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Kaidoh: She loves that show so much it' s what inspired this chapter. And she's throwing something between Momoshiro and me. Man she's lucky. Enjoy the chapter and feel free to look at the bonus one-shot from Takumi-kun at the end. She's putting it in here because Takumi-kun doesn't get it's own category and since players from the Tenimyu musicals act in it this is the next best place. You have been warned.

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Chapter 10: Pondering Practice and Promises

Ryoma shouldered his racquet after hitting the last tennis ball. He had just spend his last 200 yen at the tennis cage. In the past the tennis prodigy had spent quite a large amount of yen in these cages. It allowed him to clear his head whenever something was troubling him. But no matter how many times he hit the tennis ball, he couldn't shake that conversation he had shared with Tezuka the day before.


Tezuka wrapped his arms around the other boy's waist pulling Ryoma on to his lap. He also knew this was wrong. But he couldn't stop himself. His feelings for this boy in his arms were almost as strong for the feeling for Fuji; perhaps stronger.

It was several minutes later that the two of them finally broke apart, "Buchou? I'm sorry I-"

Tezuka cut the boy off by kissing him again, "Be quiet. I need to say this now or I won't get the chance again understand?"

Ryoma nodded, "Ok, I'll listen."

Tezuka stroked the other boy's cheeks, "Ryoma, as you know Fuji and I have been dating for quite some time now. But before he and I started going out, I already had feelings for you. I wanted to tell you for so long but I couldn't. When I finally worked up the courage to tell you, you were invited to the U.S Open. I couldn't tell you because I knew it would cause a distraction. A few weeks beforehand my grandfather grew ill and Fuji comforted me. I forced myself to push my feelings for you away. In response to my actions I started falling for Fuji. But I couldn't keep my feelings hidden for you any longer."

Ryoma tightened is grip on his captain's shirt, "Buchou, why are you doing this? You can't have feelings for me. I don't deserve it. You and Fuji-senpai are perfect for each other; soul mates! "

Tezuka looked down to see tears streaming down the younger boy's face, "Ryoma?"

Ryoma looked away, "Please Buchou."

Tezuka tilted the other boy's chin up and pressed his lips to his again, "Ryoma, I love you and there's nothing I can do to stop this feeling. But I also love Fuji, very much. I need you to tell me how you feel."

Ryoma only cried even harder as he wrapped his arms around his captain's torso, "I do love you. I have ever since I joined the regulars. But I can't let these feelings show. If you love Fuji-senpai, then you two deserve one another. I never want to hurt you by breaking you and Fuji-senpai up. "

Tezuka looked away, "At the rate he and I have been going, that may be a good thing."

Ryoma's jaw slammed to his lap.


No matter how hard he tried he couldn't stop thinking about it. He was about to check his pocket to see if he had enough yen to get his ponta when his cell phone rang. Ryoma rummaged in his bag for the shrieking device and flipped hit open, "Hai?"

"Echizen, I'm glad you picked up. Listen weather is supposed to be cooperative today and Kaidoh and I were wondering if you wouldn't mind stopping in during our tennis practice. You know maybe give our regulars some pointers." Momoshiro's voice came over the other line.

Ryoma glanced at the clock displayed on his phone. "Wait Momo-senpai where are you calling from? How did you get my number?"

"It's lunchtime, I'm in Ryusaki-senei's office and I got the number from her. So what do you say? Besides it will make meeting up easier."

Ryoma searched his bag for his emergency yen stash and groaned. "Meeting up for what exactly?"

"Well Kaidoh and I want to treat you to Kawamura sushi if that's all right. We both want to thank you for helping me the other day. That is unless you already had plans."

"Well throw in a can of Ponta and I guess I can make an appearance." Ryoma answered. He was desperate for the grape soda now. But if he had the chance of getting some later he could be patient.

Momoshiro chuckled, "No problem, I already have one chilling in Sensei's fridge. So I'll see you at practice then Ja ne Echizen."

Ryoma flipped his phone shut and opened it again dialing Kevin's number. After a minute he was greeted with a deafening scream that sounded like it said What the hell took you so damn long you idiot. But he couldn't be sure. "Stop yelling or I'm going to hang up and you wont' get that match you wanted." when he was answered with silence he smirked. "Now if you're level headed enough I was going to suggest you coming with me to my old school's tennis practice later today and give them a show."

Kevin chuckled, "Are you sure you're using the right phone pal? This number is to Echizen Ryoma's phone. That cocky tennis brat would never suggest something like that."

Ryoma started pulling the phone away from his ear slightly wondering how he managed to put up with this guy in the past. "I'm hanging up."

"No, don't I'm kidding. But tell me why do you want to have the match there? A random street court will suffice just as well wouldnt''it?" Kevin suggested.

"Well yeah it would, but I made a promise to my senpai. So by doing this it allows me to hit two Monkey kings with one twist serve."

Kevin was silent for a minute, "I'm not going to ask because I know it will result in you hanging up."

Ryoma smirked, "You better believe it. Now-" the tennis prince went on to explain the time and place to meet. After the two talked a few more minutes Ryoma flipped his phone shut and headed back to his house in hopes to squeeze in a nap before he had to head to the school.

Momoshiro looked down at the tennis courts to see all the members warming up and the regulars doing their drills. He was standing in class 2A, the best place to observe the courts. The Seigaku captain was about to head down to the courts when the door opened. When he realized it was Kaidoh he smiled, "You ready to head down to the courts?"

The snake shot player lightly hissed as he approached his tennis captain and captured his lips in a quick kiss, "Yeah, let's go." he followed the dunk smash player out to the courts. "Did you get a hold of Echizen?"

Momo nodded, "Yeah, he said he'll make an appearance and he'll go with us to kawamura sushi." He stopped when he realized Kaidoh was no longer at his side. Turning around he saw the snake-shot player faintly shaking, "Kaidoh are you ok?" Seconds later he felt Kaidoh's arms around his waist. "Kaidoh?"

"You need to promise me something you dumbass." Kaidoh whispered as he rested his head against Momo's shoulder considering the dunksmash player was just a hair taller than him.

Momo smirked at the dumbass line but took no offense from it. That was how they always addressed one another. Unless they outwardly displayed their affection towards each other no one would no a damn thing about their relationship. "What is that?"

Kaidoh looked back up and hissed again before capturing the other boy's lips with his. "Never and repeat never scare me like that again."

Momo returned the kiss but pulled back when he heard footsteps coming from down the hall.

"Momoshiro Buchou, there's some strange guy out on the courts. He said he's looking for you and Kaidoh Fukubuchou."

Momoshiro relaxed when he realized it was only Kondo Kitaro, "Looks like our special guest has arrived. Viper let's get down stairs." The three of them walked to the courts to see nearly all of the members whispering and talking in hushed voices. "Just because we have a guest doesnt' give you all the right to stop practicing and start gossping like schools girls. 15 laps everyone." When the dunksmash player was answered with groans he glanced at Kaidoh he stepped forward.

"Do you want him to double that? Get going" the bandanna wearing tennis player hissed. Once the team went off to do their rounds Kaido and Momoshrio both approached their guest. "You really haven't changed a bit have you Echizen."

Ryoma smirked as he shouldered his racquet after flipping his cell phone shut. "You're one to talk Kaidoh-senpai." when he was answered with a hiss he only shrugged. "Oh hey Momo-senpai where's my ponta?"

Momoshiro smacked himself inthe head. "Oh that's right it's still up in Sensei's office. Hey Fukada, run up to Ryuzaki-sensei's office and bring down the an of grape ponta." He knew the 3rd year regular would already be done with his laps seeing as how his speed rivals that of Kamio's of Fudomine.

Fukada nodded as he took a second to catch his breath before heading up to the coaches office returning minutes later with the grape soda i hand. "Here you go."

Ryoma accept the soda with a muttered 'domo' before opening it and practically draining the entire contents in one swig. After a moment he slowed down, "If you dont' mind Momo-senpai, I have something in mind to show your team. I just have to wait for my opponent to show up."

Momoshiro gave the young tennis pro a confused look. "Opponent?"

But Ryoma didn't answer him as he set the can of ponta next to his bag and started walking around the courts watching the other's play. Had someone handed him a notebook, one might say he was imitating Inui. He walked back over to the captain and vice captain and looked back over the courts again.

"Sorry I'm late." Kevin announced running towards the group.

Ryoma reached into his bag and pulled out his racquet. "Now I think it's time for a show. Who can you get to be the chair judge?"

"I know." Momoshiro put his finger's in his mouth and gave a high pitched whistle, "Minna gather around." Once all the members were assembled h continued. "Everyone we are in for a special treat. Former regular Echizen Ryoma and tennis pro Kevin Smith have agreed to grace us with their skllls by having a match right here on Seigkau's courts. I want all of you to watch the match thoroughly and pick up any shots or tricks you think might work for you." the seigaku captain turned to one of the players who was balancing his racquet on his finger, "Kata, you will be the chair judge."

Katayama nearly dropped his racquet but set it down before he could and walked over to the judges chair.

"Wait why does Kata-kun get do be the chair judge?" one of the other boys asked.

"You'll see soon enough."

"Don't forget Ryoma. I win this match, you tell me everything I want to know. " Kevin said preparing himself for th oncoming serve.

Ryoma said nothing as he fired his sonic twist drilling a hole in the ground and nearly taking Kevin's head off and becoming embedded in the fence.

Katayama's eyes widened. "Um 15-love."

Momoshiro could hold back a chuckle when the Seigaku members all gasped. "That is why Kata is the chair judge. He's the only one who s eye sight good enough to catch those shots."

This was going to be an interesting match indeed.

A/N: Ok this is the end of Confused Emotions chapter. Feel free to skip my Takumi-kun one shot if you want. But for those who are interested scroll down and read the results of a fan girls' wild imagination...

Hayama Takumi glanced at his watch for the 20th time within the time span of 5 minutes. The 3rd year student was anxiously waiting for the arrival of his boyfriend Saki Giichi aka Gii. The two of them had been dating for two years now. That day was their anniversary, that day Gii had told Takumi to wait at the spot they had shiared their first kiss. But that day it was raining hard and Gii was nearly an hour late. Takumi didnt' have an umbrella.

Feeling a sneeze tick his nose Takumi headed back to the campus desperate for a hot shower. Once he collected a dry change of clothes he headed to the shower room. The hot water was able to wash away the chill from his bones but not the tears from his eyes. On his way back to the campus Takumi could have sworn he saw Gii laughing up a storm with one of their classmates Takahiro. After finishing his shower Takumi chanced into his dry clothes and wiped all evidence of tears from his face as he made his way back to the dorm. He didn't want to have to answer any questions.

Once the third year had reached his and Gii's shared room he held himself back from slamming the door shut before throwing himself on Gii's bed. The tears came freely this time with no rain or shower water to wash them away or hide them. Eventually the 3rd year cried himself to sleep, tear drops still evident on his slightly flickering eyelids.

"Arigatou." Gii nodded his head in thanks when the man across the counter handed him the black satin box. Inside was something he had wanted to give to Takumi ever since he first saw him. As the thought of Takumi crossed his mind he glanced at his watched and his eyes went wide. "Damn it." He pocketed the small backs and muttered an ao;ogize to the shopkeeper before racing out of the shop.

Gii immediately began his search at the location he and Takumi were supposed to meet. No Takumi. Allowing no hesitation to enter his mind
Gii ran back towards the campus were he asked a frew other students if they had seen the other boy. When the all told him no he felt a sharp pain in his chest.

Gii ran through the entire school ignoring the protests of the teachers and other students. He checked every class room ever hallway, the library, still no Takumi. Feeling defeated Gii headed to his and Takumi's room. When he opened the door he stopped dead in is tracks. Lying on his bed was no other than Takumi. Gii walked over to the sleeping form of his boyfriend and slowly sat down on the edge of the bed. His hair was damp which trigged a pang of concern. Had Takumi been waitng for him out in the rain? Not being able to stand not holding his lover in his arms Gii bend down to kiss the other boy bus stopped.

Tear tracks. Tear tracks all over his precious Takumi's face. Gii never wanted to see Takumi cry The result would be the feeling of his heart breaking because he was unbale to keep his lover happy. In pure means of comfort Gii gently pressed his lips to the still sleeping Takumi's. He had no idea if this would pull the other boy from his slumber. All he knew was he wanted to hold Takumi tightly in his arms and not let go. "Gomen Takumi Ashiteru."

Takumi had woken up when Gii had returned. Not in the mood to face the other man the 3rd year stayed quiet. When he felt the kiss he didnt' response but he didn't reject the other boy either. But when he heard Gii say 'Aishiteru' his eyes opened, "Don't lie to me Gii."

Gii nearly fell back when Takumi's eyes opened. Unable to hide his relief he tried to pull the other boy in his arms. When Takumi pushed him away his eyes went wide. "Doushte? (sp I think sorry)"

Takumi sat up and turned so his back was facing his boyfriends. "Don't give me that. You were supposed to meet me at our spot. I waited a whole hour a whole damn our in th rain for you. When I couldnt' take the cold anymore I cam back to campus where I saw you talking to Takahiro." Takumi brought his knees up to his chest. "You like him don't you? You're sick of being with me and now you want to go out with Takahiro. I'm right aren't I?" When Takumi didn't recieve an answer he turned around and chocked back a gasp. Gii was crying. Gii had tears in his eyes, "Gii?"

Gii sat back down on the bed but surprisingly made no attempt to pull Takumi close to him. "Takumi please listen to what I have to say. Gomen, I never meant for you to wait that long. In fact I never intended for you to wait at all." he said not being able to find the strength to look the other boy in the eye. "I love you so much. Which is why I have a very important question to ask you. " Gii reached into his pocket and pulled out the black satin box. "Takumi, you mean everything in the world to me. I know we're a little to young but I don't care. I've been wanting to do this for months." He opend the box, and inside ws a silver band with a clear gem embedded in is. "Hayama Takumi, will you marry me?"

Takumi's eyes went wide at the sight of the ring. At first his words didn't seem to want to cooperate but finally he said, "Marry you? But Gii what about Takahiro?"

Gii had been hoping for a 'yes' but he was grateful Takumi's answer hadnt' been a 'no'. "I was asking Takahiro if he had seen you around. I spend time thish him because he's my partner for a project." He cupped the other boy's face in his hands. "I have told you time and time again you mean the world to me."

Takumi removed Gii's hands from his face and threw his arms around the larger man's broad shoulders. "I love you Gii and my answer is yes I will marry you."

Gii pulled Takumi out of the embrace long enough to slip the ring on his finger and capture the other boys lips with his own. "Ashiteru Takumi." H kissed the otehr boy again gently pressing him down on the bed. As they made love a small thought couldn't help but sneak in both of their minds. Thank Kami-sama there no classes that day.

Ryoma: That was interesting I guess.

Taka: (searching inside Akkadia's hamper)

Tezuka: Kawamura what are you doing?

Taka: (muffled) I'm looking for Akkadia's chocolate. it's the same as smelling salts for her trust me.

Inui: Quite right but you do realize the minute she's revived she's going to watch that movie again

Eiji: (points to the computer) too late

Akkadia: (watching the movie again) 3 reviews= chapter 11!

Seigaku: She speaks!

Akkadia: (blows raspberry.)