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Never again. Period. I felt sore all over. Every piece of excessive hair had been ripped from my body with a sickening slow precision. So now I sat uncomfortable, itchy and squirming like you wouldn't believe in my seat in between Jasper and Emmett, which only made things seem so much better. Alice and Rosalie sat in front of the boys, an empty spot directly across from me. Of course and Edward was nowhere to be seen.

Something cold pressed into my hand and without thinking I clutched at it and pressed it against my upper thigh.

"Ahh," I moaned, closing my eyes in pleasure. I smiled, opened them and looked at Emmett, who was looking strangely intent on where the bottle touched, immediately feeling a burning on my cheeks I stopped.

"Oh, please, don't stop on my behalf," He smiled, looking up at me through half lidded eyes. For a second I considered it, I was just that damn hot and uncomfortable and…it felt so good.

"Don't objectify me," I laughed. Finally I looked down at the soothing instrument and cocked my head in surprise. A small bottle of Vodka.

"There's a bar?" And suddenly, things were looking up.

"Nope but Emmett here has been providing us with our happy hours since we were eighteen," Alice snickered, leaning back in her chain and patting out the creases in her dark purple dress. Rosalie who had been talking to someone man around seventy, cheek lifted as if in a smile.

"The only way you'll get through Mike Preachers grand finale speech is if you're more than a little tipped," Jasper commented with a slight quirk of the lips.

"Okay, but this..," I lifted the bottle for emphasises but Emmett pushed it back under the table, giving me a sharp look.

"This, isn't going to get the six of us jazzed up,"

Emmett popped, three cocktail sausages into his mouth at once and smiled at me, nodding eyes wide. A little bit too wide.

"You've started drinking without me?" I whispered a little too loudly because I heard Rosalie laughing loudly, trying to cover up and causing the man she was talking, to looking a little lost.

"Yeah, let's face it. You look like you'd keel over after a WKD," Jasper snorted from beside me. A little frown appeared in Alice's forehead and her lips formed a tight line.

"It's easier happen than you think, Jasper. I was already floored with Emmett feeding me shots of tequila all night and you know I don't do sugar well," Emmett snorted and downed the rest of his water, though now I think about it there was no water on the table. I grabbed my wine glass from the table brought it under the table and poured until the glass was half full and then down half of it, squeezing my eyes against the burning sensation sliding down the back of my throat. Do not cough. Do not cough.

I spluttered.

Honestly, I appreciated being saved from coughing but when you have too seriously well built specimen of the opposite sex either side of you, patting you on the back as you turn fire truck red you tend to feel, how to put this. Mortified beyond comprehension and a helluva lot of back ache. Seriously I thought they'd pat me through the dress.

"Thanks," I mumbled softly, ignoring Emmett's light hearted chuckle at my expense. Jasper just smiled, his eyes shimmering in amusement.

"So, does anyone know where Edward is? He was supposed to meet us at the entrance," Rosalie asked, haven finally broken away from her conversation. Alice shook her head but gave the room a quick sweep. The room, that was about the size of a small hospital inside the actual hospital, was lit mostly by candlelight that were situated over head in the chandeliers that held the billowing red velvet sheets that were twisted, drooping a few foot above my own head. The band had set up on stage opposite us on the other side of the room, pulling their bows across their strings in a melodious harmony.

All the Cullen's had reserved spots at the top table, Carlisle being Chief of Surgery and all. I found myself scouring the crowd every chance, looking for the organized disarray of auburn hair. The breezy crooked smile, the lit emerald orbs that I found myself unable not to fall into. I took another swig from my glass.

A loud clinking of glass snapped at my attention and I jumped, looking at the head of the table where some old guy, who looked like he could have been a brother Chuck Norris. I wondered if I was the only one. Alice laughed softly answering my question in a silvery tinkle.

"I guess you see the resemblance," Rosalie smirked and without thinking I chugged back the rest of the vodka.

The speech seemed to go on and on and on then he'd make this move to sit down slap his forehead about something he'd forgotten and go on some more. While this was happening Emmett was sneaking me Vodka under the table.

"Chuck Norris is a man of few words. Chuck Norris is not a man of few roundhouse kicks to the face," Jasper said shaking his head.

"Then what the hell is wrong with this dude? Do a roundhouse kick!" I stage whispered, giggling into my glass.

"Personally I want him to go Mc Hammer on this bitch," Alice snickered. Her hair bounced when she laughed.

"Bitch, please. Mc Hammer can't touch Chuck Norris, not the other way around," Emmett smiled, a dimples grin that directed itself right at Rosalie. Who looked away quickly, obviously the least drunk of any of us, pinking slightly. Apparently she was a tank, drank until she couldn't anymore but barely got drunk. Bummer.

"…And now I think I'll hand the reigns over to our Chief of Surgery Carlisle Cullen," Carlisle gave a small thankful smile before rising and taking the microphone. A round of applause erupted through the hall and then a loud dog whistle. Everyone eyes roamed to see the idiot who whistled. Emmett slapped my fingers away from my mouth before I was spotted.

Carlisle just laughed.

"You pretty much covered everything, Mike. I just want to say thank you, from the bottom of my heart for coming out tonight and for contributing to our medical research fund. That's pretty much it," Carlisle concluded and a wave of applause erupted.

The table rose and descended on the dance floor, for some clumsier than others. Jasper had my hand in his left and Rosalie's in his right who looked like a Greek princess. A classical song was being played in the background, slow and tantalising.

As awkward as it seemed Jasper did a good job of balancing between Rosalie and me, spinning one with one hand twirling the other in with the other. Even when I fell repeatedly he just steadied me, obviously irritating Rosalie. Rosalie who looked liked she belonged on the dance floor, her elegant red gown falling into every arch. The dress she had fidgeted and bitched about sweeping the floor giving her the impression of floating.

The others looked just as radiant. Emmett and Jasper in their black tuxes and white and grey shirts with thin black ties. Alice wearing a black three quarter length, hugging every curve line, ending inches above her knees.

A hand brushed the bare skin of my shoulder and I twisted to watch green emeralds lighten. Edward was standing over me, hair a tidy disarray lips tilted into a sidelong grin. His paleness contrasting against the black suit he wore with the grey shirt inside and the skinny black tie. I let my heart calm before smiling back at him and disentangling from Jasper and going to Edward, who's hands encircled my waist and with an effortless thug propped me on his feet.

"Hi," He said just as simply as a passing.

"Hi yourself," I smiled back as he took a turn and spun us around. "I can dance you know,"

"Yes, I saw that. That's not dancing Bella. That's falling. Continually," He smirked, not meaning any malicious. One of my hands laced behind his neck slapped the back of his head softly and he just laughed.

Another half an hour and I'd danced with all the Cullen men. Edward was dancing with an elderly woman who was clearly much to attached when Emmett came and found me, dragging me with him to get Edward. His appeared beside them one minute and excused Edward, who left his date giving a weak smile back at the flirtatious wave she gave him.

"You reek of sex," Emmett snickered, slapping him on the back and skipped across the dance floor, where Jasper, Alice and Rosalie stood waiting. I looked at Edward for a second and laughed.

"What?" He groaned and before answering I leaned on tip toes and pulled my thumb across the pink lipstick stain on his cheek.

I grinned, showing him my thumb when there wasn't a trace of old woman love on him.

"You get her number too, lover boy," I laughed and ran across the short distance to where the others where filing down a corridor. I turned back to Edward, eyebrows drawing.

"C'mon," he said, his breath brushing against my face. His fingers laced around my wrist as he led me through the crowd.

"Where are we going," I asked warily. He laughed.

"Where do you think? The party we came for is downstairs," He beamed, looking at the double doors at the end of the corridor. Emmett reached it first, pulling it open and falling in the doorway, fighting past the booming music that was staggering my step.

Edward pulled me through to see what was hiding the other side of the door. Lights, dazzling in their exuberance playing across the obvious make shift dance floor. Table and chairs set up around the dance floor with children of all ages sitting down. Some with IV hooked up to them and nurses sitting beside them.

Other children, all of them patients I guessed were dancing slow and enticing, wearing dresses and tux' and I was hit with the image of my high school prom. Alice and the others spilt. Emmett and Jasper found two girls sitting, staring out at the others and blushed when they offered them their arms. Alice and Rosalie found two boys, one bald with a beaten look about him the other yellow even under shadows.

"Whoa," I muttered, catching a glimpse of Angela spinning a young boy about six under her arm, laughing and singing along to the music. I looked up at Edward and see he's watching over the room, and I can guess he's making sure everyone's okay.

There was a boy about sixteen across the room I spotted while Edward looked over the kids and following the others leads I slowly picked my way across the dance floor, feeling Edward curious gaze on my back. He was sat down but still dressed for the occasion. Black hair falling over his eyes, which watched me as I approached.

"Hi," I said. I beckoned to the floor. "Wanna dance,"

He stared for a second, shook his head. I rolled out my shoulders, feeling stupid. These kids all knew the Cullen's. Just as I had turned away he spoke.

"I'm sorry. I can't dance. But that doesn't say I can't talk," His voice is oddly adult like. Subtle and deep and filled with too much knowledge of the world. I turned and he smiled, unsure and quaint.

"Sure.." I said, holding a hand out but suddenly his smile faltered and he held up a hand. I don't see anything for a second, then I notice the webbing.

"I'm Epidermolysis Bullosa. My symptoms are skin blistering with only the lightest touch. Glistering of the mouth and oesophagus too. Toes and fingers fuse giving the appearance of webbing. Food is also absorbed from a tube not to upset the oesophagus. That's the medical definition, the one people are mostly interested about albeit for the minority that aren't, for those people who see past the disease, name's Nick,"

"Well, I'm gullible, clumsy beyond belief, a target for anything that goes wrong. But those are all just stupid trivial things that try hold me back. My friends, call me Bella though. Nice to meet you Nick," We shared a smile for a second and already the brooding boy I had seen is smiling with veracity.

I sat with him for two songs, talking about stupid things. Unimportant things but he appreciated them, I can tell. Anything other than the main topic used around him.

"So, this is pretty awesome, huh? The hospital set it up for you guys?" He shook his head and settled his unnerving stare on someone across the room. I trailed my gaze to where Nick had pinpointed his. They land on Edward, dancing with a girl around sixteen who's smiling up at him and laughing. She looked too vibrant to be a patient but looking closer I can spot the bruised unfolding across her creamy skin like a flower.

"Edward? He did this?" Nick nodded.

"Yeah, he's pretty frickening sweet, must be why you married him, huh? We never had anything like this before he came. I suppose he does it so…," Alice who appeared at my side cut across him, smiling in apology.

"Hey, Nick," She smiled and I see his dimpled grin beside me.

"Bella, c'mon. You owe me a dance cause no one will dance with me," She whined, and I can almost taste the Fat Frog on my lips as her breath hit me. I practically gulp it down.

"Sure. Nick, it was really nice to meet you. I'll see you soon, I call in next time I go to the hospital with Edward," He nodded and turned when I do, to the girl beside him.

"Bathroom first?" I asked, smiling as I catch her, feeling the very defined outline of a bottle beneath her dress.

"Sure," She drawled and half dragging Alice we get the bathroom, which thankfully is deserted. No one wanting to miss out on a second of the night. It's white, like blinding white tiles and Alice, reaching up pulled out her bottle.

"Tada!" She beamed before burping. She held up a hand to her mouth, an undeniable twinkle in her eyes. "Ooops," She giggled. Classy.

We don't come out for about fifteen minutes and one bottle later. Alice was still happy go lucky twisted drunk but drinking never really had that straight away effect on me. It made me confident, lithe. Alice bumped into Jasper on the way out, who caught her and gave a worried look at me. I waved him off and he grabbed Alice who was practically swinging off him and I walked around until I saw Edward sitting at a table talking to the girl he had been dancing with earlier. Up close and through beer goggled eyes she was unbearably pretty.

"Hi, I was looking for you," I looked at the girl who was studying her with a slight smile. "Mind if I steal him for a dance?" I asked and with a quick genuine smile she shook her head, holding out her hand.

"Nope. I'm Haley by the way." I took it swiftly, without pause and smiled at her.


Edward watched the interaction between us and with a quick rolling out of his shoulders he rose, winking down at Haley and grabbed me around the waist, leading me onto the dance floor.

Dynamites was playing and suddenly we swaying, his hands on my hips, guiding them. I can feel him through the thin material and my skin is suddenly a live wire. I turned, uncertain what I'd do but still am restricted by his hands and slowly, and much too intimate I start to bump and grind for everything I'm worth and all I can think is the way it makes me feel. Hot and sexy; assertive.

His hands around me feel like the only thing anchoring me to the real world as the song swept me away, the ecstasy blinding me and my own hands fly upwards and touched Edward's face. Slower and slower I grinded against him, enjoying the feel of his hardness on my back. Even over the roar of the music I could hear him growl in frustration, he turned me around to face him and I couldn't look at him. His hands fell onto my lower back and pushed me against him tighter and I let my head fall back in elation. His face falls into the curve of my neck and his lips are at my ear, doing nothing and I feel like screaming.

The song ends much to quickly, and we're still in the same tangled pose and with the end of our song brings the overpowering wave of guiltiness. Jacob. I'm the one who pushed away, and the second phase of the Fat Frog made me stumble, falling around unsteadily on my feet.

Edward watched me with the smallest hint of the same shame that was taking over me. However, seeing as I couldn't walk he caught me around the waist again, ignoring my futile pushes and he picked me up and simply just slung me over his shoulder. I stared at the ground as he moved across the floor but the jostling is bringing up some problems.

"Uh, stop Edward. Edward, I'm gonna…I'm gonna barf," The cold air snapped against me as Edward walked out into it. The timber floors replaced by tarmac and grass. He suddenly stopped, dumping me on a swing seat that swung on my impact, he took off is suit jacket without thought and wrapped it around my shoulders. I pulled it around me with one hand, breathing in his scent, shivering.


Edward fell into the one beside me, turning to see me clutching the ropes of the swings between my fingers with my head leaning against it.

"How do you feel?" He asked, worry evident in his tone. That was nice, for a change.

"Pretty darn drunk but what about it," I said, through half lidded eyes, my eyelashes brushing against my cheekbone. "So, Nick said you did all that..for the kids, I mean. Did you,"

"Yeah, I did. They deserved it much more that the hospital staff who pride themselves on having patients needs first. They should have put that money they used for the orchestra of the twenty dollar a cut steak on researching cures for the kids if they really held the kids as number one priority. I just, the kids need something to look forward to. Something to live for and I know a dance isn't exactly much but, ," He sounded so determined, so fiery about what he believed that I smiled, through the creeping sickness.

"It's normalcy. I think what you did is amazing, Edward," I slurred and he laughed heartedly.

"I think we need to get you home, boozy," I shook my head, barely. He deserved to be celebrating this.

"Stay awake, Bella. Listen, um what's your favourite pizza toppings?" His voice seemed further away but I answered anyway. The first two foods that popped into my head.

"Liver and marshmallows," His tinkling laugh made me open my eyes in confusion. What had I said?

"Sounds delicious. Liver and marshmallows, it's not exactly my number one toppings but defiantly it's up there in my top five," I don't hear exactly what he says but the way his voice sounds, happy makes me give a half smile and a small quiet laugh.

"You know, I never had this. Jacob and I went out together but I never drank when I go out with him. I never really had other people to go out with either just Jacob's friends and their Stepford bitches. I never really had people in High School actually. Charlie my father was..a hard ass son of a bitch, he pretty much kept me at home with him. Jacob was the only one he approved of, so he set me up with him. That's why we're together you know, I had to grow to love him. As soon, as I turned eighteen I moved out and barely ever talked to my father again. I hate him, you know," I sighed, straightening up and Edward was fixated on what I was saying.

"This is the first thing I heard you say about yourself other than Jacob," He said softly. I turned to face him, our faces so close together. I pull at the collar of his jacket and tug it around me closer and feel myself leaning in.

"It's the first time I ever said it aloud," I smiled sadly and hear the back door that we came from open. Jasper and Emmett with Rosalie and Jasper carrying a passed out Alice.

"We're gonna drop this one at home. She turned into a little demented fairy on crack before passing out so, you wanna come, guys?" Edward nodded at him, indicating at me and with a effortless tug, carries me bridal style with the others to one of the cars, clouding sleep can't make me see clear and suddenly the heaviness of my eyes are too much and they close.

"Dude, you not coming?" I heard Emmett say as Edward sat me upright in the backseat on the left side of Jasper who was in-between me and Alice. He bended in and belted me before pressing his lips to my forehead.

"No, Haley will be waiting. Take care of this one for me though" If my speech had been within reach I would have asked him who Haley was.

"Tell her she owes me a dance," Rosalie commented from the front seat and I heard him laugh over me, before quietly shutting the door.

The hum of the engine lulled me further into the ever welcoming unconsciousness. The last thing I heard was Jasper and Emmett sharing a laugh over Alice and I being lightweights before I fall asleep, tugging at the Edwards jacket, snuggling into it as if it's my only possession.

"He's totally in love her,"

"I know it's just got unrequited ducky love wrote all over it,"

"Emmett, you idiot. She's hooked too,"

She can't recall anything they said in the morning.