Beg Note: this is inspired by the mirror episode, you lot can guess when you've read if you haven't already, yeah it's MarshalCorrine. God I love that couple, way better then vaughnjosielucas. Yeah I had to put in some fake science but hey I ain't as clever as the producers, cut me some slack.

"I was doing it for all the wrong reasons, I know I can sing," Corrine replayed the last conversation she had with Marshal in her head. The band was his thing and she was glad that she had come to her senses before she made a fool of herself. Yeah, she loved Science and Math and she knew she was great at those subjects and they were her thing. As much as she knew she could sing, she was not cut out to sing in a band. Maybe the shower, or even the church choir, but that was all for her.

It had taken a trip through the mirror to realise that but it also made her realise something else. Kissing Marshal was wicked, it may have been a short kiss but it blew her socks off and she knew she wanted more. Much more.

Heading down to science, easily her favourite class, with her favourite teacher, Corrine sat down at the table behind Josie hoping that Marshal would sit next to her. To her poor luck Lucas dropped his books beside her. "Why didn't you sit next to Josie?" She whispered trying to keep the irritation out of her voice.

"I felt nervous, why weren't you sitting next to her?"

She was caught there, "Err, no reason," she said uneasily, "I thought you would want to sit with her," she quickly added.

"Oh, so nothing to do with wanting to sit next to Marshal…"

"If you knew I wanted to sit next to him, why sit next to me?" Corrine asked angrily forgetting herself.

"Oh, so you did have a reason, he he," he grinned at her foolishly.

"So Lucas, how would that help predicting the gravity scale of other planets?"

"How would what help?" Lucas comprehended too late that that was the wrong thing to say.

"While you and Corrine were talking, I actually was holding a lesson, care to join?" the science teacher said angrily.

Professor Z was all friendly in science club but when it came to teaching he was as serious as they get, it was as if he was a whole different person and took offence to people being late or talking and was very severe. It was rather off-putting at times when the group forgot that at the end of the day he was a teacher.

"Sorry Professor Z but…"

"No, its okay, just don't talk during my class again," he tone was strict and final.

The group walked out of science an hour later discussing their science project. They had all been given a planet to research, they had to give a brief description about their chosen planet then talk about the gravity on said planet.

"Corrine, I have detention, sorry we can't study together," Josie apologised before rushing off to the detention hall, she was already late.

"That's okay," Corrine said to her retreating back, while cracking a huge smile, this was her perfect opportunity to be alone with Marshal.

"Marshal, do you want to study with me in my room?" she asked as she turned to him, trying not to look to eager and excited.

"Sure why not, I'll just go and get some things from my room and then I'll be right over."

Corrine was ecstatic, she rushed back to her room and quickly put on some of Josie lip gloss, "She won't mind," the girl mused, "She's always borrowing my stuff anyway and she won't know I used it." As an after thought, "I hope she doesn't have any diseases," she turned to the mirror to check herself. "That's a bit over the top, what diseases can you catch f…"

"Who are you talking to," inquired Marshal's confused voice.

"Uh, no one… no one, just thinking aloud," Corrine had suddenly become nervous, her inside were a flurry of butterflies.

"So," Marshal started looking for something to say, "What planet are you doing, I'm doing Venus."

"Erm, Plu… Pluto, yes Pluto,"

"That's not a planet,"

"It might be, they haven't decided yet,"

"Yeah true but do you think it should be,"

"No, no… no!" this shouldn't be what they were doing, they had all the time in the world to talk about planets, but only a little time to do something more intimate. Ooh the thought brought shivers pulsing everywhere and down to her toes.

"I agree, it's not a planet," Marshal said weakly to her strong protest, "It's more a… are you okay?"

"Sorry I zoned out, let's sit on my bed, we can't do studying standing up can we?"

The teens got onto the girls bed, they were sitting opposite each other with their legs crossed. Books sprayed out between them. This would have been perfectly well if Corrine was in the mood for studying but what she really wanted was to taste him again, he was addictive, and to peak her curiosity. Was the Marshal from the other side of the mirror, the same as the Marshal sitting opposite her?

She had to find out and she was going to do it before Josie was let out of detention which gave her ten minutes! She leaned against the wall, "Let's take a break,"

"Hmm," Marshal nodded his consent. Corrine edged closer to him till she had her legs over his. He looked at her confused, "Wha…" he didn't get to finished whatever he was about to say because Corrine had captured his lips with hers.

"Oh, Sorry," broke the moment that Corrine had been waiting for all day, or for the past few days since she had kissed the other Marshal. Josie had just entered the room that the two girls shared.

Corrine swivelled her legs around and stood up jumping of the bed. She wasn't that upset that they had been interrupted; she had found out something important. Kissing Marshal wasn't as good as kissing the guy through the mirror, it was much better!

Okay, this wasn't supposed to be a multi-chapter fic, just a one shot but this story hasn't ended. BTW it doesn't really have a plot just a few things I want to happen then I'll end it but maybe you could call the things I want to happen a plot who knows.