping in silence.

All alone in ice and snow

In my dreams I'm calling your name

You are my love..."


Chapter 1 – The Beginning of the End

It is raining really hard and the streets are empty. They are empty and the lights are all off except for the lamppost on the streets.

In the middle of the night and out on a raging storm, a certain violet-haired warlock kept on walking down the sidewalk, letting the cold rain soaked her clothes and makes her hair stick to her face. She kept on walking and walking not really caring if she would get sick. She just wanted to run away, to get away from him and his words that broke her heart.

"I don't want to hurt you or anything else, Fenris but it's just that…. I don't know what to say but I just can't love you again…"

"Stop! Please stop it!" she said in vain. She cupped her ears to prevent the words on entering her mind.

"I'm sorry, but I do love Iris, I really love her more than anything else…"

"Somebody make it stop! Somebody!" Fenris said yet again.

"I'm really sorry, Fenris. I just can't return your feelings anymore, I just can't for I really love her…"

Fenris started to run, not caring on where she will go. She just wanted to run away and forget all about on what had happened earlier.

"I'm sorry.. for lying to you…."

"Somebody help me! Make it stop! I don't want to hear them again!" Fenris shouted in the night sky.

"Fenris…I'm really sorry…"

She kept on running and running under the heavy rain and she didn't even care on where she will go or on what will happen to her. All she wants now is for somebody to come and stop the words from repeating and repeating. The words Chaos said earlier in the Inn where they stay. The words that had broken her heart and she would always remain broken because of them.


Fenris stumbled down the street and she didn't even bother to stand up. She just cried her heart out and pound on the cold, hard ground. She just cried and cried until she just felt being lifted from the ground by familiar arms and then everything went black.



Fenris opened her violet orbs and looked around her surroundings trying to recognize on where she is. It seems as thought she is inside a room but not the one she's supposed to stay with the others.

"This is a different inn, maybe it's another inn here in town but why am I here? Did somebody brought me here?" Fenris thought.

The room is warm and cozy and it makes Fenris comfortable. She closed her eyes again and felt her surroundings. She went alert when she felt another presence inside the room. She slowly turned to where it is and what she saw shocked her. Pair of cold yet worried green eyes stare back at her warm violet orbs.

Loki is seated next to the bed where Fenris lay. He observes or rather looks at Fenris as she looks back at him, and then she turned her head and looked up at the ceiling of the room.

"Please, don't move much for you have a slight fever."

Indeed Fenris have a fever for she is feeling a bit dizzy and her body feels heavy, so she just lay down on the bed as she tried to keep herself comfortable under the heavy gaze of the assassin.

"What came into you to roam along the streets in the middle of the night while it is raining?" Loki asked with worried eyes, but as Fensis turned to look at him again, he tried to mask it with his ever stoic expression.


"Fenris answer me." Loki demanded from her. He needed to know why for he is growing worried for the violet – haired warlock.


"…" Loki also didn't said anything and just stared at Fenris' form. He is really worried about Fenris, but of course he won't let anyone know that he is worried about a certain warlock who is lying on the bed.

"It is none of your business, Loki.'' She finally said calmly as she tried to sit up in which she succeeded and looked at Loki straight in the eyes, even though she is feeling a bit dizzy and might collapse any minute.

"It may not be my business to know your private issues but….. "

"But what, Loki?!" Fenris almost shouted out of too much frustration. She just stared back at Loki's cold emerald eyes. Then she started to get out off of the bed but then, before she even had the chance to completely get out of the bed, she felt a firm grip on her wrist.

"What are you doing? You still have a fever and yet you're still planning to go outside? It's still raining you know." he questioned firmly but there is some unknown emotion hidden in his voice. Is it worry? Concern? Fenris doesn't have the slightest clue.

"Please let me go!" Fenris pleaded while struggling from his firm grip but it seems to get even tighter.

"I won't for you are still ill. Just rest and we will return to the others by tomorrow." Loki said as he tries to calm Fenris.

But Fenris still struggled as she tried to get up again but this time, Loki pulled her back on the bed and trapping both her hands above her head, pinning her on the bed.

"What is your problem? Why can't you just relax and rest? Are you that eager to go away?" Loki asked a bit annoyed this time.

"…" Fenris just stayed silent the whole time staring up at Loki still not realizing their position.

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