Title:Last Drink Tonight


Disclaimer:I do not own or have any sort of connection to CBS or the CSI franchise...wish I did though it would be nice to have a little extra cash.

Summary: A trip to a missing person is interrupted by a drunk driver.

Newman's Bar and Casino

'The lights in the crowded bar seemed a little bit brighter than usual or was it his recent cataract surgery?' Joe laughed to himself as he held his hand up and waved for the waitress to bring him another drink. He felt good tonight because he was celebrating his new job promotion and all of his buddies wanted to share in his moment, they were having a party on the company's tab.

Katie, walked over to the crowded table and smiled, "Another round boys?" she smiled as she took their order, her short skirt shaking and her bra-like top which held her new double D implants, which seemed to almost be bursting from their cups were creating a stir with all the customers, but unfortunately they were getting all the attention,she doubted if they could even recognize her face, and why the hell were they calling her Bad?

Joe ordered another scotch on the rocks and the rest of the table gave their orders to the waitress whom they had nicknamed 'BAD', which described their woman of endless drinks for the night, it stood for bodacious and desirable,and they were eager to have her wait on them as much as they could get her attention, she would be a nice one nighter for any of them, it was already part of the many contests that they were having,of which were, who could drink the most and who could get BAD to bed.

The men laughed and belted out words of distaste and went on drinking, they were drinking and having fun.

Crime Lab

Grissom walked around the corner, his head was showing signs of an impending migraine on the horizon, photophobia, nausea and dizziness were coming at him fast, he just needed to hand out the assignments and then he would lie down in his office for a small nap, after he took some Imitrex.

He walked into the buzzing group of CSI's and took a seat,"Listen, this is a rather slow night but it could get busy so Catherine and Sara I have a B and E at Kennelworth and Finnister."

Sara reached over and took the slip of paper and gave Grissom a smirk and spoke under her breath,"Great, a B and E, that'll be interesting." the sarcasm dripping off her words.

Grissom heard the remark but felt it unnecessary to respond, the assignment would be punishment enough.

"Nick and Greg, I want you to work a missing person case at the Palermo." he handed them the slip of paper and Greg gave Nick a smile, he wanted to show Nick how good he had gotten over the past few months at working cases.

Grissom then gave Warrick a solo, an assault at the Flamingo Pub. Warrick happily took the solo case and smiled as he slipped the piece of paper in front of Nick's face and gave him a small smile, just enough to allow Nick to know that he was happy to get a solo and a 'Too bad he was stuck with newbie,energetic Greg for the evening'.

Nick understand the gesture and the smile attached and just sat back and put on his best poker face, Greg was a great kid but he was like a gnat at a crime scene, with fifty thousand questions and he could get under the skin of the best of officers, he knew he would have his hands full tonight.

Grissom stood to leave, as did the rest of the team, each pair mumbling to the other about getting their jackets and kits when Grissom turned around and spoke,"Listen, if you need me call me on my cell." he then turned back towards the door and left the room.

Catherine and Sara were the first to leave followed by Warrick, but Greg wanted to change his shoes to his boots so Nick had told him that he would meet him at his truck. He knew that it was going to be a long night so he went to his locker and took out his jacket and slipped it on and then reached for his gun and holster, he checked and loaded his gun then proceeded outside.

Greg was standing at the passenger door with his kit in one hand and holding his jacket in the other, "Ready to go Nick!"

Nick held back back from wanting to roll his eyes at the excitement of the younger CSI because he felt it be rude to make fun of his friend, he clicked the security off and Greg jumped inside and fastened his belt. Nick could not help but to have an image of the cartoon pup that was always wanting to please his big bulldog friend,he smiled and climbed in handing his kit to Greg who placed it behind Nick's seat.

Nick turned on his engine and reached for his belt and fastened it, he then placed the truck into reverse and pulled out of the parking space, placing his car into drive he moved onto the street and towards the Palermo.

Newman's Bar and Casino

Katie was waved down again, these men would soon pass out at the table is she didn't put a stop to the drinks, "Okay boys, house limit, I hope you have your designated drivers tonight."

The boys looked at each other and shrugged,"I think we forgot to designate." Martin laughed out loud and almost fell off his chair.

Joe was too buzzed to care what the woman was actually saying and just sat in a stupor as she reminded them of the rules of the pub, nobody leaves driving a car if they are drunk, she would call them cabs.

When BAD left, Joe stood on shaky legs and started towards the bathroom,"Hey, be back in a minute, got to take a leak." his voice loud and slurred, he turned and barely made it across the floor to the bathroom.

When Joe finished he decided to not return to the table, he had to get to work in the morning and he reached into his pocket to fish out the keys, barely having the stamina to stand he leaned against the wall until he felt the metal key in his hands. Removing his keys from his pocket he then proceeded out of the pub to the parking lot. After several minutes of searching he found his car and there he hung on to the door as he attempted several times to get the key into the lock and then almost fell as he entered his car,he was just a little past drunk, he thought to himself and felt as he could make it the three miles to his apartment.

He started his car and pulled out of the wide parking space without causing damage to anything around him then steered out onto the street with some difficulty, as a car slammed on its brakes and missed him barely. The screeching sound did not bother him though, he continued to drive towards his apartment which was in the opposite direction.

Nick and Greg drove in almost complete silence as they neared the Palermo, it was more that they were in their own thoughts when Greg broke the silence,"Nick, can I take the lead on the case?"

Nick looked over at the CSI 1 and shook his head,"No,maybe next time." he looked over at a disappointed Greg and smiled,"Next time, I promise."

Greg's smile returned and he looked up to see the colorful sign of the Palermo in sight. Nick was coming up on a red light, his light was green and he had his flashers on but as he entered the middle of the four way intersection the force of a car hit the driver's side. The crunching of glass and grinding of metal were all the sounds that were heard as Greg's hands flew up as the airbag hit his face and simultaneously Nick's deployed causing him to be blinded for a few seconds. The vehicle was hit with such an impact that it actually caused the vehicle to spin a couple of times then flip onto the driver's side. Finally the sounds of metal grinding pavement and glass shattering stopped and a momentary silence filled the air.

A police officer who was several cars back put on his sirens and entered the intersection and stopped, he exited and held up his hands stopping traffic, he quickly ran over to the car first, the driver was definitely dead, his face had broken through the windshield, the officer was calling in the accident as he approached the second vehicle."Dispatch, we have a two car collision at East Brevard and Duncan, one fatality so far, the other vehicle is on it's side, we need officers for traffic control, an ambulance and the coroner." Dispatch acknowledged and proceeded to placed the calls.

The officer came around to the window and glanced inside, both passengers were unconscious, he could not determine if they were alive or dead due to the position of the vehicle and the shape that it was in as a result of the collision.

He climbed on top and reached inside to fill for a pulse on the first victim in the passenger seat, his fingers found a thready beat and he pulled his hand back to see a fair amount of blood present, possible head injury, he thought to himself. He reached for his handkerchief and wiped his hands then jumped down onto the pavement, he walked around to the driver's side and attempted to get a look but the impact had caved in that side fairly bad, so he decided to wait for help to arrive, he walked back to his car and radioed for dispatch to send the fire department, they would need the jaws of life to free these two individuals, dispatch confirmed they were already on their way .

Greg slowly opened his eyes, something sticky was dripping down his forehead and he was sure he was being stabbed by something sharp in his side, his belt still holding onto his small frame. Sudden realization hit him, they had been hit by something, probably another car, He attempted to reach over to see if he could see how Nick was but was stopped with the pain in his left shoulder."Dammit!"

He then reached into his vest and pulled out a small flashlight with his right hands and flashed it over at his friend,"Hey Nick, you okay?" his voice shaky and nervous, pushing aside his own needs he was focused on Nick's now.

"Hey, are you okay?" a voice above him startled him.

"I'm alive but I can't tell if my partner is alive or not, he's not answering." Greg felt panicked and reached for his badge still attached to his vest jacket and handed it to the officer who's head was above him and through gritted teeth he pleaded,"Please call Gil Grissom at the crime lab,we're CSI'S."

The officer now had his light on also and looked at the name, Greg Sanders, he knew most of the night crew and felt some panic himself, sirens roaring in the background."Who was driving?" the officer asked, dreading the answer.

'Nick, Nick Stokes." his words to the officer got a reaction, Nick knew most of the officers, he always entered from the police side of the station instead of the crime lab side because he had so many friends who were officers and from the man's reaction above him, he was definitely one of them.

'Hey Nick,you need to answer us if you're okay man," the officer called out to his friend as he and Greg waited again for an answer but there was nothing but silence from the driver who's face they could not see due to his position in the wreckage.

Greg felt a wave of nausea coming, a reaction to the trauma and to his friend's silence. He attempted again to move his left arm and was able to move it slightly to Nick's hand, he placed his fingers on his wrist and a wave of relief washed over him as he found a weak pulse,"He has a pulse!"

The officer reacted to Greg's words by waving the rescue men over to the vehicle and he called out to the firemen and paramedics as they arrived that Nick was probably the most critical but they would need to get Greg out first due to the positioning of Nick.

As the firefighters worked freeing Greg they were also able to get the paramedics into a position so they could get intravenous lines started on both men and within minutes Greg was free and all the attention then was focused on freeing Nick from the twisted metal.

Greg was quickly taken from the wreckage on a back board and placed on a stretcher but as he was being wheeled away, he heard the familiar voice of his boss,"Greg! Greg are you okay?"

He looked up to see concerned eyes peering down at him,"Yeah, but Nick is not doing so well, he got hit pretty hard on his side of the truck and when we spun the truck must have flipped,he's bad Griss, really bad." his voice breaking as if he might cry,he could not help the emotion he was feeling for the man he thought of as his big brother.

Grissom nodded and was about to walk off when he felt a need to have contact with the previous lab tech whom he had encouraged to go out into the field as a CSI,"I'm glad you're okay Greg." his hand firm on Greg's better shoulder.

Greg nodded and closed his eyes, afraid for his friend. He was quickly loaded into the awaiting ambulance and the sirens blared as they pulled away.

As Grissom walked closer to the wreckage he wondered to himself how anybody could have survived the tremendous impact, the driver of the car was covered in a white, blood stained tarp, his head would have to be removed from the glass where it was pinned.

He continued to watch as the fireman and medical personnel continued to work on Nicky, his thoughts going back to when Nicky first started, how young and naive he had been, and how far he had come to be the man he was now.

He watched as the firemen, who were personal friends of his CSI, work feverishly to get the metal to release him, a tear slipped down his face as a voice within the vehicle was yelling for assistance,"We're losing him, get me the defibrillator!"