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Digimon Tamers -Tamer V.S. Tamer

Prologue: The Seeds of Evil

"As your Tamer, I say finish it!" –Takato Matsuki

The skies of Japan were clouding up-like it would normally, but after an attack by Indramon the previous day, it made Takato edgy to see clouds in the sky.

"If I were you, I'd get inside before it downpours on you, Gogglehead." Blushing slightly, Takato turned and saw Rika Nonaka, dressed in her uniform and prepared for school.

"Thanks, but what are you doing here? I thought your school was on the other side of town."

"It is, but I just wanted to see if you were okay. You looked…ill after what happened yesterday with Indramon." Takato remembered what had occurred right after he'd used Kazu's blue card and had Growlmon Matrix Digivolve…


Takato cried out with extreme pain as his Digimon partner reached the Ultimate level for the second time; WarGrowlmon roared in anger and determination as he went to face Indramon.

"You dare to challenge me?!"

"Radiation Blade attack!" Takato demanded. His voice echoed as WarGrowlmon noted, "Sounds good to me! All right, you big, blue bully-here's a message for your Sovereign!" A moment later, the Horn of Desolation was destroyed as the Ultimate Digimon plowed through it and grappled with Indramon.

"Say 'Uncle!'"

"Never!" Takato knew the time to defeat Indramon was now, so he yelled out, "ATOMIC BLASTERRRRRRRRRRRR!!"

WarGrowlmon powered up his cannons and Indramon was sent flying back, screaming, until he dissolved into data. The Ultimate Digimon roared as he claimed victory for the Tamers once again.

Takato groaned as he weakly dropped to his knees next to Rika, but didn't say a word…

End flashback

"I don't understand why I can feel any attack that hits WarGrowlmon-and I mean any attack! It defies every law of science-if I understood science from the start." Takato said calmly.

"Well, Guilmon's not your normal Digimon-I know that and you know that. Even Guilmon knows it, especially if you created him. Maybe you and Guilmon have some sort of connection whenever he reaches his Ultimate form. Just something to think about the next time we come across a Deva. See you later, Takato." Takato waved as Rika quickly headed off toward her school.

"She's gotta know that she'll be late for school, even if she runs. But, why'd she go out of her way to come see me? True, Guilmon and I have some kind of connection, but is it so powerful that I'd feel pain?"

As the day dwindled on, Takato kept pondering over what Rika had said to him before school:

"Maybe you and Guilmon have some sort of connection whenever he reaches his Ultimate form."

In fact, Takato was so busy thinking over that, he didn't notice his teacher until he collided into her!

"Ow! Oh, sorry about that, Ms. Isaji."

"It's quite all right, Takato, but I would like to know why you're leaving school grounds before the day's over."

"Huh?" Takato suddenly realized that he was headed straight for the school doors.

"Actually, Ms. Isaji, I was so lost in thought that I didn't even know where I was going."

"I see. What was so mind-bending that you didn't keep track of your surroundings?"

"Uh…" Takato had a feeling that she wouldn't buy the truth, so he came up with the obvious choice. "A girl I met! She doesn't go to this school, but I see her practically every day almost. Problem is, she has a kind of attitude. I want to be her friend, and possibly something more, but I just don't know what to do about it."

"Hmm. Normally, I'd suggest that you go to Mori, but I think I can help you. Just continue helping her in whatever way you can. If the attitude comes up, just ignore it." Takato smiled broadly. It wasn't an exact answer to his question, but it helped him in his quest to figure out Rika. "Thanks, Ms. Isaji! Before I forget, I've got a permission slip to go home signed by my parents so I'm cutting through the park. See you later." Ms. Isaji groaned in exasperation and said, "Why didn't you tell me about this before? See you later, Takato."

"Sir, what's the word?" Riley asked. Yamaki smiled an evil smile as he punched in some coordinates and homed in on Takato's position in the park.

"The word is given. To teach those kids that Digimon aren't a game, I've decided to beat their little 'pets' at their own game. With this plan, I shall bring out their darker sides that haven't been revealed to anybody-yet. Hasn't it been proven that ultimately, your own worst enemy is yourself?" The second he was locked on, Yamaki pressed the button marked "Initiate."

Takato cried out in agony as a red beam of pure light hit him in the chest!

"What's…going on? AAHHH! I've never felt this kind of pain before, not even when WarGrowlmon was fighting!" His vision blurred and he dropped to his knees.

"Rika…Guilmon…where are you? I need you…" A few minutes later, Takato blacked out and the beam enveloped him, then vanished.

"Excellent. One down, two to go. Riley, locate the child known as Rika Nonaka."

Calumon was energetic as ever, hopping around the park-at least until he ran into Takato's prostate form.

"Huh? Takato, are you all right? Speak to me! This isn't funny anymore!" Calumon cried. Takato moaned as he attempted to move his head, but only rose it a few inches.

"Go…get Rika, Henry and Guilmon. They'll know what's up." Takato gasped out.

"Okay, you can count on me Takato!" Calumon raced off into the distance.

Unfortunately, Rika and Henry were both in the same position as Takato! Once Calumon found Rika, she was already at home, but she was on her bed, unable to move an inch, with a blue beam surrounding her.

"Rika! What happened to you?" Calumon yelled as Renamon appeared next to him.

"I don't know. It…just happened when I went to lie down for a while. This blue beam came out of nowhere and hit me! I can't move my body!"

"The same thing happened to Takato, too!" A gasp of surprise and concern made its way to Rika's mouth as Renamon analyzed the situation.

"You mean Takato can't move, either?" Rika managed to ask.

"Uh-huh, but at least you're not out in the park like he is." At that moment, the blue beam faded, but Rika still couldn't move.

"Rika, can you try to move?" Renamon asked.

"Only my head, and I can't even move it that far." Renamon nodded, then picked her up with ease and slung her over her shoulders.

"Try to hold on while I get you to Takato, or at the very least, to Guilmon's place. Calumon, go find Terriermon and his Tamer. They're probably in this situation too."

As for Takato, he was finally able to move his fingers a bit.

"Takato? Are you doing okay?" Takato looked up as best he could and saw Guilmon beside Renamon, Rika lying near them.

"As well as can be expected. Rika, are you doing okay?"

"Seeing as how I'm in the same boat as you are, I'm ecstatic Takato. Seriously, how are you doing?"

Takato took some time to process what she'd asked him and was astounded by it.

"Is it just me, or does she sound worried about me?" Takato thought to himself. The two of them heard some gasping, and out of the corner of their eyes saw Terriermon and Calumon struggling to drag Henry toward them!

"Wait-let us help!" Guilmon insisted as he and Renamon ran over and picked Henry up. He was conscious, but he was like Rika and Takato-unable to move.

"I guess whatever hit me apparently hit you guys, too. To make things go by faster, I was on my way home when a green beam of light hit me! I was able to stay awake, but Terriermon had a tough time carrying me-even with Calumon's help." Henry explained.

"What do you think it is?" Rika asked. "A Deva?"

"Maybe, but it doesn't seem like something they would do. It could be someone else." Takato explained as he finally got feeling in his legs and got up.

"Takato may have a point. The question is, who'd hit the three of us with different beams of light?" Henry said as Takato helped him up, then moved to help up Rika.

"We'll have the weekend to figure things out-I hope. In the meantime, we should all head home as best we can."

"Ah. Welcome to your new reality. Takato Matsuki, Rika Nonaka and Henry Wong. The three of you are Digimon Tamers-destined to defeat your counterparts in this world who possess Digimon of extreme power. I have designed your Digimon to look like theirs, but with exceptional differences-the abilities yours have are 10 times the power of their Digimon! Once the morning sun rises, go out, find them and destroy their Digimon." Yamaki smiled as he flicked his cigarette lighter open and closed. The clones of the Tamers smiled also as their eyes glowed a dark red…

Oh no! Duplicates of our favorite Tamers? Can Takato, Rika and Henry figure a way out of this mess, or are they in for some double trouble? Find out on the next Digimon: Digital Monsters!