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'They Say That Good Things Take Time' – Chapter 21

Lilly's breathing was changing as she came slowly to her senses, whilst her body shifted gratefully under the covers since she still delighted in the warmth of the bed. Her fingers were gently uncurling, gripping the sheets below her and reaching out to stretch. As her arms ascended throughout the bed, however, her fingertips suddenly grazed warm flesh, and that caused Lilly to stop from shock. Her eyes flickered open for the first time that morning to gaze blearily about her in astonishment of where she was. The foreign bedroom was mostly cast in shadows, due to the earliness of the hour yet, where the curtains were slightly parted, a shaft of brilliant, golden light pierced through and struck the body beside her, to bathe the other girl in a radiant hue.

Lilly's lips parted as she caught sight of the naked torso and the medley of brown curls which poured over both of their pillows. She forced herself to sit carefully up in bed and sheepishly smirked at her own exposed flesh when the covers slipped down to reveal her bare breasts. She did not wish to disturb the brunette but wanted to give herself the time to cast her eyes over her beloved in wonderment. Miley Stuart had shifted in the night and, as a result of this, she was now lying on her stomach but with her face purposely facing Lilly's direction. The blonde smiled as she noted that Miley's mouth had fallen open slightly, and she reminded herself to tease the other girl later for dribbling on the pillow. Yet she could not find it in her heart to disturb Miley for the purely selfish reason of just wanting to look at her.

Miley's long, brown hair spilled over her back wildly after a night of love-making and of heavy sleep. Her eyes fluttered adorably as her mind was absorbed elsewhere in dreams, hopefully of me, Lilly thought to herself. Lilly carefully extended a steady hand to twist curious fingers into Miley's brown curls. Her hair felt like silk and Lilly's eyes opened wider in wonder at the softness of it, while her lips curved into a smile at the pleasure that she felt for being able to touch Miley so intimately. Miley's smooth, naked back was drenched in the warm light of the sunny morning, now that the rain had passed, and Lilly removed her hand from the other girl's locks to trace fingertips, with the lightest of touches, down her girlfriend's spine. The texture of Miley's back was so creamy and Lilly hoped that later she would be allowed to taste it, like she longed to taste every inch of Miley, in another moment of sheer passion for the other girl.

The bed sheet, which cruelly kept Lilly's eyes away from the perfect curves of Miley's bottom, was tauntingly spread over Miley's lower body and Lilly paused in her actions with twitching fingers that dared to reveal it all. She sighed as she withdrew her hand to her lap, where she sat and watched Miley for a few moments longer whilst ideas brewed in her mind. Miley grunted in her sleep and Lilly blinked lazily, it was going to be a long time before the other girl would be up and Lilly never liked to begrudge another of their sleep. Feeling restless now and, with the need to shower further love on her adored Miley Stuart, Lilly was quietly struck by inspiration and she gently eased herself out of bed.

Lilly found her clothes, still heaped in a disruptive pile by the door and quickly pulled them on again. She cast one more glance over at Miley, who had not stirred throughout her dressing, before carefully opening the door and letting herself out with a cheeky grin and blazing, love-filled eyes.

Not long after the other girl had left, Miley Stuart was stirring in her bed. Her lips curled into a content smile, as she thought of the other girl who she had lain beside throughout the night. Miley opened her eyes to gaze upon Lilly Truscott, the one who she had always dreamt of waking up to, only to frown concernedly when she noticed that the bed was empty. Miley's mind was at once flooded with fear and she quickly sat up to look anxiously around the room.

"Lilly?" She called out softly, her voice still heavy and deep from her satisfying sleep, but she received no answer. "Lilly?" Miley spoke again, this time she had raised her voice and fear ran right through it. "Oh god." Miley whispered and her eyes widened further. She was soon up and out of her bed, pacing through her room to check the bathroom, but that was also quite deserted. "Lilly?" Miley was almost shouting now and on hearing no reply, she ran her hands desperately through tangled locks as she fought down a sob. "Not again, please Lilly, don't leave me." Miley mumbled while she still glanced about her room in case she had overlooked the blonde in a corner. "Shit." Miley cussed and strode over to her desk where she picked up her phone. She quickly dialled in Lilly's number but the operator told her that the other girl's phone was switched off. "Shit." Miley swore again and began to ring another number whilst her heart palpitated in alarm.

"Hello?" A very groggy voice answered, yet Miley's sense of relief from hearing him pick up was shortly lived.

"Oliver, have you heard from Lilly?" Miley asked tersely.

"What? Hello? Miley, is that you?"

"Yes, it's me you doughnut." Miley rolled her eyes, "Where's Lilly? Have you heard from her?"

"W-what time is it?" There was a pause, Miley bit her lip nervously and she threw swift glimpses toward the door, as if anticipating the emergence of the blonde at any moment. "Holy… Miley? It's really early." Oliver replied and she could hear him groan in disbelief. "I can't believe you're calling this early."

"Well you shouldn't keep your phone on all night if you don't want to be disturbed." Miley reasoned.

"But there might be an emergency." Oliver pitifully argued back.

"This is an emergency Oliver!" Miley snapped.

"What?" Oliver sounded shocked and it seemed to the brunette that he was finally coming to his senses. "Miley, what's wrong? Is everything okay? Is Lilly okay?"

Miley pushed her hair back and out of her face whilst she tried to find the answer for herself. "I don't know Oliver. Yes she is fine, well, at least I thought so. Last night she was fine, and then we went to bed, and now I don't know because she's not here anymore and I think she might have run away again…" Miley babbled.

"…Hold on." Oliver interrupted, "Lilly stayed the night?" He asked slowly.

"Yes." Miley responded.

"Oh my god. Hang on, you mean, she actually stayed the night."

"Yes. Yes she did you doughnut."


"Thank you, now can we get to the point and will you answer my question?"

"What question?" Oliver sounded confused.

"Good god boy, you're slower than Uncle Earl taking part in a snail race. Have you heard from Lilly?" Miley repeated in frustration.

"Well, no I haven't." Oliver stated quite simply. Miley sighed and, on hearing the sound, Oliver attempted to placate her, "But I'm sure that's not a bad thing. She's probably just nipped out or forgotten something. Look Miles, I'm sure she wouldn't have left you. She loves you."

"I know she loves me, it's what she said last night but I can't believe that…" Miley suddenly broke off as she heard a knock on the door, "Hang on a second Ollie." She breathed and her eyes opened wider in alarm, "Who is it?" She called to the door.

"Miley, it's me." A very familiar voice squeaked, causing Miley's body to slump unexpectedly in relief. She did not realise how tense she actually was until that moment and her heart was suddenly flooded with boundless joy.

"Erm Oliver," Miley mumbled guiltily into the phone, "I gotta go."

"Uh-huh." Came the boy's reply, and he sounded less than impressed, "So, let me get this straight then Miley. You call me at god knows what hour of the morning, completely freak out about Lilly leaving you and then, when she turns up after only being gone for a little while you decide to drop me, after disturbing my sleep, for your girlfriend?"

Miley winced, "Well, I guess, kinda…"

"Hmm. Well, I never would have expected this sorta thing from you Miley."

Miley squeezed her eyes shut and muttered, "Sorry."

"Yeah, you will be sorry. Sorry you didn't hang up the moment Lilly got back. What are you doing girl? Leave me alone so I can get back to my sleep and you…go get your girl!" Oliver cried exasperatedly.

Miley smiled suddenly, "You are such a doughnut. But, thank you."

"Welcome." Oliver stated happily and Miley was certain that she could hear a smile in his voice, "Now get lost." He quipped.

"Gladly." Miley drawled, "Talk soon though, love ya, bye!"


Miley hung up her phone before scooping up her towel to drape around her body whilst she answered the door. A smile spread across her face when she cast her eyes over the familiar blonde that stood on the threshold of her room, one hand clutching Miley's forgotten guitar and the other holding a bag from the local bakery.

"I come baring gifts." Lilly said with an adorable smile.

Miley stepped aside to let Lilly past, but once the door was shut behind her tricksy blonde Miley allowed her towel to fall to the floor and stood, proudly exposed in front of her new girlfriend.

"Woah." Lilly's mouth dropped open as her eyes hungrily regarded Miley's naked body, "If I'd have known I would have got this kinda greeting, I would have whipped the guys at the bakers into getting my order done on time."

Miley chuckled appreciatively, "I'm glad you like."

"Oh, Lilly likey." Lilly nodded adamantly, "But now I feel left out of all the naked fun." She replied and pouted sadly.

"Aw Lilly, you know I've never been able to resist that face." Miley replied seductively as she inched forward to her girlfriend. "But, you know, I did miss waking up beside you." She said as her hands began undoing the buttons on Lilly's coat.

"I'm sorry. We can wake up together tomorrow morning though. I just wanted to treat you with some breakfast. The bakers hadn't even opened but I made a deal and they put together my order whilst I went to get your guitar off Jess. It was meant to be a surprise to show you that I love you."

Miley did not think that she could ever feel as happy as she did during that moment, after all of her drama had swiftly passed, while she stood naked, yet feeling perfectly comfortable, in the presence of her deepest love. "Well thank you." She replied gently, before her eyebrow quirked up suddenly, "Erm, Lilly?"


"Who said that you could stay the night?"

Lilly's eyes widened in mild alarm, "Oh. Jees, I'm sorry Miles, I guess I just assumed…"

Miley cut her off by pressing her lips against Lilly's and wrapping her hand around the back of her head to hold her in place. Lilly smiled against Miley's mouth as she realised the joke before gasping as Miley's fingertips trailed down her neck to fiddle with the straps of her shirt. Miley drew away from Lilly and bit down on her lip as she raised her eyebrows suggestively. Lilly grinned and put her arms up in reply, allowing her girlfriend to remove her shirt and then helped her with the jeans, pants and bra.

Finally the girls were stood in matching, non-existent outfits, but grazing each other's bodies with softer expressions now in the clear light of a new day. "Did I ever tell you that you are the most beautiful thing that I have ever laid my eyes on?" Miley asked gently as she wrapped her arms around Lilly.

"Hmmm…" Lilly looked towards the ceiling thoughtfully, "I can't seem to remember. But, then again, did I ever tell you that I love everything about you? From the top of your curly hair covered head, down to your wiggly toes. Or that I think that you are gorgeous and that I want to spend every minute of the day with you?"

Miley grinned, "Nope. I can't say that you ever did tell me that."

Lilly's eyes sparkled, "You're one in a million, Miley Stuart."

"One in a million?" Miley repeated and leaned in to kiss Lilly's lips again. She drew away and said quietly, "That kinda reminds me of a song."

"Will you sing it to me?" Lilly whispered.

Miley wrapped her arms tighter around Lilly's waist and pressed both of their warm, naked bodies together. She buried her head into the golden cascade of Lilly's hair and breathed in the other girl's scent as deeply as she could inhale, until her chest hurt from the effort. She moved her hands until she was running them up and down the other girl's back, whilst turning her head to smile into Lilly's neck when she felt her hands mirroring her actions. Miley brushed wet lips in gentle kisses against Lilly's neck, to gratefully remind herself of the taste of her girlfriend's skin and the sweet noises that Lilly released from pouting lips in pleasurable response.

Finally Miley withdrew from her attentions, gave Lilly's parted lips another slow kiss, which left both girls achingly even more in love, before picking up her guitar to sit cross-legged with it on her bed. Lilly took the seat opposite Miley at her desk and watched her brunette with a ceaseless smile and eyes that burned with devotion. Miley looked up and smiled warmly at her girlfriend as she started strumming the guitar, filling her bedroom with the simple, yet strong, music of the lone instrument.

When Miley opened her mouth and began to sing, Lilly knew that she was lost and that there was no way on earth that she would ever be able to stop loving the girl that sat before her on the bed, completely naked, and pouring out her heart for her.

How did I get here? I turned around and there you were

I didn't think twice or rationalise

'Cause somehow I knew

That there was more than just chemistry

I mean I knew you were kind of into me

But I figured it's too good to be true

I said, "Pinch me, where's the catch this time?"

Can't find a singly cloud in the sky

Help me before I get used to this girl

They say that good things take time

But really great things happen

In the blink of an eye

Thought the chances to meet somebody

Like you were a million to one

I cannot believe it, you're one in a million

All this time I was looking for love

Trying to make things work that weren't good enough

Till I thought I'm through, said, "I'm done"

And stumbled into the arms of the one

You're making me laugh about the silliest stuff

Say that I'm your diamond in the rough

When I'm mad at you, you come with your velvet touch

Can't believe that I'm so lucky

I have never felt so happy

Every time I see that sparkle in your eyes

They say that good things take time

But really great things happen

In the blink of an eye

Thought the chances to meet somebody

Like you were a million to one

I cannot believe it; you're one in a million.

Steady tears fell from two pairs of brilliant blue eyes that shone with identical expressions, which cried out endless love and devotion. Miley carefully placed the guitar down as Lilly crossed the distance between them and fell into her arms. Miley allowed herself to be lowered back onto the bed where Lilly's trembling mouth was covering her face with kisses. Miley turned her head to rub her cheek lightly against Lilly's who whimpered as their tears melted together and finally allowed the brunette to turn and lay her back onto the bed beside her. Miley wrapped her arms around her blonde lover and twisted her around so that they were lying face to face.

"I love you." Miley said simply, with lips, freshly swollen from kissing, that were curled up into an infinite smile, "And I think I always will."

"Me too." Lilly sighed, but her eyes blazed proudly as she made her admission. "So, what comes next?"

Miley pouted as she considered Lilly's question, "Well, I think that what we have to do next is to tell our families, but maybe after we've spent some time together first. We also have to make plans for next year, because obviously I'm going to want to live with you." Miley stated and grinned toothily at Lilly who smiled shyly in return. "That is, if you could stand to live with me?" Miley began to ask in a slightly panicked voice, "I mean I'll cook and clean, and I'll sing to you if you want. Plus, I'm a pretty good kisser. I don't think you could live long without my kisses." Miley finished in a matter of fact tone.

Lilly grinned, "I don't think I could go an hour without your kisses." She replied before leaning in to graze her lips slowly along Miley's, which parted in welcome. "Mmm…" Lilly moaned gently as she tasted Miley's damp mouth, "Nope, not even an hour." She said softly. Lilly's eyes suddenly darkened and she leaned in to tickle Miley's ear with her warm breath while she whispered, "And I don't think that I could stand a night without you." Miley's eyes widened and her blood ran hot as Lilly carefully flicked the tip of her tongue against Miley's earlobe, before biting down on it gently with her teeth, casually sucking it into her mouth. Miley whimpered at the sensation, gratefully knowing that it was not going to take long before they started re-enacting their deeds of the previous night.

Lilly abruptly pulled her head away and met Miley's lust-filled eyes, "But that's not really the answer I was expecting."

"Oh really?" Miley asked timidly, as doubt began to cloud her mind, perhaps Lilly did not want to tell their families and she was suggesting that they should keep their love hidden.

"Nope." Lilly answered and shook her head slowly, "I was hoping that you would say breakfast." Lilly's face broke out into an expectant grin and, after the long moment in which it took time for the brunette to realise what the blonde was saying, Miley spluttered from the relief that quickly quelled her brooding anxiety. She then responded by clouting the blonde playfully over the head with a pillow.

"Sweet nibblets Lilly, is food all you can think about?"

"Come on Miley, how long have you know me for?" Lilly whined her reply.

"Too long." The brunette drawled.

Lilly noticeably shuddered at the sound of Miley's southern twang, causing her girlfriend to surreptitiously raise her eyebrows at the sign which could lead to exploitation.

"But you know Lilly," Miley began, "I'm not very hungry."

"Oh. Really?" Lilly asked, whilst her face was etched with light concern as she felt her own stomach rumble in disappointment.

"No." Miley answered and shrugged casually. When Lilly still looked perplexed about the situation, Miley raised herself up until she hovered over the other girl, "You'll have to help me work up an appetite." She grinned into Lilly's face before covering her body entirely, inhaling sharply from the hot touch of Lilly's being, at the press of warm skin together, before leaning down to steal up Lilly's lips in a blinding kiss.

She drew away and Lilly was giggling beneath her, the sound beating Miley's heart with love and the feeling of the vibrations from her laugh was tingling Miley's chest, sending endless tremors of adoration for her blonde lover throughout her entire body.

"Miley?" Lilly said tentatively.

"Yes Lilly?" Miley smiled.

"I really do love you."

"I know. And I really do love you too."

Miley lowered her head once more to meet Lilly's awaiting lips. She wanted to spend her entire life remembering that very morning, the night before and the agonising lead up to this plateau, where they now lay together in one another's arms. This was the moment that her teenage self had mournfully dreamed of and now that she had her heart's other half almost engraved into her very soul, Miley Stuart knew that she was never letting go. And Lilly Truscott would never let her.