OK this is some sort of Tiva thing I made up when I was bored and had had enough of revision…

Tony was sat at his desk, bored. They had no case what so ever since Monday it was now Thursday and all there was to do was paperwork.

He looked over at Ziva, she had her head in her hands looking at a piece of paper, she looked bored to death as well.

Tony looked from Ziva to his watch, 8pm; surely there was something better to do than paperwork… Gibbs said it had to be finished, but come on! They had been at it all week and he still had no idea what they were doing.

He looked back at Ziva; a mischievous smile crept on his face.

"Hey Zee-vah." He said enunciating her name purely because it annoyed her.

"What Tony?" Her voice was rough.

"Wanna have some fun?"

"Depends on definition of fun" She replied.

"See I have a copy of McGeek's book here and it says how agent Tommy can easily over power officer Lisa"

"What…No way!!" Ziva said suddenly intrigued "Officer Tommy is a weakling!"

"He so is not!" Tony said defensively. Holding the book out of her reach as she tried to grab it from him.

"I'll prove it," he said flicking through a few pages to distract her before pushing her to the floor, pining her wrists down and putting his legs on hers so she could not move.

"TONY!" Ziva shouted

"What?" He replied. "I told you Agent Tommy could over power officer Lisa," He said flashing her his infamous smile

"That is cheating Dinozzo!" She said

"Your point?" He countered.

"My point Tony is that I can easily beat you in a fight"

"I'm not denying that Ziva, I am saying that I can over power you… like I just did"

"BY CHEATING!" she laughed, trying to get free from his grasp.

"So…" Tony teased. "What about it?" he smiled again

Ziva wriggled again and broke free of his hold, she went to stand up but he caught hold of her wrist again, she tugged away and ran to the elevator, praying for it to hurry up. The doors slid open and Ziva ran in, just as the doors were about to close Tony jumped in after her. Ziva put her back against the wall.

"Didn't think that you would get away that easily did you?" He joked coming closer to her putting one hand on either side of her head.

"I had hoped not," she whispered.

He looked into her eyes. She looked into his. They both saw it. That glimmer in the others eye, the same glimmer they felt looking at each other every single day…

Tony reacted first. Slowly his brought his head down and brushed his lips against Ziva's, he lingered there for a moment and then he felt her kiss back.

She pushed against him trying to get ever closer, he picked her up and pushed her against the wall, pushing his body into hers, her hands roamed his body, her tongue explored his mouth as his did hers. This was what they had been waiting for, for 3 years.

' Oh God she tastes good' Tony thought.

Ziva let out a quiet moan as he lowered her to the floor and ran his hands through her hair.

Finally, both in need of air, they pulled apart; Tony pulled Ziva into a hug wrapping his arms around her waist.

"I think I love you Ziva" Tony whispered into her ear

"I think I love you too," She whispered into his

for a moment they were content just being with each other, then Tony spoke:

"Uhhh Ziva… how do we explain this to Gibbs?" He asked trying no to laugh as he thought of the look on their boss's face…

Ziva smiled; " I have no idea"

He smiled back at her before embracing her once more