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.Prostitution [including underage], drug abuse, and general underworld activity

.Domestic abuse

.LEMONS [AKA sex scenes]

.A rape sequence

If any of these things make you uncomfortable, then I advise you-please, don't read this story. I have given you fair warning here for all possible triggers. That is all.

Clear Hearts, Grey Flowers

Your love is like a funeral

Where words go to die

Your love is like a funeral

Where kisses go to die…

"No! Please! PLEASE! I-I'll get the money to you by Sunday! I swear! Just give me another chance!"

"Sorry, but you had your chance. In fact, you had near to 3 of 'em."

"Yeah, I'm amazed that boss let you live as long as he did. Maybe 'cause you're like a kid?"

"Guess that sadist has at least a hint of a heart"-



"Ah…w-what the hell, Konan?"

"Jesus Christ! You wanna give us a heart attack?"

"Shut up. We came here to do a job, not chit-chat or gloat. Get in, get out. No sympathies. If you two want to last in the Akatsuki, you better learn that, remember it, and follow it fully."

The scene was grim. A small, shady apartment, piled with boxes and papers. A single light was swinging from the ceiling in what appeared to be a kitchen. A wooden table, wooden chair, and small fridge were the only objects adorning the gloomy room, which had now become a tomb.

In the corner, pressed against the wall, was a corpse. Nameless, now and forever-just another sap who had gotten in over his head. He couldn't have been older than eighteen, but here he lay, brains and blood spread out and splattered against the off-white walls, like a twisted work of art. A few droplets and chunks were slowly sliding down the surface, pooling into a puddle upon the tile floor.

"Shit…you're one psycho bitch, you know that?" A man with dark red hair was wiping sweat from his brow with the back of his sleeve. His deep brown eyes were bulging, as they darted to and fro, from the victim to the one who had pulled the trigger.

"Yoshi's right-ya could've at least let him have a few final words, requests, something like that." This male had slightly curled, shaggy brown locks that framed his narrow face. He looked down his pointed nose at the female in question-ultimately, the leader of this little 'expedition'.

"Quit your whining. If you're so inclined to last rights and the like, then beg for them when you're cornered in an alley with a .45 against your skull. On your own damn time."

This woman was something of a rarity. Bright blue hair, almost sky blue, was pulled back into a bun, with thick parted bangs framing her heart shaped face. Piercing blue eyes, adorned with light shadow, also stood out against her fair skin. Her features seemed to be exquisitely carved, her face without lines or blemishes. The only distinguishable mark was a small silver stud under her lower lip.

She had been sent to take care of a debt, and was also assigned to bring along the two males, who were rookies to the business. They all had to start somewhere…but these two were probably the most annoying ones she ever had to put up with. The heavy cooling metal in her gloved hand reminded her that she could turn on them in a second if she wished to-but she really didn't care to deal with more bodies than were necessary at the moment. Let someone else make themselves clear to the newbies.

"Let's go." She slipped the pistol into a holster around her thigh, and started for the door. Luckily, the victim had been stupid enough to open it when they had tried the 'knocking politely' method…after that, it was all a matter of brute strength. And these two new lackeys had plenty of that to offer.

"Uh, right, right." The men stumbled after her. She didn't even need to glance behind to know that they were trying not to gag at the sight of fresh blood and the inner workings of the human skull. She scoffed. Amateurs.

They piled into a black van, Konan behind the wheel, the males in the back. Almost like a soccer mom, complete with rugrats. Except it was midnight, they weren't kids (no matter what their behavior suggested), and she most certainly wasn't a 'mother figure' of any kind.

'SLAM' After what felt like an eternity of driving, they had returned to the base. Where it was exactly, they couldn't say. Simply an unknown location. Off and away from the main roads.

On the outside, it appeared to be a packaging warehouse. And if one were to step in, without any clues or previous tip offs, that's what they would see. To reach the main hub, one would have to look.

Really look.

With a trained eye.

The blue haired female headed to a switchboard that was used to control the main machinery. It was attached to a side wall made of cinder-blocks, in contrast to the outside of the facility, which was wood and metal. Under the controls, there was a smaller block. Unless you were specifically searching, you would not notice that one was tinier than the others, a perfect square. She pushed it with her fist. It slid out partway, revealing a mini keypad and screen. After typing in a few symbols and figures, it beeped before returning into the wall.

'WHIR'…a panel on the floor slid open. Its top merely appeared to be a part of the design, so it wouldn't stand out. From the hole rose a cylindrical chamber. The doors parted, and the three entered. It closed once more, and retreated into the floor.

'BEEP' 'DING' They had reached their destination. Konan stepped out, along with the other two, who were still a bit shaky.

This was the true hideout of the Akatsuki. An underground base, created especially by the Leader himself-simply because he was that crafty, and had the money to spend.

As her heels clacked against the shining linoleum floor, she turned her head slightly, to glance at her right. Full length mirrors adorned this hallway, before giving way to blood red wallpaper the final fifteen steps. Konan knew this-she had counted. Every time she returned, traveling down that long and imposing tunnel, it had always been fifteen steps…fifteen steps before her hands clenched around the cold, curling door handles.

'CREEAK…' The large, mahogany double doors swung open, revealing a conference room. An oval table, with exactly twenty-five cushioned seats, lay directly in line with the entrance. A flat screen television was perched upon the farthest wall, in perfect view of the main furniture. To the right was a small parlor, complete with a glass coffee table, two couches, and four regular seats. To the left was a tiny and tidy kitchen, always stocked with whatever was needed for its main members. A bar was included. And, finally, another door, right next to the television, led to the dormitories and the Leader's office.

"Alright. Let's get this over with." Konan strode over to the entrance in question. Turning the knob, the group began another trek, down another darkened hallway. The two men behind her were grumbling about 'would it never end?' She had to clench her fist to keep from lashing out. Seriously-these guys were really grating at her last nerve. Why had she gotten stuck with recruit training, anyway? She had better things to do.

"We're here. Keep your manners and your wits about you at all times. This is Leader-sama you're dealing with. Do you understand?" Her voice was sharp and tight, and it chilled both males to the core. Konan was scary enough…this Leader guy must be like a demon or something. The door to his room was black, with jagged slashes running across-as if something had tried to claw its way in. They gulped, but both nodded and answered yes. She ignored the obvious nervous tremor to both responses, and proceeded to knock. One…two…three. Three times. Exactly three times, with the same amount of force. No more, no less. Firm without being brash. They waited, with bated breath.

"Enter." As thick as the door was, it could not hide that voice-that low, smooth, silky tone that could both freeze the blood and heat the heart in one's veins and body at the same time. Konan gripped the knob tightly, before turning it and pushing forward. They stepped inside.

It felt more like an ancient chamber than a mere room. The carpet was a dark, velvety red, but in the nearly absent lighting, it resembled a miniature field of black ink; ready and waiting to suck down anyone who dared cross its surface. The walls were a deep yellow, almost a dull gold, and were bare, save for the occasional picture frame. All were filled with articles. Newspaper clippings, some detailed, others quick, but all relating to the same subject matter.

The Akatsuki.

And there, directly facing the door, at the very end of his quarters, drenched in darkness, lay Leader-sama. The only thing they could make out was his eyes-swirling, fearsome red orbs. Konan took a few steps forward-three, to be exact, before stopping perfectly still. Her feet were in alignment with each other, no space in-between, and her arms were folded behind her back. She took a slow, deep breath, as her eyes flickered up to meet his.

"Report, Konan-san, if you will." He linked his fingers together, and leaned forward, elbows resting upon the polished tabletop.

"The collection was a success. The debt was paid in full. No money, just blood." He nodded slightly, a quick jerk of the head.

"And?" His eyes now rested on the two rookies in the doorway, who were trying their best not to break down under his gaze. It was all up to Konan now…if she said that they were lousy, they could kiss their careers-and lives-goodbye. Both were sweating profusely, fearful and meek, as they waited for her answer.

"They were fine. Their strength came in handy. There were no problems."

"I see." Leader paused for a moment. Then...

"Very well. I will ring one of the others to lead them out-seeing as you are in dire need of some 'personal time'." She could almost see his smirk as he let these words roll off of his tongue. He pushed a small button on a panel that was imbedded in his desk. He waved a hand, closing his red eyes. "You two-you're free to go. Wait out in the hall for your escort. Close the door." They did not hesitate.

As soon as they were gone, Konan groaned, and tucked a strand of blue hair behind her ear. Leader chuckled. She shot him an icy glare.

"Oh, what's wrong? Does my sense of humor not appeal to you?" She merely continued glaring.

After a few more moments of silence, she finally spoke. "I am going to take a shower, and retire for the night. God knows how much rookies take out of me." She turned on her heel, and prepared to exit the office.

"Konan-san?" She froze in her tracks, her hand an inch away from the doorknob.

"Y-yes, Leader-sama?" She hadn't meant to stutter; her fear had mistakenly slipped out. Inwardly, she cursed herself.

"Do not forget your place, not just in this organization, but with me." His tone was a dagger, slowly slicing its way through her flesh, and down her spine. "Is that clear?"

She knew what he meant. She had grown used to this routine by now…or at least, she tried to convince herself that she had.

"Yes…I understand."

"Good. Don't turn in before I arrive, hmm?" Although it seemed like a mere playful request, Konan knew better. She had been with this man long enough to be able to read every tone, every look, every phrase, every sign-it was a command. She gripped the doorknob tighter, her knuckles turning white.


"Good girl." She opened the door, and stepped through, before closing it as quickly yet quietly as possible. The hall was now empty…no surprise there. She made her way down, all the way to the end-the very last door. This was her room.

Hers and Pein's.

It was larger than the other rooms, and not because it was shared by two people. All the rooms in this place housed two people. No, this was a purposeful tactic-he was lording it over the other members. They had all been there from the beginning, but Pein was making it clear-he was, and always will be, the alpha dog. The first in command. Leader-sama.

Its walls were a shade of red similar to the carpet in the office, while the floor itself was a light grey. A double bed was against the right wall, with silky black and red sheets, along with matching pillowcases and curtains that could be drawn around fully. There was one nightstand, with one light, on his side of the bed.

In front, against the left wall, was a decent sized dresser and vanity table-though Konan barely used it. What need did she have for vanity? The only eyes that would ever see her face in this line of work were the eyes of the dead. And the walk-in closet which, again, she rarely went to. Where all those clothes had come from, she couldn't be sure. Shopping wasn't her area of expertise.

Finally, the wall facing the doorway-another door, this one simple and white. It led to their bathroom. A sink, a toilet, and a tub plus shower head. That was all it contained. Nothing more, nothing less.

By this point, Konan had already grabbed her nightclothes and proceeded into said bathroom, and was now starting to undress. A familiar scent greeted her nose-the scent of blood, and death. Looks like she hadn't gotten away from the scene as scot-free as she thought. Oh, well. She unhooked the gun holster around her thigh, threw the rest of the garments to the floor, peeled off her gloves and underwear, and stepped into the tub. She turned the knobs, and almost immediately, hot water began rushing out. She sighed, and settled herself down.

As the water continued to run, she leaned back against the tile wall, and closed her eyes. This was one of the few times where she was actually alone…and she didn't mind. She was free to think as she wished.

The tub was almost filled to the top. She turned off the tap, and relaxed once more. The steam clouds began to fade away, as the fog settled upon the single mirror over the sink.

"Ah"-her left arm began to sting. She was familiar with this feeling, but that didn't make the pain any less intense. Tentatively, she lifted it from the water, and twisted it slightly.

A long, thick scar wound its way around the limb, off colored and jagged. It started from her shoulder blade, and climbed over, past her collarbone, and along her forearm. It ended on the underside, a few inches away-roughly four and a half-from her elbow.

Her blue orbs clouded over. She could still remember…that day in December…so many years ago…

Apparently, she'd been lost in thought for quite some time. When she realized this, she shot up, and promptly began to prepare the soap to wash. This was her own personal time, yes-but it wasn't very long. The last thing she needed was for him to come barging in to remind her of this fact…she would be seeing him again soon enough anyway.

Whether she wanted to or not.

Though she could never admit it.

No-she wasn't allowed to.

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