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She loved the little box, ornately decorated with bright reds and purples, blues and greens. She especially loved the pictures of the clowns encircling it, wide red smiles etched on their faces. Like him. It all reminded her of him. Sometimes she would crank the handle on the side of the box for hours on end, waiting for the Jack inside to pop out and surprise her. One would think she'd know what would happen; after all the times she would turn the handle, one would assume she would get it. But she didn't care, because no matter how many times she would turn, turn, turn the shiny, silver handle, she was always delighted when he came out and greeted her with that big, happy smile.

A smile meant just for her, or at least that's how she saw it. And that's how it was, time and again. She would gently push Jack back inside his box and turn the handle, slowly, while humming along to the soft tune playing along with each turn. She was patient; she would wait for him to come, though he always did, eventually. One, two, three turns. The music would reach its climax. Hum, hum, hum. One more turn should do it…


"Haarley! Are you still playing with that stupid thing? Let me save you a lot of time you could be spending making me a sandwich. It's going to pop up every time!"

"I know, Puddin'--" Harley smiled up at him, but The Joker was already out the door, huffing something about girls and idiotic toys. Harley sighed and looked back down at the box still clutched in her hand, a smiling jester poking out with his arms held out on either side.

"But I just love to see his smile."