Make Some Real Magic 1

The Prefects

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Author's Note:  This is my first HP fic so please, leave a nice review and don't flame me, okay.  My memory of all the books isn't very good.  I borrowed books 2-4 from somebody and I just re-read book 1 and saw the movie, which rocked, wasn't all that true to the book, but still rocked.  So I might put some of my little author notes throughout the story, I know some readers hate that but better to put them in now instead of getting emails asking me what the heck I am doing.  So please don't hurt me if I probably put one of the characters that should've had already graduated and I make them 6th or 7th years or something…nobody's perfect!  And this takes place after the 4th book, so Harry Potter and friends are 5th years now!  This is a HGxRW love triangle fic so if you don't' like it, then just teleport back by pressing the back button at your top left corner!  Oh, and Gary pointed some things out to me so it's a bit different.

Harry anticipated this.  His fifth year at Hogwarts and finally some freedom from his crazy fat Uncle Vernon, cruel Aunt Petunia and spoiled-rotten Cousin Dudley.  Every summer was the same.  He was never complimented for anything and was always teased for something--rather he meant to do it or not.  He thought it would be easier by now but it wasn't.  He was growing more anxious as time ticked by and he got closer and closer to his next year at Hogwarts and see his friends Ron, Hermione, Fred and George and--

Hedwig flew into his room with a letter in her talons.  Harry smiled and breathed a sigh of relief a she dropped the letter on his lap.  He rubbed the back of his fore finger on her feathered face and she nipped his finger affectionately and fluttered to her water bowl for a drink.   Harry opened his letter quickly but careful enough not to tear it apart--for he had been waiting for some word--from someone--anyone. He recognized the neat writing immediately.


Hello.  I've visited Victor Krum in Romania a few weeks back.  He told me that he wouldn't be transferring to Hogwarts this year.  He has to stay in Romania.  It's not that I'm sad about it or anything.  You're the only one I told. 

That's not the real reason why I wrote you.  I just had to tell someone and I didn't want to tell Ron.  I thought he would be busy or something.  I have great news! I am going to be a prefect this year!  Isn't that wonderful?  I am so excited.  I've always wanted to be a prefect.  Do you know that I'll be the first muggle-born prefect at Hogwarts or other school of witchcraft and wizardry?  Well, besides your mom of course.  I'll see you at Hogwarts this term. 


[Author's Note: There was a rumor on a HP site saying Hermione will be a prefect in book five.  And I'm sorry, but I can't remember Victor's school right now and how many years they have at that school--all I know is that he's 4 years older than she is.]

Harry read the letter again.  He wasn't surprised that Hermione would be a prefect.  She was very clever, gutsy and went by the rules...most of the time.  In his mind, there was no better person to be prefect for Gryffindor, even himself.  What surprised him, however, was that she didn't tell Ron about this.  Suddenly, he had a feeling that there might be some tension with his two best friends--again.



Harry craned his head around for a look for Ron or Hermione.  He saw Ginny whisk by him.


"Hmm?" she turned back and when she saw who said her name she gasped and put on a warm smile.  "Harry!  Hi!"  Even in her fourth year, Harry's presence still sent chills down her spine.

"Hello," he said.  "Have you seen Ron?"

She giggled and pointed past Harry before heading onto the train.  Harry turned around and saw Ron come through the platform, wiping off his mother's lipstick as Fred and George snickered at him.

"Even at his 5th year Mum stills---" Fred began.

"Shut up, Fred!" Ron snapped.

"Hello, Ron," Harry said as he walked up, "how was your--"

"Horrible," Ron said quickly, "I just hope that school will be better!"

"Well, I bet your summer couldn't be any worse than mine," Harry said.  "Want to talk--"

"You would not believe the things Fred and George came up with their new practical joke stand!" he blurted out as they boarded the train.  "They spent so much money on it that they didn't have enough money for anything important.  Not to mention that BOTH our owls got broken wings so I couldn't get any letters an--"

Harry just wanted to jump in the cargo bay right then and there if he could.

"---I was able to get some new dress robes, thank goodness," Ron went on.  The train was halfway to the school and he was boring Harry half to death of how boring and lousy his summer was.  "They're not lacy but---"

"What?" Harry asked, trying to seem he was interested in anything Ron was saying.  True, he wanted to know how his pals were but honestly, enough was enough.

"They're maroon!"  He belted out and his face dropped into his palms.

Harry laughed lightly. 

It's not funny, Harry!" Ron growled, flinging his head up.  "My Mum makes me a sweater every Christmas and it never fails--the bloody sweater is maroon! I hate maroon! Every single Christmas--"

"Yeah, I know," Harry said, "tough luck, Ron."

"Anything from the cart, loves?" inquired the goodie-cart witch.

"Yes!" Harry said, reaching in his pocket for some wizard money and putting it in her hand.  He took some goodies and she left.  As Harry was gulping down a treat, Ron kept speaking of how his life couldn't possibly be worse.

"Ha-Harry, are you listening to me?" Ron questioned.

"Y-yes, Ron," muttered Harry with his mouth full.  "Mm-hmm."

Ron tried to smile.  "I'm sorry Harry.  I shouldn't have told you that."

"Oh, it's okay," said Harry, "What're friends for?"

"Thanks, so," said Ron, rubbing the back of his neck as he searched for something new to say, "have you heard from Hermione?"

Harry popped a Bertie Bott's bean in his mouth and choked on it--and not because it was the flavor of dirt.  'I really don't need this right now…'


"Back at Hogwarts, finally!" Ron cried, taking his seat at the Gryffindor table.  "Hey, where's Hermione?  Don't tell me she transferred to that--"

"Hello, Ron," she said across from him.  Her voice was more serious than usual.  She didn't his name as if he was a co-worker or something.

Ron felt his cheeks become warm, "Hello, Hermione.  So, how was your summer?" He noticed the silver P prefect badge, "Hey, you're a prefect!  That's great!"

"Oh, uh, thanks, Ron," she said coyly. 

"How come you didn't tell me you were---"

"Shh!" she hushed.

Professor Dumbledore walked across the front of the stage and welcomed everyone to a new year at Hogwarts.  Then Professor McGonagall picked up the sorting hat and by alphabetical order.

Each new student that joined the Gryffindor table, Hermione quickly scribbled their names down onto some parchment and got a good look at them so she'd remember them. And said a quick hello and introduced herself to each as they sat down. When Ron asked why she was doing what she was doing, she ignored him.

Ron looked at Harry and said, "I think she's ignoring me, Harry."

"I don't think she means to," Harry said.

After all the new students were sorted, the feast began.  The new students spoke to each other how strange and exciting it was to finally come to Hogwarts and they hoped not to blow anything up of a sort.

Ron was surprised at how Hermione was acting.  She was never like this before.

"Notice anything odd about Hermione lately?" Ron asked Harry.

"No," he replied, shaking his head.

"Hi, Ron," Neville said. "How was your--"

"It was good, Longbottom," Ron lied.  "Never better."  He knew if he started on telling the truth to Neville like he did to Harry, he probably wouldn't' stop talking, again.

"So how's Ginny?"

"I'm fine, Neville," Ginny said a few seats down.

"Hello!" he started a conversation with Ginny, beginning with his thanks for her coming with him to the Yule ball the year before.

When everyone had finished their meals, Professor Dumbledor announced that the prefects will bring all the first years to their houses.

"Prefect for Ravenclaw will be, Terry Boot!"  Terry Boot stood up at the end of the Ravenclaw table.

"Prefect for Hufflepuff, Justin Finch-Fletchy!"

"Prefect for Slytherin, Draco Malfoy!"

"Malfoy's a prefect?" Harry gasped.

"Oh, we're doomed," Ron mumbled, "we're doomed."

As if he heard what Ron said, Draco turned and shot him a nasty grin.

"And Prefect for Gryffindor, Hermione Granger!"

Hermione stood up and nodded lightly as the Gryffindor table cheered.  Something told her to look over at the Slytherin table as something caught her eye.  Draco was smiling at her, but it wasn't one of his mischievous smiles when he gets someone from the other house in trouble. Malfoy never smiled like this to someone outside his house before. This smile he gave her was very different it was almost like the smile of a friend would give to another.  The way Harry and Ron sometimes smiled at her when they were having laughs together.  Hermione shivered and turned to face the table of her house.

"Prefects, please lead the first years to their houses," Dumbledor ordered, "let a new Hogwarts year begin!"

All the prefects ordered the first years of their houses, shouting, "all right, first years, this way, this way, first years, I am so and so of this tower and" and what not.

"Hey, Hermione, I've got a question--" Ron started.

"Sorry Ron, but I need to get the first years to Gryffindor," she said.  "I'll see you and Harry in the common room eventually--All right first years my name is Hermione Granger, incase you haven't known.  I have all your names written down and I'll remember each every--"

"Hi, Granger," Draco Malfoy said, almost friendly to her as he was leading the pack of new Slytherins to their tower.  "You're a prefect too, huh?"

"Draco," she muttered half-politely without even looking at him, the way you would address someone when you're angry or preoccupied.  Then she went on explaining that Gryffindor was the best and what to do in which class, how you shouldn't look at whatever teacher and the like. 

"Hermione's a pretty good prefect, don't you say?" Harry asked Ron.

"Yeah," said Ron as they reached the Fat Lady's portrait.

"Password?" the fat lady asked.

"Remember the password, it is very important," Hermione whispered to the others behind her, "write it down if you have to but remember also that it changes every year."  She looked at the fat lady and said firmly, "Crookshanks."

"Crookshanks?" Harry and Ron said together.

"Her cat is the password?" Ron gasped.

"Shh!" Neville said, scribbling it down.  "How do you spell Crookshanks?"

"Now this is the Gryffindor common room," Hermione Granger explained, "this is where we study, play games, talk, etcetera.  Gentlemen's dorms are to your left and up and for the ladies the same to the right.  Any questions?"

"I have one!" Ron blurted out, "how come you never told us that you were a prefect?"

"I told Harry," she said.

"You told Harry?" he looked at Harry as if he had been betrayed, "Harry, you knew about this?"

Harry sighed, feeling like he was on the spot.  "Well--"

"Hey, is that Harry Potter?" gasped one of the new years.

"You mean the one who survived You-Know-Who more than once?"

"Of course, see his scar?" they walked up to him and started to ask him questions.

"Can I have your autograph?"

"Does that thing hurt?"

"Well," Hermione Granger said, "um, welcome to Gryffindor House of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.  Make yourselves at home and please do not show up for transfiguration late."  She glanced at Harry and Ron, "you might want to look around before you get lost."  She smiled and made her way up to the girl's dormitory followed by Ginny and a few of the girl Gryff students.


"Oy," Harry moaned, walking up to his bed, "do they need to ask me so many questions at once?"

Ron looked over at him with a cold stare.

"Please don't look at me like that, Ron," Harry said.


"Shh!" Neville hushed, "I'm trying to relearn these potions so that Professor Snape won't do something horrible to me!"

"She didn't tell me she was going to be a prefect," Ron said.  "I'm her friend too!  I could've given her some hints!"

"Hints?" Seamus muttered.  "What do you know about being a prefect?"

"Seamus, Percy was a prefect when we started at Hogwarts!" he yelled, "don't' you remember?  Percy my brother?  The guy with the other red hair?"

"She thought you might be busy with something," Harry said in his defense.  "It's not like she was covering her badge or something.  She just wrote me a letter before term started.  She had to tell someone."

"But why did she tell you and not me?" he demanded.

"Don't worry about it, Ron." Harry said.  "Hermione's a very clever girl and she'll do fine.  No other 5th year here could do better."

"I know that," muttered Ron, "I'm just mad that she didn't tell me before hand."

"She's the best one for the job," added Neville.

"Hermione's more than just clever, Harry," said Thomas.

"What?" Questioned every one in the room, mouths hanging open.

"Well, Hermione was always clever and witty, before then, remember fellahs?" he said.

"Yeah, so?" Ron inquired, "What's your point?"

"Well, she wasn't always the best looking girl in Gryffindor, with that bushy hair of hers and overbite but now…well, let's just say that all the guys from every table was looking at her today?"

"Oh come on," Harry said, "I'm sure they were looking at more than just Hermione all the time.  They had to be eating too and--"

"Harry, I know she's your friend but you know what I'm talking about."  Thomas said.

"She does look very pretty now," Neville said, "well, I always thought she was pretty but now she's very, very pretty."

"You weren't the only one that noticed, Neville," Thomas said.  "Someone did too.  Another prefect."

"Uh, Terry Boot from Ravenclaw?" guessed Ron.

"No," Thomas shook his head, "Draco Malfoy, from Slytherin."

Ron gasped.  There was no way.  But could it be possible?

So, um, how was that?  I wasn't sure who to pick for prefects so if you have better candidates, you can give them to me.  I just picked them out from book 1 when they all tried on the sorting hat.

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