Heya, here's a little recap because it has been so long and this is the final, just wanted to finish of the story I hope its an adequate ending.


Josie made her way back to Blake Holsey, she had woken up and found that the door to her room was unlocked, so she snuck out. She wondered how long she had been away for, she could not tell at all.

"What are you doing in my room?" came the annoyed voice of Corrine, Josie opened her mouth puzzled.

"It's my room too," she managed to say after a few seconds of gaping.

"You don't even go to this school," Corrine replied dismissively, "I don't know who you've snuck in to visit but I'm going to have to report you."

"Corrine, are you okay? Are you joking?" Josie asked disbelievingly.

Pain shot through Corrine's head, but as quick as it came it disappeared. Josie ran forward to the fallen girl, "Are you okay?"

"I just, I don't know what happened, I feel better now though," Corrine looked up at her roommate, "How are you? I was so worried about you! And is Vaughn back as well?"

"You remember me then?" Josie smiled, it turned into a frown, "Vaughn, what's wrong with him?"


"I'm sure he's fine," Corrine replied uneasily. Truthfully she did not know if Vaughn was ok or not but felt it unwise to tell Josie just yet, "We should go tell the boys you're fine,"

The two left the room and knocked on Lucas and Marshall's door.

"Josie, you're back," they both called when they saw her, each giving her a big hug though Lucas held on slightly too long. Josie smiled at them happy to see her friends again but having a bad feeling about Vaughn.

"You two have got to look at this," Lucas said, looking on his table for something, "Marshall, have you seen the book, I don't know where it's gone, I'm sure I put it back on the table but its not here,"

"Yeah, I saw you," Marshall agreed, he started to look about for the book too, the girls watch bemused.

"What are you guys looking for?" Josie asked.

"It's gone," Lucas stated.

"This book had some interesting stuff we wanted to show you," Marshal added, "Lucas, didn't you say that it just appeared as well?"

Lucas nodded, the boys then went on to explain what the book had said, the girls listened intently, Josie had paled considerably by the time they had finished, "You don't think that Vaughn might disappear, do you?" she asked worriedly, "I mean Corrine forgot me for a moment,"

Josie quickly told the guys what happened when she returned.

"I'm sure he'll be back in a couple of days," Marshall comforted, but everyone knew he was too sure of what he was saying.

The room went into an awkward silence, "Josie, you've missed a lot, I think I should show you the homework that I collected for you," Corinne said desperately, trying to change the subject, homework had been the first thing to come to her head.

Josie found it hard to sleep for the next couple of nights but her nights of worry might as well been for nothing as Vaughn wondered into class that Friday. She sighed with relief, thankful that he was okay.

"Josie," he said as he sat down beside her.

"Your late," she replied, "The lesson is almost over," trying to act nonchalant.

"I couldn't wait to see if you guys were well, or I would have just taken today off, I know the day is almost over," he replied as if it was the most obvious thing, Josie secretly agreed that she would have done the same.

She smiled at him, "Can I talk to you after class, alone?" Josie asked, she had to tell him how she felt, she needed to get it off her chest. Well she still was not too sure how she felt but she had decided that she could trust him a little. Actually it was not that she could trust him, but rather that she wanted to trust him.

He nodded and they turned their attention back to the lesson. Half an hour later the bell rang and the students packed up their stuff.

"Vaughn, how are you?" Corrine asked as they stepped out of the classroom.

"Good as normal, I guess," he replied.

"We were starting to worry about you," Marshall commented.

"Was I gone that long?" Vaughn asked surprised.

The group nodded. They walked up the stairs to their rooms, Marshal and Lucas went into theirs and Corinne glanced at Josie when she noticed the girl wasn't going in the right direction.


"I just need to talk to Vaughn quickly," Josie rushed off, to the room that Vaughn had to himself.

"Vaughn," she breathed, not quite sure what to say.

"Yes," he answered hesitantly, his and Josie's relationship had been quite rocky recently because she didn't trust him or his father.

"I still don't trust your father at all," she declared, "But…"

Josie stepped closer, "I think that I may be able to trust you a little," she looked into his eyes, he stared back transfixed.

"I want to trust you," she ended as she stepped closer to him, her tone revealing a hidden meaning for Vaughn to pick up on.

"Okay, that's good I guess," He said cautiously, "I want you to be able to trust me Josie,"

They were closer than they realised, Josie gulped, she couldn't move away.

Vaughn closed the distance by stepping forward and resting his hands on the edge of her shoulders. They gazed at each other not moving. Josie closed her eyes and relaxed into Vaughn, kissing him gently. He returned the kiss eagerly and deepened it by opening his mouth and trying to get Josie to reciprocate. She complied and their kissed turned more heated.

The two fell apart slightly gasping for breath, "We better get down stairs for dinner, the others must be wondering where we are," Vaughn murmured.

"It's good to have the whole science club back," Professor Z smiled. "So what should we do today?"

"I was thinking we could discuss the recent occurrences and their relationship to the wormhole. I have a theory." Lucas said quickly before anyone could give another idea.

"Lucas, I'm sure you theory is highly scientific but I doubt you can really explain what's going on here but for arguments sake, it would be interesting to hear your speculation," Z replied.

Lucas was sure he was close to the answer, and excitedly went into his explanation of what he thought occurred. The other guys listened intently but were not as convinced as he was. Even Josie who really wanted to get to the bottom of what was going on at Blake Wolsey High was not really convinced.

The club disbanded and Corrine and Marshall decided that they really had not spent that much time together and told the others they were going outside for some fresh air, promising not to wonder off.

"Can you believe what Lucas described," Corrine laughed, "I must admit we thought his over-active imagination created the wormhole and he actually was right but this… this is just too far-fetched. He even said the janitor was in on it, of all people to pick."

"I know sometimes Lucas gets a little too over the top with his hypothesis but then, it wouldn't be Lucas," Marshal grinned.

They walked hand in hand towards the benches under the trees at the far end of the grounds and sat down, no one seemed to be out as the darkness descended on them, and it was a little chilly so most people were inside.

Corrine shivered a little, "Do you want to go back inside?" Marshall asked worriedly.

"No, not yet, I'm fine," she smiled at him and leant towards him, he put his arm around her shoulders. "It should be okay if we share body warmth."

The two sat cuddled together for a few minutes just enjoying each others company.

"We better go back inside, it's getting colder," Marshall said breaking the silence.

"OK," Corinne agreed, she sat up and turned to Marshal and the two kissed passionately; preparing to go back inside.

The janitor passed behind them in the shadows sweeping up leaves that had fallen from the trees.

He smiled at the couple, "You two need to be prepared for what's to come," he quietly said, "Especially as Lucas knows too much."

The End – That'll be it, there really isn't anymore to the story anyways. It was just another episode at Blake Wolsey High, Bye.