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Okay this is my version of the season 4 finale Crossroads so major spoilers! I never thought Jack and Anne should have got together so in this story she doesn't exist. Instead its pure J/S, just as it should have been! It pretty much follows the key bits of the episode but I changed some of it to make it fit better. Sorry if a lot of it seems familar and hope its not too confusing! Would love to know what you think. Hope you enjoy. xxx

Every Step of the Way

Supervisory Special Agent Jack Malone's office...

"Where did you say you met this err, Susan?" Jack asked, studying Davis closely.

"The King and Castle in the West Village." Davis answered.

"Right." Jack paused briefly in his observation of the man in front of him as a familiar figure came into view on the other side of the glass. Jack looked up at Samantha. She raised her eyebrows at him and nodded slightly, indicating that she had something to report.

"Would you excuse me a minute?" He stood up and slipped out the door. Alan Davis turned in his chair and watched as Jack spoke with the young blonde agent in the corridor outside.

Sam registered Davis staring at them as Jack touched her arm, steering her away from the door of the interview room.

"I spoke with legal; we can't arrest him cos Stoker's ID is based on a hypothetical situation. We've got nothing to hold him on." Sam sounded exasperated.

"I am hanging onto this guy by a thread."

"I know Jack, but when he figures that out he's gonna wanna leave. Maybe we should just release him and get surveillance..." She trailed off, knowing that it was a far from foolproof plan.

"There's got to be something we can do." Jack thought out loud.

"This warrant is not gonna happen Jack; legal won't budge."

"We can't let this scumbag go - we know he did it!"

"I know that Jack." Sam spoke dejectedly, hating that this guy was just gonna walk. Suddenly Jack's cell rang.

"Malone." He listened intently before hanging up. He addressed Samantha.

"Elena took an inventory of the bank robbery. They have Davis' blood. CSU collected blood samples okay, that could get us a court order that would compel him to give us blood and DNA." Jack told her.

"Even though it's still based on a hypothetical ID?" Samantha questioned.

"We need a judge." Jack responded.

"I'll get right on it." She assured him, turning and hurrying away down the corridor. Jack watched her go for a moment before heading back into the interview room.

Some time later...

"Well, we could use a break here Danny. Did Stoker say anything else?" Elena asked, hoping for something to hold Alan Davis.

"No, the guy just clammed up on me." came Danny's reply.

"Okay is there any chance-" but Elena was cut off as several loud shots were fired nearby, smashing through all the windows along the glass corridor, and causing panic in the bullpen.

"Elena! What was that?!" Danny yelled down the phone.

"We've got gunshots on the twelfth floor we need assistance up here." Vivian quickly and calmly told the security operator on the other end of the phone line, crouching on the floor so as to stay clear of the shots.

Elena had thrown herself down onto the ground as glass fragments flew everywhere. All around the office people were screaming and ducking down behind desks at the sound of more gunshots.

Thirty seconds earlier out in the corridor...

"You gonna follow me all the way home?" Davis asked Jack over his shoulder, irritated.

"If that's what it's gonna take." Jack answered, keeping pace with him. Alan Davis continued to stride down the corridor, closely followed by Jack who was not going to let him just walk out of there.

'Come on Samantha.' Jack thought to himself, desperate for her to appear in the nick of time with what they needed in order to keep this guy in custody. They merely required a bit more time to prove that he was responsible for Jennifer Nichols' disappearance and, Jack suspected sadly, her murder.

Just at that moment, Jack was roused from his thoughts by the 'ding!' of the elevator. The doors opened and out stepped... Samantha.

Jack held his breath.

He felt a sense of hope for justice return at the sight of the envelope in her hands. Sam raised it slightly, meeting Jack's eyes. The words 'United States District Court - Legal Document' had never looked so good.

Alan Davis stopped in his tracks staring at the young, blond agent in his path. His attention switched to the envelope she was holding in her red-nailed fingers, before flicking back up to her face. But she wasn't looking at him. She was too focused on a point just over Davis' left shoulder... she was looking at Agent Malone.

It took Alan two seconds to work out what he was going to do next.

The first thing that registered for Jack was the elbow that came out of nowhere and smacked him right in the mouth. He fell backwards under the force of the unexpected attack.

Davis grabbed the gun from Jack's belt and lifted it, firing shots at random down the corridor. The first few found their mark, and the glass panels lining the walkway were soon in pieces all over the floor.

The other agents in the vicinity threw themselves onto the ground, covering their heads. The occupants of the bullpen - including Elena and Vivian – all dived for cover as more shots tore through the office.

Sam didn't have a second to think. The precious envelope fell to the floor, forgotten, as she reached for her gun. She raised it to fire at Davis but before her finger found the trigger he had grabbed her arm.

Samantha gasped in pain as he twisted her arm and seized the weapon from her hands. He used it to shoot out a couple more of the remaining glass windows before shoving it down the back of his jeans.

Aiming to free herself from his grasp, Sam tried to get to the elevator, but Davis tightened his grip on her and dragged her down the corridor. With one arm tight around her neck, Davis fired more random shots in all directions, destroying the last of the glass windows and impaling bullets in the walls and floor.

"Everybody down!" He shouted, as he continued to shoot. Agents in the corridor cowered on the ground as shards of glass rained down on them, while their shocked colleagues reached for their guns. But they weren't quick enough.

Sam cried out again as Davis pushed her roughly through the door leading to the back stairs. He knocked the butt of his gun against the fire alarm on the wall, causing a loud ringing to immediately fill the air. Coupled with peoples' screams and the gunshots and smashing glass, Davis was the only one close enough to hear Sam's voice.

"Please, you don't have to do this!" She begged him. "We can help-" But he cut her off.

"Shut up!" He grabbed her again, forcing her down the stairs while keeping Jack's gun pressed sharply against her side. Sam fell silent.

"Gimme your gun!" Jack quickly commanded the nearest agent, lying on the floor a few feet away. He handed it to Jack, not failing to notice the blood dripping down his chin from the split lip Davis had given him.

Jack got to his feet hastily.

"Seal the building!" He shouted. Jack dashed after Davis. He came round the corner just in time to see him holding Sam at gunpoint before pushing her roughly towards the nearest exit.

Davis turned and fired yet more shots at Jack, resulting in more smashing glass on either side of him. Jack threw himself down on his front, covering his head as more gunshots sped past where he had just been standing.

Lifting his head, Jack watched Davis kick open the door and shove Samantha inside.

He got to his feet and ran forwards, just as the door slammed shut behind them, leaving only confusion and devastation in their wake.

Meanwhile outside in front of the FBI headquarters, there was chaos. People were running from the building, and crowding on the sidewalk outside. The fire department had arrived and there were police everywhere.

Jack emerged from the main lobby and hurried out into the street. He held the gun in both hands, ready, and scanned the frenzied surroundings for Davis and Samantha.

Seeing no sign of either of them, he thrust his gun back in his belt just as Viv came running out.

"Jack!" she called. He turned round as she rushed to his side.

"Is everybody upstairs okay?" He asked quickly. Viv nodded.

"Yeah." She answered breathlessly. "How did he get a gun into the office?"

"He took mine." Jack told her heavily. Viv was quiet for a second, but recovered quickly – her FBI instincts taking over.

"What can I do?"

"Okay: get NYPD to set up a perimeter, get his photo out to the Transit Authority, all the airports." Viv nodded again and headed off swiftly to get started.

Jack stood there for a moment, suddenly all too aware of the dull ache in his cheek from Davis' punch. He grimaced in pain as he touched his lip and, looking down, he noticed for the first time the blood on his fingers as a result.

Shifting his gaze upwards again he saw something out of the corner of his eye. Turning, Jack saw a man perched on the edge of one of the metal shrub planters. He had his hand pressed against a nasty wound on his forehead which was bleeding profusely. Jack hurried over to him.

"What happened?" He asked.

"This guy clocked me with a gun and took my cab." He replied. "He had a woman with him."

"Which way did he go?" Jack asked him.

The cab driver rubbed his head in pain.

"I don't know."

"Come on come on did he go left right straight what?" Jack pressed.

"He went straight I think." He answered, just as Martin rushed over.

Jack turned his attention to his agent.

"Davis jacked this guy's cab." Jack told him.

"Go, go, I'll put out an APB." Martin responded immediately, turning to the eyewitness. "Go!" He said again, laying a supportive hand on his boss's shoulder.

Jack saw Elena pull up in the street and sped over to her, leaving Martin to question the cabbie. He heard his agent say: "I'm gonna need your cab company: make, model, plate number..." as he climbed into the passenger seat.

Elena pulled sharply away from the curb as soon as Jack had shut the door, setting the siren blaring again.

"NYPD's meeting us at Davis' house." She informed him.

"That's great." Jack replied. "What happened to your neck?"

"It's flying glass, its okay, its nothing." She assured him, keeping her eyes on the road.

"You know this is gonna be all over the news; you should call your daughter, tell her you're okay." Elena glanced over at Jack, appreciating his concern. She nodded and turned her attention back to the road, leaving Jack to his thoughts.

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