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Chapter 1: Secrets

A kiss.

That's all it was. It had no meaning behind it. So why was he pondering over it? The feel of the other boys lips on his. It was making his mind swim... He had enjoyed it. He couldn't and wouldn't deny that fact. He wanted it... he wanted to feel those lips on his again... But he couldn't. It wasn't supposed to happen. It was all a mistake. No feeling behind it. So if there was no feeling, why did it feel like his heart was being ripped out of chest?

Earlier that same day

"Hey Echizen practice is over." Momoshiro approached his Kouhoai and noticed he hadn't moved from his current position, "Echizen, is something wrong?" he placed a hand on the younger boys shoulder, only to be shrugged off, "Ok, fine then don't talk to me." The 8th grade power player turned.

"Sorry Momo-senpai, I'm just tired." Echizen responded as he shouldered his racket and glanced up at the upperclassman, "Say think we can get Kikumaru-senpai, to buy us burgers again?"

"Not this time, he and Oishi-senpai, are going out tonight; or so I heard." Momoshiro inquired pointing towards the two mentioned senpais who were standing together, "It's about time. Everyone knew they liked each other so it's nice to see them finally together."

Ryoma responded by shouldering his racket and looking at the upperclassman, "So then what can you suggest?" he was then he noticed his senpai, shifting his weight from one foot to the other, "Momo-senpai, what is wrong with you?"

Momoshiro stopped fidgeting and looked down, "Nothing is wrong. I'm just excited. Tonight is my first actual date with-' he slapped his hands over his mouth, "Uh, nothing I didn't say anything." To his surprise the younger boy didn't question him, "Hey are you sure you're all right?" he asked placing his hand on his Kouhai's shoulder again.

"I already told you I'm just tired," Ryoma headed towards the locker rooms forcing Momoshiros' hand to fall from his shoulder, "Have fun on your date, Momo-senpai." He muttered before disappearing into the locker rooms. Seconds later he was being glomped by his red-headed senpai.

"Hoi, Ochibi, what's up? You were playing sloppy today!" Kikumaru inquired. He was surprised when he felt no resistance from the younger boy, "Ochibi is something wrong?" he asked releasing him.

Ryoma shook his head, "I'm fine, Kikumaru-senpai. I'm just tired." He was all he said as he turned to face his senpai, "Have fun on your date with Oishi-senpai." He muttered before walking to his locker and changing out of his jersey and into his school uniform, "See you at practice, Monday." He headed out of the locker room accidentally bumping into Oishi. Ryoma stepped back, "Gomen Oishi-senapi." He muttered before heading out of the room.

Oishi was surprised by the tone in the younger boy's voice. He walked over and sat down next to his boyfriend, "What was that?"

"There's something wrong with Echizen."

The golden pair glanced up to see Momoshiro standing in the doorway, "What did you say Momo?"

"I said there's something wrong with Echizen. I didn't notice it before but his playing has become rather sloppy lately." Momoshiro sat down on the bench and pulled off his shoes, "I really think someone should check up on him. I would but I already have plans that cannot be cancelled," he walked over to his locker and changed out of his jersey and into a pair of dress pants and a nice shirt.

"Maybe Tezuka could talk to him, or Fuji." Kikumaru suggested, "I saw them leave together." He turned to see Oishi already pulling out his cell-phone, "I'm worried about Ochibi."

Oishi stood up and leaned against the doorway of the locker room, "Tezuka, are you busy? Listen, I have a favor to ask. Do you think you could go check up on Echizen? When he left he seemed pretty upset." Oishi explained into the phone. He stepped to the side to let Momoshiro out of the room.

"Well, Fuji and I are at the library right now. But I'm sure we can make a stop at his place to check on him."

"Arigato, Tezuka. Give me a call if you find out something is wrong. See you on Monday." Oishi flipped his phone shut and turned around only to be pushed against the lockers, "Eiji?"

Kikumaru could feel his face grown darker than his hair, "Gomen Oishi, I guess I tripped over my bag." He looked up and was greeted with Oishi's lips on his own. Kikmaru returned the kiss and pulled himself closer to his boyfriend.

Oishi plunged his tongue into Kikumaru's mouth, earning a weak but noticeable moan. He pulled back, "You always do that whenever you are upset. It never fails."

Kikumaru looked up at his boyfriend confused, "I always do what?"

Oishi raised his hands up, "You always lace your fingers with mine." He placed a gentle kiss on both of Kikumaru's hands, "Don' worry if something is wrong with Echizen Tezuka and Fuji will find out. Plus you know how distance Echizen can be, I'm pretty sure he's just having a bad day, that's all." He placed a gentle kiss on the other boy's forehead, "He'll be fine."

Kikumaru placed his forehead on his boyfriend's shoulder, "Yeah, I know."

Oishi smiled, "Come on let's go. We have reservations at that restaurant in about 1 hour."

Kikumaru smiled, "Not that I mind it but why are you spoiling me?" he asked.

Oishi leaned in and pecked his boyfriends smiling lips, "Because it's just one of my many ways I have to put a smile on your face."

Kikumaru's smile reformed into a smirk, "Just one of many you say? Do I dare ask what the other ways are?"

"I would show them to you, but I don't' think this is the right place or time." Oishi chuckled when his boyfriend's cheeks grew dark red, "You are so cute when you do that!" Come on let's go."


"So you're ok with this then?" Tezuka asked. He and Fuji were not standing outside of Ryoma's house.

"Yes, it's fine." Besides we can have dinner some other time."

Tezuka winced at the tone in the tensai's voice, "Fuji this won't take long." We don't' have to be at the restaurant for another 1 hour. Besides, Echizen's playing is getting sloppy and I want to find out why."

"Then why don't you just wait until practice on Monday?" Fuji asked pressing the intercom button.

"Because if there is a problem; the courts may not be the best place to solve it." Tezuka answered, "Echizen are you home?"

"Buchou, is something wrong?"

"We need to talk to you. May we come in?"

"Hold on a moment." Minutes later the two tennis players could hear the door unlocking, "Buchou, Fuji-senpai, please come in. But I'm sorry you cannot stay too long. I'm the only one home and technically I'm not allowed to have people over without my parents' permission."

Tezuka placed a hand on the younger boy's shoulder, "Don't worry this won't take long."

Ryoma only nodded as he led his senpais' up the stairs and into the house, "Can I get you anything to drink?" he asked.

"No, that's fine. Like I said this won't take long." Tezuka answered as he motioned for Fuji and Ryoma to take a seat on the provided chairs, "Echizen, I got a call from Oishi about 20 minutes ago. He tells me that you seemed rather down when you left practice. Is there anything you want to tell us?"

Ryoma looked up and wet his lips, "Nothing is wrong Buchou, I guess I'm just tired. I haven't been getting much sleep these past few days."

Tezuka wasn't buying it, "Echizen, you're getting slower during laps, you're actually stomaching Inui's juice, and your playing has become disastrous. Now, I can tell something is wrong."

Ryoma picked up Karupin who was circling through his master's legs, "Buchou, please. If I told you what is going on in my head right now, you, all of Seigaku would hate me."

"How do you know, Echizen?" Fuji asked, "You won't know unless you tell us."

Ryoma tightened his grip on a patch of his cat's fur, "Fuji-senpai, don't. I'm not in the mood to talk about this. Please I don't mean to be rude, but could you please leave? I need to make myself something to eat and I have homework to do."

"Echizen, why don't join Tezuka and I for dinner. We have reservations at a restaurant in a little less than an hour." Fuji suggested earning a look of confusion from Tezuka.

"Arigato, Fuji-senpai, but I really don't want to be a burden."

Fuji stood up and walked over to the green-haired boy, "Echizen, if I thought you would be a burden I wouldn't have suggested this. Now run upstairs and change out of your uniform."
Knowing Ryoma couldn't argue with his senpai, placed Karupin on the floor and headed up the stairs, "I'll be back in a moment."

"Why did you invite him, to come along?" Tezuka asked.

"Because, he's going to be alone tonight and I don't think that will be a good idea. There is something wrong and I'm determined to find out what it is." Fuji walked over and sat next to Tezuka, "Don't worry you'll get your dessert." He promised as he slowly traced his finger along the other boy's jaw line. As he leaned in he felt a hand on his shoulder, "Tezuka?"

"Fuji, I can't right now." Tezuka turned his eyes away, "Please."

Fuji's eyes opened, "I knew it. Echizen isn't the only one who has been keeping secrets. I could tell by the way you looked at him earlier." He stood up, "You have feelings for him as well don't you?"

Tezuka sighed deeply, "Gomen Fuji. I can't change how I feel so I hope you'll forgive me."

Fuji turned so his back was facing Tezuka, "I don't know what to think Tezuka But I do know that you and I made a promise. You promised me you would never hurt me and I promised you the same. But now it seems that you're going to break that promise."

Tezuka stood up and turned Fuji around, "I made a promise, I intend keep Fuji." Without waiting for an answer he leaned in pressed his lips to the tensai's in a heated kiss, "I sealed that promise with a kiss just like this one."

Fuji leaned in and kissed tezuka's lips as a way of accepting the promise and sealing his own promise too, "I'll trust you this once, Tezuka but if I find out you're breaking that promise, I'll do more than just ignore you..."

Tezuka smirked, a feature, only Fuji had seen on his face, "You won't need to worry about that." The two of them turned when they heard footsteps.

"Sorry for taking so long." Ryoma walked into the room dressed in a pair of dress pants and a black buttoned up shirt, "Just allow me to write a note to my parents and cousin. Just in case they return early. They're at a big dinner party or something, and my cousin is spending the night at a friends." He scribbled a few lines down on the paper and placed it on the table, "I highly doubt they will be home tonight but just in case."

"Ok, let's go." Tezuka led them out of the house and in the direction of the restaurant. As the three of them walked Tezuka noticed Echizen was walking a fair distance behind Fuji and himself, "Echizen are we walking too fast?"

Ryoma looked up and realized just how far he was and immediately picked up his pace, "Gomen nasi Buchou." He gasped when he felt one of his hands locked into a loose fitting grip, "Fuji-senpai, what?"

Fuji looked down and smiled, "Now you wont' fall behind." He said as he followed Tezuka, "So Echizen you mentioned your parents went to some party?" That must have been what Ryuzaki-sensei was talking about during practice. But she said it was a weekend a cruise." He jumped when he noticed Tezuka had stopped walking, "Tezuka?"

"Echizen were you going to be home alone all weekend?" Tezuka asked.

Ryoma released his hand from Fuji's and wrapped his arms around himself, "It's nothing new. My parents are gone quite often and my cousin has exams so she spends most of her time studying at a friends or the library." He looked up to see Tezuka looking down at him, "Buchou is something wrong?" He jumped when he felt a pair of arms encircle around his waist from behind, "Fuji-senpai what are you doing?"

But Fuji didn't answer him. Instead his pulled the younger boy closer, "Echizen, if you've been spending so much time alone, why didn't you tell us?"

Ryoma tried to wiggle out of his senpai's embrace, "Fuji-senpai, let me go! I mean it!" he was surprised when Fuji released him. Ryoma fell forward and landed in Tezuka waiting arms. Before he knew what was happening Ryoma felt his captain's arms, wrapping themselves around his body, "Buchou?" He knew he couldn't talk back to his captain, but he also knew he didn't belong in those arms, Fuji-senpai did, "Buchou why are you doing this?"

"Because Echizen there is something wrong with you," Tezuka responded, "I want to know what is it and I'm not going to let you go until you tell me." The Seigaku captain looked at his boyfriend and wasn't at all surprised to see a look of hurt on his face.

Fuji could feel the anger burning but he held it down. True he had held Echizen that way but only as a way of comfort. He knew how Tezuka felt about the younger boy. He knew all too well, and although he told Tezuka he could handle knowing that fact, Fuji couldn't stop the jealousy raging inside him, "Teuzka are you sure this is the right place for this? If Echizen doesn't want to tell us he shouldn't have too." Fuji was curious to know what was troubling the younger boy but Tezuka was going too far.

Tezuka knew he had to let go of Echizen, but part of him couldn't muster enough willpower. But when he saw the look on Fuji's face the willpower nearly caused him to push Echizen away, "Gomen nasi, Echizen. Forget that ever happened"

Ryoma didn't want to forget. He didn't want Tezuka to let go. But he merely nodded, "It's fine Buchou. You and Fuji-senpai are worried. But like O told you before I'm just tired, "It was at that moment his stomach rumbled.

"And, hungry I assume?" Fuji responded, 'Come on we better get to that restaurant." He took the other boy's hand again and followed Tezuka.

When they finally reached the restaurant all three of them could feel their stomachs grumbling, "I'm sorry sir, but the last table was just taken by those two young gentlemen over there."

"Hoi, Oishi, look who just walked in!"

The three of them turned to see both Kikumaru and Oishi sitting at the mentioned table, "Well I guess everyone wants to try this restaurant." Fuji chuckled.

"Would you three care to join us?" Oishi offered noticing the other tables were full except theirs.

Tezuka looked at Fuji and Echizen before nodding his thanks and motioning for them to sit, "So have you ordered yet?"

Oishi shook his head, "No we just arrived a few minutes ago."
Moments later a waiter came and took their order. While they waited from the meals to arrive, the group talked about the upcoming intra-school tournament.

"Tezuka and Fuji are definitely a shoo-in." Kikumaru chirped, "What do you think O'chibi?"

Ryoma pushed himself up from the table, "Excuse me." He said as he made his way to the restroom. One he did his business he washed his hands the locked himself in one of the empty stalls, "Oh, man what am I going to do?"

"Echizen, are you all right? You've been in here for a while."

"Hai Fuji-senpai, I will be out in a moment." Ryoma flushed the unused toilet and unlocked the door. When he stepped forward he tripped on his loose shoelaces. Before crashing to the floor he felt himself land in Fuji's arms, "Arigato Fuji-senpai" he said as he tried to pull himself away from his senpai. But Ryoma made the mistake of looking up. Before knew what was happening. Ryoma felt his senpai's lips place themselves upon his own. Unsure of what else to do the younger boy closed his eyes and kissed back.

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