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He was in the history books, Lelouch had noted wryly some twenty odd years after he'd supposedly died. This was shortly after he and CC had moved to England after having spent the intermediate time period living in rural Australia, the one place on earth where he was unlikely to be recognised. The country had remained isolated from Britannia's wars after all.

The two had escaped and remained together, and Lelouch had appreciated her as the one constant in his life as everything else had changed. She was older now. After all, by giving her code to Lelouch, she had returned to walking the path of mortality that she'd deviated from long ago.

Lelouch was not older. He was the immortal one now. He'd stopped aging on that day. He was no longer a mortal, a transformation which, fittingly, had been conducted on the morning of his 'death'. He hadn't wanted her code, had tried his utmost to avoid her, to avoid it. He'd wanted to die. His death had been a necessary part of his plans, one that he'd come to terms with and accepted easily. All the world's evil, all the world's hatred had been resting on his shoulders, and by dying, the world would cleansed. This was his payment for causing the death of so many. Shirley, Rolo, Euphie… these were the most painful to him out of a long line of deaths he'd caused either directly or indirectly. He didn't want to live with the knowledge and the guilt of being a killer.

And yet CC had guilted him into taking her code. Selfish woman, he'd said it before… But he had promised; he'd unknowingly accepted this when he'd accepted the contract with her for his geass, for the power to change to world…

That was one good thing about this change, he'd mused, that damn geass was gone. Sure, it may have helped him free the world, but it had brought him and those he cared for too much anguish along the way. Besides, he'd hated wearing those annoying contact lenses. The damn things had made his eyes itch.

What did annoy him was that location his code mark, that bird-like sigil which marked his as immortal, had decided to appear. That symbol, the one that had sat in his eyes, carrying his power, the one that had been emblazoned on CC's forehead, hidden beneath her hair. His code mark was easier to hide, but that didn't make him any happier. The fact that it was on the palm of his hand, the same location it had appeared in on his father after he'd received VV's code, only served to frustrate him. He'd taken to perpetually wearing a black leather glove on that hand so he didn't have to look at it.

Along with the code mark had come a new set of powers, and another reason, in addition to the obvious need for disguise, to keep as much of his skin covered as possible.

There was, of course, the power to grant geass. He wasn't quite sure how that worked yet, but had no interest in finding out. He didn't want to grant any one a geass. From his own experience, and from what he knew of others, being in possession of a geass tended to bring misfortune, either on yourself or those around you. He didn't want that. He'd done enough of that already. He wouldn't try using that power until absolutely necessary.

The other ability he'd already used by accident, very shortly after CC gave him this unwelcome present. He wasn't quite sure what to call it but it was clearly related to memory.

CC had used this power on Suzaku at Narita, whilst he'd been sat in the cockpit of the Lancelot with his weapons pointed at Lelouch, who at the time had been wearing his Zero garb. Neither Lelouch nor CC knew what Suzaku had seen, although she had told him it involved images from his past. He did however remember what he himself had seen when he's casually, and unwittingly, touched her as she did so. He'd been exposed to her own memories, many of which had been extremely painful. He'd come out the other end with knowledge of her original name.

He'd used it, accidentally, on his sister, as he lay bleeding peacefully to an apparent death. He hadn't known what he was doing at the time, but the pain of being stabbed cleanly through the heart, though not fatal for him, had been excruciatingly painful, and had caused him to broadcast it, whatever it was, when his sister had grabbed him. He watched as she was assaulted by his memories, by fragments of scenes that had lead up to this moment, his triumph, and she'd been left with an understanding of what he'd been doing, as his body fell out of consciousness, no longer appearing alive to any onlooker. He was happy that she at least knew the truth. Let the rest of the world remember him as Lelouch the demon king in disgust, so long as the one person he cared for the most knew why it had to be this way.

Make that the two people he cared for most. Suzaku knew. Suzaku had helped. Suzaku, who had, as a result, forgiven him for the deaths of Shirley and Euphie. Suzaku, who had sacrificed whatever else it was he had wanted to do with the rest of his life, to play dead, to take up the mantle of Zero, kill his best and oldest friend and spend the rest of his life protecting Nunally, who was presently the most important and powerful person in the world. Suzaku, who still believed him dead.

With Suzaku to protect her and Schniezel and Cornelia at her side to her advise her, Lelouch felt confident in leaving the future of the world in Nunally's hands.

Or at least he had. He was now starting to worry about what would happen in the near future, when, inevitably, these people he'd entrusted the future to, would die. He was reminded of this inexorable passage of time every time he looked at CC.

She's been married briefly, whilst they'd been living in Australia. She'd been happy. The peace, and the returning feeling of mortality had helped her relax, and mesh into society as a normal human once more. She'd kept too may secrets from her husband though. There were too many things that she just couldn't tell him, especially when it came to her origins, and Lelouch. He'd left her after a couple of years, leaving her to raise her young son with Lelouch's help. She'd named him Mao, hoping to give him a happy life in repentance for destroying that of the original. Lelouch found it dreadfully ironic that the boy was born and spent his childhood in Australia. After all, he remembered that this was where the original had wanted to bring CC, to live with her in a quiet house, isolated from the rest of the world.

Their house had been isolated. Lelouch may have been less likely to be recognised there, but surely someone would have noticed that he wasn't aging. Mostly he stayed inside observing the world through his computer. Whenever he became restless he would storm out of the house and wander impatiently through the open country that surrounded the house.

When Mao was ten they left Australia for England. It was at this time that Lelouch discovered himself in the history books. Uncle Lulu was of course Mao's favourite source for homework help, and homework included 'history'. Lelouch wasn't sure if it counted as history if it was still in living memory. He wondered if CC felt like this a lot, she'd lived for hundreds of years, a lot of what people considered history was just events of her past. Like witch burning, she'd experienced that first hand he knew, but nowadays it was just stories. People knew it had happened, but the way it was talked about, it was like fiction. He wondered if he'd be remembered like that in a few hundred years time. The legend of Lelouch, the Demon Prince, who used his powers of mind control to conquer the world, until he was defeated by the Zero the knight of justice. The thought made him smile, he'd have to wait and see, the distant future was just a matter of time to him now, after all. He wondered what Suzaku would think about being remembered that way, as a legendary hero.

Mao didn't know that his 'uncle' Lulu was the very same as the 99th Emperor of Britannia that decorated the pages of his text book. He accepted that Lelouch wasn't aging like his mother, simply because it had always been that way, and his mother told him not to talk about. Lelouch nevertheless found it disturbing as the boy grew closer and closer to his own apparent age, and inevitably started asking questions. They avoided telling him the truth. CC wasn't happy about it, but she would rather tell a lie to her son, than endanger Lelouch and herself should the truth come out.

The truth couldn't come out. Ever. Not now or a thousand years from now. If people believed that Lelouch had done it all on purpose, that the whole evil tyrant debacle was an act, not true, and even more so if they found out he was not dead, then the whole affair became cheapened. People would begin to doubt the system that was in place now, and every thing would fall apart again.

Therefore when Mao turned fifteen, Lelouch moved away. He kept in contact with CC, and still saw her occasionally when her son was not present. He missed her company. However moving away also took away some of the feeling of being left out. CC's apparent age at this time, was well into her forties. Even though she was still the only person he knew who understood what it felt like to watch friends and loved ones grow older whilst you were left behind, he didn't want to watch so closely. It was a painful, lonely feeling, and by moving away not only was he protecting the three of them, he was isolating himself from others.

CC had told him that he would inevitably use his power to grant geass, to tie a mortal to himself, for company however transient, even if he did not intend to pass on his code. Lelouch was determined not to do so. After she assured him that he would, he was even more determined not to, if just to spite her. He'd get through eternity on his own.

Fifty years had now past since Zero Requiem. CC was old. Her son was starting a family of his own, though Lelouch remained isolated and unchanged. His sister too, and his half-siblings were older. He could only assume Suzaku was older, that he had chosen a successor to the title of Zero some time ago, since the masked hero remained seemingly unchanged, unwavering in his duties, though Suzaku, now nearly seventy would be too old to still be wearing the helmet. Lelouch hoped he was happy and healthy, and had settled down for a quiet retirement, although he still suspected he wouldn't be able to stay apart from his need to protect Nunally. That guy was way too stubborn.

Lelouch was bored with immortality already. He'd spent fifty years without a cause to fight for. And yet… he sensed there was trouble lurking ahead, and that the world would need his help, anonymously of course. And so he watched, waiting for his time to spring into action, his chance to use his talents, and perhaps his witch-gifted abilities, to save the world from whatever it would be.

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