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Chapter 20: Is it the end or the beginning?

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Kevin Smith leaned back against the bench a face towel in one hand and his water bottle in the other. Despite just finishing up a massive work out his racing heart was the last thing on his mind. No what he could only think of was one particular boy who had told him something he never thought he'd hear him say.

True to his word Ryoma had taken Kevin back to the hotel where the were greeted by the staff who immediately recognized their 'returning sports celebrities'. Deciding now was a good a time as any to explain to Kevin all that had happen to him in Tokyo Ryoma led him up to his hotel room which was surprisingly still vacant despite the hotel's popularity.

"Sit down anywhere. I wanna change quick." Ryoma said as he threw his luggage on one of the beds. He reached into the suitcase and pulled out a pair lf black shorts and a plain white shirt. "I'll be right out."

Kevin did as told and took a seat on the big comforter chair provided by the hotel. It wouldn't be long before their coach would have the two of them sharing an apartment. Until then they were settled enough in living in the hotel. It also helped their coach was friends with the hotel owner and as long as they kept their rooms nice and house keeping was only needed to wash the sheets of the bed regularly and provide fresh towels they were able to stay there for a fraction of the cost. Kevin would miss living in the hotel but all good things must come to an end.

Ryoma walked out of the bathroom and threw his dirty clothes into a pile in the corner. They would sit there for now until he used the provided washer and drier. He took a set on the bed and flopped down against it taking a deep breath.

"So you gonna start talking or do I have to tickle it out of you?" Kevin asked.

Ryoma tiltedhis head so he could see Kevin and gave him a glare that would even make Fuji or Kaidoh want to back off.

"You promised you would tell me what was going on during the flight and you wound up falling asleep. Now that we are back you're rested up and have no other excuse you better start talking. Don't forget I do have your friend's numbers too." Kevin said.

Ryoma adjusted his position so he was laying on his side. "Fine you want an explanation I'll give you one. I'm in love."

Kevin nearly fell out of his chair at those three words. "Wait come again? Did you just say you're in love?"

"Yes but with two separate people." Ryoma then proceeded to tell Kevin everything that had happened. Once he was finished he waited for his friend's response.

"So you decided to run away and not confront the two of them?"Kevin asked. "If I were you I would have made them both explain everything."

"What would have been there to explain?" Ryoma asked. "Fuji-senpai and Tezuka-senpai are together and happy. I don't want to pull them apart because I know if I do it wouldn't be good."

"You wouldn't know unless you try."Kevin protested.

Ryoma sat up forcefully. "I can't Kevin don't you get it? I love those two enough I'll give them up so they can be happy."

Kevin rose to his feet and headed towards the door. "I understand where you're coming from Ryoma, but are you sure leaving them is what they wanted you to do?"

Ryoma didn't answer his friend as he walked to the mini-bar, which had been restocked and grabbed a can of ponta. He needed something calming and familiar to him to hold on to even if it was something as simple as a can of soda.

"I don't believe that Ryoma and although I want to desperately push you to go back there and face them I'm going to leave it be because I trust you'll do the right thing." Kevin said before leaving the room closing the door quietly behind him.

Kevin still remembered the explanation and his faith in Ryoma. But it seemed the other boy was as stubborn as ever and had poured himself into his training.

"Okay that's enough Ryoma. I want you and Kevin to run 20 laps around the courts and we'll call it a day." Their couch voiced his instructions.

Ryoma caught the incoming tennis ball and started bouncing it on the rim of his racquet. "I can't do the laps I have to get to that meeting." He had finally been able to work with the disabled kids and the staff wanted to meet with him to make a permanent schedule that could work around his own schedule as well as any tournaments he might be signed up for.

"Oh yes of course that's right. Well you better get a shower and get going."

Ryoma nodded as he gathered his stuff and headed into the locker room where he could take a shower and change in peace. Once he was cleaned up he had changed into a decent choice of attire, something casual yet nice looking; a pair of dark jeans and a dark green sweater.

After the meeting Ryoma had spent some time with the kids and got to know a few of their names. He knew if his senpai tachi had seen him they never would have believed his actions. When it came to healthy normal bratty kids he couldn't stand them. But these kids had never been offered a chance to do anything and he had matured enough to know that wasn't fair. So he had used his connections and talents to form a small organization to help kids who were disabled or told they couldn't do it. He gave them a chance because that's all they needed. What they did with that chance was up to them.

"Well we will see you in a few days Mr. Echizen."

Ryoma genuinely smiled as he shook the hands of all the directors whom he had spoken too. Surprisingly they weren't just suits and business typhoons. They were actual parents and people who agreed with his idea. "Thank you." He was about to head out of the room when one of the kids had stopped him. Remembering the girl by the way she walked; with a noticeable limp he knelt down thanking the fact he was able to do that now that he was no longer short. "What is it Cassie?"

"Coach upset." Cassie said not sugar coating things. "Coach is hurt so coach needs a hug."

Ryoma winced. He hated hugs from anyone save two certain brunettes whom he had removed from his conscience or at least he thought he had. "Cassie thank you but I don't need-

Cassie giggled. "Not me those two!"

Ryoma tensed up when he saw the girls' bony finger pointing behind him. He didn't even have to turn around to realize he knew whom she was pointing at. "Cassie I will see you in a few days. You keep practicing okay?"

Cassie smiled. "Aye aye coach!" she limped back into the facility.

Ryoma's smile disappeared as soon as the young girl was out of sight.


"Don't." Ryoma said with a sharp tone. "Just don't. You never should have come here. Go home and leave me alone. You two have each other. I left because it was the only thing I could do. Now that I'm finally living my life how I want you two had to come in and ruin everything. Now I can accept a few minutes of e life being tainted but if you two don't leave I'll-"

"Is that what you think? You think we wanted you to leave? Did it ever occur to you we thought we deserved an explanation? Or that we wanted to apologize to you for hurting you so badly?" Fuji asked stepping forward. "I know I started this all and I'm gonna finish it."

Roma shook his head. "No you didn't start it, I did. I came back. If I had never returned to Japan none of this would have happened."

"That's not true and you know it." Tezuka said. "Now we understand you want nothing to do with us now but could you at least let us explain ourselves then we'll leave. That's all we want is to explain and have yhou explain why you did what you did in return."

Ryoma turned around and couldn't believe it. Both Fuji and Tezuka had been crying. Although tears hadn't been shed recently their eyes alone showed it. The young tennis prodigy had grown so close to the two of them he could read them almost better then them themselves. "Fine I'll take you guys to my hotel. Might as well get some rest there too. I don't think any flights are leaving for Japan."

Tezuka nodded as he and Fuji followed Ryoma towards a car that was waiting for the tennis prodigy. Inside the car was another boy whom he recognized from that last tournament. 'Ah Kevin isn't it?"

Kevin looked up from his game consule. "Oh if it isn't the stone-faced captain and the creepy genius."

Ryoma winced at the nicknames given to his senpai. "shut up they're here as guests."

Kevin put his game down. "Last I checked you didn't want anything to do with these two."

Ryoma leaned back against the seat of the limo. "That's right and I still don't but they did come all the way here so I guess I can at least hear them out." Looking over he asked. "By the way how did you two get here?"

Fuji and Tezuka looked at each other. "Let's just saw a lot of favors are owed and a lot strings were pulled."

Ryoma only shrugged as he leaned against his set and watched the happening of New York go by. He really didn't want to hear their explanation but he also knew if he didn't he would regret it later. So he decided he would just listen and get it over with.

When they finally arrived at the hotel the car dropped them off at the back of the hotel as to not draw attention to the famous tennis players. Ryoma and Kevin led Tezuka and Fuji towards one of the elevators and the four of them went their separate ways, Kevin in one direction and Ryoma, Tezuka and Fuji in the other. "Don't mind the mess in the room." He said out of habit as he slid his keycard into the door.

"So yo're staying in a hotel?" Tezuka observed.

"Yeah that is until coach can get an apartment for Kevin and I to share. I'm under my parents watch via calls and emails and whatnot. Plus they trust my coach to keep an eye on me. Not that I'm one to cause trouble." He threw his jacket off, "Have a seat wherever. I need to change quick." He walked to the closet pulled out anew attire and walked into the bathroom.

Tezuka looked at Fuji. "You know I'm surprised he's letting us do this."

Fuji sat down on the bed and motioned for his boyfriend to sit next to him. "Well let's not waste this chance. "

Tezuka gently placed a kiss on the blue-eyed tensai's lips. "Trust me I don't plan to."

Ryoma could hear the two of them talking despite their quiet tones and sighed. He was starting to regret his decision to let them come back here with him. Once he was changed he walked out of the bathroom and walked over to the mini bar pulling out a can of Ponta and two bottles of mineral water. "Here." He handed the two the waters and sat down on the bed opposite them. Opening his Ponta he took a long drink before setting the can on the bedside table and looking up. "All right you two wanted to explain, let's here it."

Fuji had opened his water and took a small sip but Tezuka's remained untouched. "First of Echizen do you know how we both feel about you?"

Ryoma looked down. "I know that Tezuka feels something towards me. But I think that's what started this whole thing. I know how I feel about both of you. But you-" he focused on Fuji. "You never told me how you felt. You just used me to make Tezuka jealous. You have no idea how badly that hurt me. So I decided I wasn't going to take it anymore and that's why I left."

Fuji sighed. "Echiz- no Ryoma. I was confused at first. I did feel jealousy beyond believe any time I saw you and Kunimitsu together. But then I realized why. I wanted to be a part of what you two were sharing despite you not knowing you two were sharing something. Yes Kunimitsu was my boyfriend and you were just another side crush but then I realized it wasn't just a crush, that Kunimitsu did love you almost as much as he loved me if not more."

"That's true. I did love you both but equally." Tezuka said. "But I had no idea how to approach the matter without hurting one of you so I tried to let it play out on it's own. That backfired because we lost you Ryoma."

Ryoma by this time and pulled one of his pillows from the headboard and was hugging it closely to his chest. "Fuji-senpai, why didn't you ever tell me how you felt?"

"Because I wasn't sure of my feelings towards you until recently. I guess I really started to notice after you left. The thought of losing you and Kunimitsu had become to much for me." Fuji answered. "All those kisses I stole even that first one last year in the bathroom, it was because I was starting to like you and over time it has developed into feelings deeper than I can believe. But that doesn't mean my feelings towards Kunimitsu have waned in the least."

Tezuka set his water down on the bed still unopened and walked rose up from the bed. Seconds later he had pinned Ryoma underneath him and was kissing him full force. The only thing keeping the two fo them from touching was the pillow. Breaking the kiss he looked between both Ryoma and Fuji. "I don't want to choose between the two of you and I'm not going to." He pulled Fuji towards him and kissed him deeply. "I don't care about the consequences. If I can have both of you I'm going to."

Fuji had been almost as startled by Tezuka's actions as Ryoma had been. Fuji returned the kiss given to him by his boyfriend before capturing Ryoma's lips with his own. "Ryoma you above everyone else deserves to be loved. You have gone through so much and it's all mine and Kunimitsu's fault." He pulled back and held tight to his new lover. "Please let us make it up to you."

Ryoma captured Tezuka's lips. "I do forgive you guys but this is so much to take in. Are you sure you two can handle me?"

"If we can handle you an entire year at school a relationship will seem like a piece of cake." Fuji answered as he captured Ryoma's lips again. Despite wanting to deepen the kiss it was broken off by a yawn.

Ryoma faintly chuckled when Tezuka yawned as well. "You two must be suffering from jetlag. Why don't you get some sleep? I have some things I need to take care of today. Feel free to stay here. There's a second keycard in that drawer if you wish to leave the room for any reason." He kissed them both deeply savoring the different flavors their lips provided.

Fuji removed his jacket and climbed under the blankets of the bed. "Come on Kunimitsu, lets' get some sleep. The sooner we wake up the sooner I'll be able to assure myself that this isn't a dream."

Tezuka was about to say something but was interrupted when Ryoma walked over and captured Fuji's lips in the deepest most passionate kiss he could muster. "Ryoma…"

Ryoma broke the kiss on Fuji and proceeded to kiss Tezuka the same way. "Trust me a kiss like that couldn't' feel that way in your dreams." He said before smirking, grabbing his keycard and heading out the door.

Tezuka and Fuji both looked at the now closed door wide eyed before looking at each other. What had they gotten themselves into?

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