A/N: I'm back with another Robbie and Jackie fic. Of course they don't belong to me, they belong to Glenn Chandler, Robert Love and ITV! I have no idea how long this story will be coz I've got ideas whirling all over my brain and some of them won't fit into this one. Hope you enjoy!!

It was a Thursday afternoon in Maryhill Police Station. Matt Burke, Robbie Ross, Jackie Reid and Stuart Fraser were tying up the investigation that the had just finished solving. As they were getting on their jackets (and scarfs in Jackie's case) Stuart said, "You know how it's my 38th birthday on Sunday, I was wondering if you wanted to come over to my house for a little party with some of my other mates."

"Yeah, that's fine." Jackie knew that he wanted them all to accept and since she wasn't doing anything she had to go.

It was Robbie's turn to be annoying, "Well, I was actually going to go into town with..." At that point he felt Jackie's elbow in his side and she glared at him without Stuart noticing, "...OK, fine, I'll go."

"There's one slight catch though." Stuart dreaded telling them this part, "It's fancy dress."

"Stuart, what do you mean by fancy dress?" Matt had to ask the obvious question.

"If yous are up for it, I want you to dress up as characters out of comic books."

Jackie was trying to hide excitement because she hadn't been to a fancy dress party since she was a kid, "You didn't give us much time, did you?"

"Sorry but I only thought of it the other day and we haven't had much time to gossip with the job and everything."

To avoid getting another painful hit, Robbie agreed to go and he already knew who he was dressing up as. Matt wasn't able to go because he meeting up with an old friend, that he hadn't seen in years and he couldn't rearrange it.

When they got out of the station Robbie and Jackie wandered over to her car, "I think you've killed one of my kidneys Jackie!"

"Well I'm sorry that Stuart really wanted us to go and you were going to be stupid enough to get drunk with some girl half your age!"


On the Friday morning Jackie came to pick Robbie up at his flat. His car was apparently needing loads of work done to it at the garage so she had offered to give him a lift to and from work. As usual, she was waiting for about 10 minutes before Robbie got into the passengers seat of the car, "Robbie, is your car seriously at the garage or have you sold it, because it's been near enough two weeks now?"

"And why would I lie to you?"

"Let's think about it. Because you're Robbie Ross and you're linked to dodgy criminals, do you want me carry on with the list?"

"What's the problem with being Robbie Ross?! And they aren't criminals, they just have had dealings with the police!"

"My point exactly." She gave up with that line of conversation and moved onto the other topic of interest, "So who are you dressing up as on Sunday?"

"Now that is a secret, what about you?"

"If you won't tell, then neither will I."

"You're one annoying woman Jackie Reid!"

"I try my best." She loved the friendly banter that they had between them and she couldn't imagine what her life would be like if she didn't have it. She also couldn't wait to see him at the party because whatever he was wearing there would be some lycra or tight clothes involved. She hated to think such things but they were becoming part of her every day life and she was starting to realize that she might have fell for Robbie's unique charm.

After they had been in the station for a couple of hours Robbie was being his usual pain in the arse self, while Jackie was making coffee for all of them. Unfortunately she picked up one of the cups at odd angle and the burning hot coffee went all over her hand and chest. Then it went in slow-motion for her, she dropped the cup and screamed. She couldn't remember experiencing pain like it before. The other three rushed over to her and after she had calmed down a bit, they put a bandage round her hand. Her chest wasn't that bad but it was redder than the rest of her body. She was still crying but Matt and Stuart had to go and arrest a suspect so Robbie went over to her and put his arms round her, remembering not to touch any of her wounds. Jackie couldn't help feeling protected by him and she knew that he wouldn't leave her alone while she was still upset. When her tears eventually stopped he stayed there for a few more minutes, knowing that he had never felt like this about anyone before, "So Jackie, how are you going to disguise the bandage on Sunday?" She gave a faint smile and then she thought about it, "Oh I'll find a way!"


Tell me if you like it and if you want me to continue. Oh and I'm in the process of making a Christmas fic involving these two, I should have it done by End of November-Beginning of December! Lee xx