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None of this made any sense. He wasn't sure what to think anymore. Sam put his hands to his head. What the hell was going on? If anyone should be possessed it should be him. Not Dean. After all, Sam's destiny was to become evil. That shouldn't be his brother's fate as well. He stared at the pictures in front o him. Sam still had a hard time believing that Dean was capable of such a crime. Of killing and torturing all these people. His own brother. But he had to remind himself that whatever killed those people wasn't his brother. It was something else. Suddenly his phone rang.

"Hello?" He asked sharply.

"Sammy?" The demon possessing Dean breathed into the phone. "How've you been little brother?"

"Dean? Where are you?"

Dean let out a low laugh as he placed a knife against the woman he was holding hostage. She whimpered.

"You hear that?" He whispered and he heard Sam suck in his breath.

"Let her go, Dean. This is between you and me," He snapped.

"Naw, I don't think so," Dean laughed. "I'm having way to much fun here." He ran the knife sharply against the skin. Sam closed his eyes as he heard the woman sobbing in pain.

"Dean, come on," Sam begged. "Listen to reason here! You don't have to hurt anyone else!"

"What's one more after a dozen?" Dean laughed. "All I want to do is to talk."

"Fine!" Sam said quickly. "Let's talk! Just let her go-!"

"Not so fast Sammy boy," Dean inturrupted with a laugh.

"Don't call me Sammy," Sam snarled. "Only my brother can call me that."

"Oh I'm hurt Sam," Dean replied. "I thought I was your brother."

"No." Sam shook his head. "Dean's in there somehwere, but you? You don't even come CLOSE to my brother!"

"Does that mean you don't want to talk?"

Sam's eyes widened. If he blew this he might never get a chance to see him, to try and help his brother.

"No, of course I want to talk. Just don't call me Sammy."

Evil Dean smirked as he stared at the trembling woman in front of him.

"Sure thing, SAM," he hissed. Qucily he gave the address to the building he was at.

As Sam drove the impala faster than he had ever driven before his mind raced with wild thoughts. What if he couldn't save his brother? What if he had to kill Dean? He tried to pus that thought out as quickly as it entered, but he couldn't shake it out of his mind. So this was what it was like for Dean. That toruted thought of killing your own flesh and blood. No wonder Dean kept on refusing to kill Sam. The idea of killing Dean was impossible, crazy, even to Sam. Now he felt guilty for all the times he forced Dean to promise that if push comes to shove that he'd kill his own brother. How could Sam have asked something like that?

He pulled up and stared at the abaonded building. he slowly walked in, dreading what he would find. He stared at the woman tied up. Sam hurried over to her.

"Are you all right?" He asked but she continued to sob and wimper.

"He's here," she gasped. "He's still here!"

"Calm down, just calm down, everything's going to be all-" She inturrupted him with a scream.

"He's here!" She pointed and Sam looked up and came face to face with his brother. Or whatever was possessing Dean.

"Hello Sammy." Dean smiled. "I'm sorry, SAM."

"What the hell have you done to my brother?" Sam snarled.

"Okay, no small talk. Straight to the point. I can respect that." Dean smiled and pulled out a gun. The woman screamed and Sam raised his hand.

"Whoa, who. I just thought you wanted to talk! Just to TALK!"

"Hey!" Laughed Dean. "You're the one that seems to be getting straight to buisness, not me!"

"Okay than, put the gun down and let's talk okay? Let's just talk! Put the gun down!"

Dean frowned and smiled.

"Naw, I don't think so."

"Dean! If you can here me you've got to stop it! DEAN! Don't let it controll you!"

The demon possessing Dean started to laugh.

"You're brother can't here you," he snarled. "You're brother's dead!"

"No!" Sam shook his head stubboringly. "I don't believe it! No..."

"Really?" Dean rasied the gun.

"Do you think your brother would be able to do this?" Without flinching he fired and the woman screamed as the bullet penetrated Sam's chest. As Sam stared at the wound and started to collapse, cuausing the other woman to flee, Dean collapsed as well while a black shadowy thing left his throat-causing him to scream in agaony.G asping for breath the freed Dean looked up and stared at Sam's fallen body in horror.

"No!" His face paled. "What did I do? What did I do?" Cursing himself he hurried over to his brother's limp body. "Sam?" Tears fell as he held his brother. "SAMMMMM!"

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