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Digimon Tamers: Tamer V.S. Tamer

Epilogue-The Ultimate Battle

"You know I'm the greatest!" –Will Smith, Ali

"While hand-in-hand we walk as one, from battles lost to battles won…" Totally Pokemon CD

Takato yelled with defiance as Gallantmon started forward, his sword in his hand.

"Royal Saber!!" Takato cried out.

"Talisman of Light!!" The two weapons-sword and brush-collided briefly before Gallantmon's sword split "Taomon's" main weapon of defense in two!

"Thousand Spells!!" Gallantmon grunted as he staggered back in shock and surprise. Takato gasped as he fell to his knees in pain; Rika held back her own cries of pain, but she still felt the sharpened card attack hit her skin.

"Guys, are you okay? Neither of you look that good." Calumon mentioned worriedly.

"We're fine." Takato replied. Rika offered Calumon a tight smile and a nod.

Meanwhile, back in the Real World, Kazu, Kenta and Jeri all waited back at Guilmon's hideaway, worry and impatience crossing their faces.

"What do you think's happened to them?" Kenta asked. A brief silence filled them before Kazu answered.

"Ha! MetalGreymon Digivolved to WarGreymon, which takes out Piedmon in one shot. I win."

"He didn't mean that!" Jeri almost screamed angrily, but regained her composure.

"I know what he meant, but its not like we can go inside that Digital Field and ask them how they're doing." Jeri started shaking, and it wasn't because of the cold air, or because of the fact that nighttime was steadily approaching.

"Don't worry about it. They're Tamers! They can handle weird things like these clones, since they have taken on the Devas and defeated how many? Five?" (A/N: I know they've defeated about 7 of them, but remember-this is before "Jeri's Quest," okay?)

"You're right, but I still can't feel like something bad's going to happen…"

"Rapid Fire!!"

"Tri-Beam!!" Rapidmon tried a different attack, which caused his clone massive pain, but he was hit as well!

"That felt like a tank rolled over my body, and I'm positive a tank couldn't do that to me!" Rapidmon gasped out.

"Thousand Spells!!" Multiple cards-sharpened, mind you-were sent flying at opposite directions by two different Taomon! Both felt the attacks hit, and both staggered back in pain.

"Just gotta face facts, Tamers-we've won, and you've lost."

"I'LL DIE BY YOUR HANDS BEFORE WE LOSE, YOU GOT IT?!" Takato yelled angrily as he jumped forward and tackled Rika's clone to the tiled ground, trading punches back and forth! Rika grunted as she felt each hit Takato took, but she was able to stand it.

"Takato, get outta there. I know you're being brave for me, but this is overkill." Rika whispered.

"Thousand Spells!!"

"Talisman of Light!!" Taomon's main attack struck her clone and instantly deleted her!

"Say goodbye, Gogglehead!" A moment later, Rika tackled her clone and socked her with one punch, sending her spiraling to the ground.

"If I've told you once, I'll tell you again-nobody can call him Gogglehead but me!" Rika hissed as her clone vanished.

Yamaki listened to the reports of Digimon opening a Digital Field and knew instantly that the clones he'd created were the cause. His head jerked up when he heard Riley call to him.

"Sir! Those anomalies that opened the Field have been deleted, and so have their Digimon."

"Looks like those kids' Digimon are worth some good after all. Still, they should be warned that all this hero business isn't a game…"

"Is it over?" Takato croaked weakly.

"It's over. We won." Rika said while helping him up.

"I don't think so!" The three Tamers, their Digimon and Calumon all turned to see Henry's clone and "Rapidmon," slightly in pain but still eager to fight.

"Rapidmon, I thought you took care of this guy!"

"Hey, it's kinda hard to do that when his power level's that of a Mega Digimon!"

"Did you see that?" Jeri got up and looked up at the darkening skies to see faint lightning bolts of energy crackling against the sky.

"Whoa! What's the deal with the sky?" Kazu asked.

"Think it could be Takato and the others?"

"If it is, let's just hope they're okay!" Jeri responded.

"You can do it, Chumly-come back, in one piece, and with a head!" Kazu insisted.

"All right-which one of us do you want to battle against?" Henry spoke up as he and Rapidmon stepped forward.

"Not you. Tri-Beam!!" WHAM! Terriermon and Henry were sent flying backward a second later, Terriermon unconscious.

"That means he wants to take on me. Don't worry, Takato-this should only take a few seconds." Rika said confidently as she and Taomon stepped up.

"You're right about that, Queenie. Rapid Fire!!" WHACK! Rika and Renamon were sent flying next to Henry and Terriermon, Renamon barely conscious, as well as Rika.

"Why me?" Takato said as he and Gallantmon stepped up, Takato ignoring the pain his body felt.

"Simple-the connection you and Guilmon have. It allowed you to reach the Mega level. That makes you unique out of all the Tamers, and one of the most powerful. So, shall we duel?" "Henry" asked.

"Guess I don't have much of a choice here, do I?" Takato muttered as he and Calumon climbed on Gallantmon's shoulder.

"Not really."

"Rapid Fire!!" Takato cried out as Gallantmon absorbed the hits, yet he still felt the pain, which mainly meant Rika could feel it, too!

"I think he wanted to battle you 'cause of your connection! You're the only one who's connected to their Digimon!" Calumon piped up.

"No-ow!-kidding!" Takato retorted impatiently.

"Come on! We've gotta help him!" Rika demanded, as she tried ignoring the throbbing pain radiating around her body. Henry grabbed her arm, holding her back.

"Rika, think about it. That's my clone, and he just took out our Digimon in one shot! He wants to take on Takato for some reason. What that is, I don't know. I'm sure we can't help him, especially with our Digimon in Rookie mode."

"I know that! We can help him in a different way. Takato-catch!" Rika tossed him her pack of Modify cards. Takato barely caught it.

"Okay! Here we go!"


"Digimodify! Hyper Speed, activate!" Takato yelled.

Gallantmon sped up and lashed out at Rapidmon's clone, hurting him and forcing him back a few feet.

"Obviously, you aren't as weak as you were made out to be. Tri-Beam!!"

"Digimodify! Power, activate! Final Elysian!!" Takato growled.

A powerful red beam appeared in Gallantmon's hand, then collided with "Rapidmon's" beam. Moments later, a final explosion occurred, sending up dust and smoke around the air. Rika, Henry, Terriermon and Renamon waited with patience. The smoke finally cleared to reveal Takato, a smiling Calumon and Guilmon, extremely tired, but triumphant.

"Let's go home, guys…"

Kazu, Kenta and Jeri had nodded off when they heard what sounded like the sound of booster jets being activated. They all woke up and looked up to see the Tamers, Takato and Rika side by side, and holding hands, atop WarGrowlmon. Henry and Calumon were on Rapidmon, respectively. Renamon, however, wasn't seen, but they knew she was there.

"We know you're still in one piece, Chumly, but did you win? Did you kick some serious clone booty?" Kazu said.

"Later, guys. I'm just lucky Guilmon had some strength left to Digivolve, then to Matrix Digivolve before that stupid Digital Field closed on us, otherwise we never would've made it out." Takato moaned as he dropped to his knees. "What a weekend!"

"Don't you conk out on me now, Takato. We still need to get home, and you're lucky your bike survived that attack." Rika added, seeing Takato's bike, still in one piece!

"Yeah, lucky. Can you guys leave Rika and me alone for a while?" Takato said. Seconds later, Takato realized he and Rika were alone in the park.

"I'm sorry it looked like I was betraying you back there, but I wanted to trick them! They obviously had a backup plan, since they were planning on killing me anyway." Rika helped Takato up and held him at shoulder length.

"I saw your eyes, and I knew you weren't acting of your own free will. No matter what may happen, I will always love you, Takato." Rika kissed Takato with an undying passion, not letting him go. When she did pull away, Takato was left with a dazed look on his face, but he shook himself out of it as they started biking toward home.

"I love you too, Rika…always."

"'Course, if you ever hug Jeri like that again, we may either have to adopt children, or you'll have to make plans for a trip to the Bahamas for two, okay, Gogglehead?"

Only moments after the Tamers had left the Digital Field before it closed, bits of data were hovering over the tiled ground they had been fighting on. One lone card, a Modify card, was left in the Tamers' wake. It suddenly started glowing brightly, and then, in an instant, Takato and Guilmon's clones reappeared, fully restored and back to full power!

"You think it's over, do you Tamers? I think not…we're just getting started…"

Whoa! Just when you think it's all over and you can relax, a clone reappears out of thin air! What are the Tamers gonna do about this latest development when they find out about it? Wait and see for the next adventure on Digimon: Digital Monsters!