By The Chichi Slaughter House

Warnings: A brief kiss, SetsunaxKuu shoujo ai.

Disclaimer: KyoSora/Shattered Angels belongs to the companies that own the licence. I make no money from this writing.

Rating: G

For prompt 5. Lucky of 10lilies.


Sitting in the flowery field, Setsuna was surprised when she spotted Kuu picking at the grass instead of eating the lunch they had brought with them. It had been a perfect day for a picnic; the sun was shining warmly and there was a small gust of wind gently blowing through their hair. Yet Kuu seemed more interested in the grass under them than anything else; something Setsuna did not understand. Examining the pieces carefully, Kuu pouted and threw them over her shoulder as she began the process again, the blonde too interested in what was going on to ask about it.

The look of utmost concentration on the other girl's face was too cute to pass up, and Setsuna found herself smiling gently as she watched, her own lunch ignored now too. Eventually Kuu stopped, staring at a particular plant between her fingers before a grin spread over her face, obviously excited.

"Setsuna!" Turning to face her, the orange-haired girl held out both hands, a four-leaf clover within them. "For you." Noting Kuu's now-green fingers, Setsuna reached out and took the small thing gratefully. Though she didn't understand the significance, it was obvious the other girl had done her best to find it. Not wanting to hurt her feelings, she just looked down at it, admiring its shade of green. Hearing a giggle, she looked up, Kuu grinning widely at her. "It's supposed to be good luck."

"Thank you." Wrapping it into a handkerchief to keep it safe, she kissed Kuu on the lips, entwining their fingers together. Pulling back, she carefully put the handkerchief into the picnic basket, making sure it would not get squashed. Feeling a little embarrassed and not knowing what else to do, they went back to their food, still holding each other's hands gently.