Just an extremely short, random thing I thought of. My first Pirates Of The Carribean fic!

BTW, the reason the letter isn't in italics, but the other part is, is because I think it's easier to read non-italics, and the letter is most of the story, so there you go.

If I owned PoC, would I really be on this site, explaining why part of the story is in italics? No. I'd be bothering Johnny Depp. So there you go.


Elizabeth sat in the room, as Will made the final preparations for the journey to Singapore. A quill and a piece of parchment sat before her, and she stared at it long and hard. The reunion between her and Jack, should they actually get him back, could be a bit awkward. If she wrote a letter, explaining her motives, and clearing a few things up, that should make it a bit easier. She dipped the quill in ink, and began to write,


I wanted to say sorry for the whole 'trying to kill you and succeeding' thing. To be quite honest, I must say that I didn't expect you to really, you know, die. I mean, yes, I tied you to the mast, leaving you to the mercy of a sea monster, but you've survived so much worse. As for the kiss beforehand, I'd like to make it clear that I was simply keeping you distracted as I handcuffed you, and I have no interest in you sexually, and even if I did, I think Will would be fairly annoyed. Also, I was hoping you would not tell him about the whole 'trying to kill you and succeeding' thing, because, well, I think that that might make him think differently of me. And that might annoy him a tad bit as well, though not nearly as much as me being involved with you. Which I don't want to do, to be clear.

I also want to tell you that I also agreed with Tia Dalma to save you, so killing you had nothing to do with you personally. I just wanted to save myself, Will, those weird pirates that tried to kill me a while ago, and Mr. Gibbs. It had nothing to do with you. Although, you did encourage me to do things spontaneously, so maybe the fact that I handcuffed you to a mast was your fault. Also, you may have thought that the kiss was a bit more lustful then a fake kiss can be, and I just want to tell you that I am a very good actor, and there was no feeling in it whatsoever. It was just a ploy, remember. And Will would be quite mad if you and I were to be a couple, especially since you're supposed to be dead (remember to not tell him I killed you, eh?).

I will try my best to save you, and, if by some miracle, I do, please do not seek any sort of relationship, because I am in love with William Turner, and I have no doubt about this matter. As I previously stated, when I kissed you, I was just trying to kill you. And the tongue was just to keep you distracted.

With no love whatsoever,


P.S Again, sorry for killing you.

P.P.S I just wanted to make sure that you understand that I have no feelings of lust and/or love for you.


Sorry about that. Yea...