Make Some Real Magic 10

Hermione's Knight

Disclaimer:  I'm just a big fan of Harry Potter, not the creator.

Hermione rested for two days.  She had frequent visitors.  Ron hardly left her side.  Sitting next to her, holding her hand, he waited for some sign.

"You saved me," he whispered.  He brushed a hair out of her face.  "Please…wake up…"

"Is she all right?" Draco asked.

Ron spun around, "you?  What are you doing here?  You're the reason why she's here!  Go away, Malfoy!"

"I didn't mean to hurt her and you know that," Draco insisted.  "None of us knew she was going to do it.  It was an accident."  In his hand he held a bouquet of red roses.  "So…is she all right?"

"There's no change," Ron said sadly.

Draco sighed.  "Hermione's a very talented witch for a mud--I mean, someone from a muggle family.  The best."

"Well, Malfoy," Ron said, "I think that's one thing we can agree on."

Sensing he wasn't wanted, Draco left the roses down on an empty bed.  "Just make sure she gets these, all right?"

"Yeah," Ron sighed.  He looked over at the roses and began to pace the room, waiting for Hermione to wake up. He couldn't just sit holding her hand anymore.  He felt like he had to do something.  But nothing came to mind. 'Please, Hermione…wake up.'

Hermione's were shut but they were moving, as if she was having a very strange dream.


In a tall tower with one window, a princess sat looking out the horizon.  She wore a scarlet dress made out of velvet with long sleeves that were off her shoulders.  The top two inches of her dress was a shimmering gold and around her waist and down the front of her dress was also a gold strip.  On her head was a small golden tiara.  She had thick brown hair that fell around her shoulders and deep brown eyes.  The tower she stayed in was dark and black.  She was a prisoner there and she waited for her knight in shining armor to come and rescue her.  There traps leading up to the top of the tower and she dared not try to leave.  All she could do was wait and hope that some day her knight would come for her.

The princess sighed, her hands folded in her lap.  "Will no one come and save me?" she wondered out loud.   She stared at her hands and a tear trailed her cheek.  When she thought all was lost, she heard the pounding of a horse's hooves on the ground.  She looked out her window and at long last, a knight in shining armor was on his noble black stallion.  With the knight was another hero, a bishop.

The knight and bishop approached the tower and stopped. The bishop stayed with the horses.

"I will stay with the horses," he insisted, "go in and save the princess. Remember, there are traps."

The knight bowed and entered the tower.  Along the floor was a black and white squares.  He picked up a candlestick and threw it on one of the black squares and a blast of fire came to that spot.  The knight could only walk on the black squares but could also move in a certain pattern. He stepped on a square and move diagonally until he got to the other side, which led to a staircase.  Whatever trap lay ahead, he was ready for.  The princess could hear the swinging axes and falling rocks and wondered if her rescuer couldn't finish the quest.  Then she heard footsteps outside her locked door. A sword burst through the wooden door and cut it apart. The knight stepped through the busted door. The princess stood in amazement.

"You made it through all the traps alive," she whispered.

"Let's get you out of here," the knight said, taking her by the wrist.  He led her down the staircase and pulled her out of whatever trap was in her way.  They reached the black and white tiled floor and he picked her up in her arms.  "This whole floor is trapped.  We can only move a certain way."

The princess folded her arms tight around her neck and pressed her face into his shoulder.  Whatever traps were left, she didn't want to see them.

They made it to the other side and exited the tower.  The knight set her down on her feet and the bishop greeted her.

"Feels better to be outside the castle, doesn't it?" he asked in a friendly sort of way.

"Thank you for rescuing me," the princess said.

The knight helped the princess mount the black stallion.  Before he mounted before her, she stopped him.  "What is it?" he asked.

"Remove your helmet," she requested.  "I want to look upon the face of my hero."

The knight stood silent for a moment.

"What are you waiting for?" the bishop asked. 

"Please?" she whispered.  "I want to give you a kiss, as a token of my gratitude."

The knight nodded and lifted his hands to his helmet.  He pulled it up slowly, revealing his chin, his mouth, a lock of red hair and--


Hermione's eyes blinked and they opened finally.  She looked around the room and saw Ron pacing back and forth.  For a split second, his clothes were replaced with a suit of armor.  She blinked again and focused on him, sitting up.


Ron stopped pacing and hurried to her side, "you're awake!"  Hermione became dizzy and he sat next to her, pulling her head to his shoulder.  "Careful…you might be kind of dizzy.  How do you feel?  Is there anything I can get you?  Are you warm enough?"

"I'm all right," she whispered.  It felt so good to lean against him.  The smell of his skin was so…she couldn't explain it.  "Where am I?"

"The hospital wing," he replied.  "You sure you're all right?"

"Yes.  What happened?  How did I end up here?" she asked.

"You don't remember?" Ron questioned.

"Remember what?" she moved back and touched her head, "the last thing I remember I was with you and Harry.  We were going to see Hagrid.  What happened after that?"

"Malfoy stopped us," Ron answered hesitantly. "He attacked me with his wand and you stepped in front of me."

"I did?"

"Yeah, if it weren't for you," Ron explained with a smile, "I'd be the one lying in bed. Thanks…but you really didn't have to do that you know."

Hermione shook her head.  Now she remembered.  If she hadn't done that then Draco would've gotten away with another act of boorishness.  "Yes I did.  Where's Harry?  Is he all right?"

"Yeah, he's okay," Ron replied.  "He made Draco leave after what happened to you."

"How long have I been here?" she asked.

"Two days," he replied.

"Two day?" she gasped, sitting up and trying to get out of bed.  "Oh no!  I have so much homework to make up for!  Why didn't someone come wake me up?"

"Relax, Hermione," Ron said, pushing her back down.  "It's okay.  You can make up for it."

"But I haven't exactly been keeping up with all my work you now," she muttered, "I'm going to fail everything!"

"Now you won't," Ron insisted.  "Harry's been picking up all your work.  I'm sure you can take care of it in a day or two.  You're the most brilliant girl in school.  Don't worry about it."

"Oh, if you say so," she groaned.

Harry walked into the hospital wing, carrying Hermione's schoolwork that she had missed.  "Glad to see you up, Hermione."  He said.  "How do you feel?"

"Give me that!" she cried, reaching for the papers. She began patting herself. "Oh, does anyone have a quill and ink?"

"I'm glad to see the old Hermione back," Harry said.  "You know what happened?"

"Yeah, Ron told me," she replied.  She saw the roses behind Harry.  "Hey, Harry, are those roses from you?"

"Roses?" Harry turned around and picked them up.  "No.  Are they from you Ron?"

"No, Malfoy," Ron corrected.

Harry almost dropped them.  "Malfoy?  What was he doing here?"

"To visit Hermione," Ron said.

Hermione took the roses, "there's a card."

"You want us to get rid of those for you?" Harry requested. 

"I might as well see what he wants," Hermione said.  "It's okay…I can handle it."  She read the note.  It was pretty legit.


I'm sorry what happened to you.  It was an accident.  When you feel better, I'd like to talk to you.  It's very important. 

Get well,


Hermione shrugged, "well, that was pretty decent."

"He's just showing off, Hermione."  Harry said.

"I'd like to know what he needs to tell me," Hermione said.  "I just hope it will be the truth.  After all the lies he told me…I don't know if I can trust him."

"Hey, you're a smart girl," Ron said, "You can make him spill even if you have to make a truth potion to do it."

Harry reached in his pocket and tossed a cylinder object into Hermione's lap.  "I thought you'd might be looking for this."

"The lipstick!" she cried, picking it up.  "How did you get this?  Wait a minute…you decided to go for a little stroll in your invisibility cloak, didn't you?"

"You dog!" Ron shouted, pushing Harry.  "You said you'd never use your invisibility cloak to spy on Hermione and that's exactly what you did!"

"It's nothing I'd brag about," Harry muttered, "besides…it was all an accident and I was just trying to help Hermione.  I tried to take the eye shadow too but then Blaise bumped into me and I dropped it.  I managed to switch the lipsticks."

"Just what did you all see, Harry?" Hermione demanded.

"What do you mean?"

"How long were you there?" 

"Yeah…Harry, fess up!" Ron urged.

"Hey, I didn't see anything I wasn't supposed to see, if that's what you're implying!" Harry said.  "I left before Pansy showed the dress and you all began screaming."

"Where they screaming because they saw a boy in the girl's dressing room, hmm?" Ron asked.

"No one knew I was there!" Harry insisted, "Honestly, Hermione, I left before you put the dress on.  Would I such a thing?"

Hermione laughed and tossed the lipstick back, "I think you're safe, for now…but don't ever try sneaking up to the girls' dorm, understand?"

"I promise!"


When Hermione was getting to feel better, she decided to go and have a talk with Draco.  Enough was enough.  She had to know the truth.  She met with him in an empty room.

"Hi, Hermione, how are you?" he asked.

"Shut up," she muttered.


"Let's just cut to the chase, all right?" she demanded.  "I only came here to the truth out of you."

"I'm not going to lie to you anymore," Draco promised.

"That's why I made this," she pulled out a truth potion.  "Now you have no choice but to tell me the truth."

"I don't need to drink it," he said, "because I am going to tell the truth!"

"Drink it!" she shoved it in his hand.  "You've lied to me and you gave me no choice.  Now drink it."

"You'll just have to trust me now," Draco insisted.

Hermione pulled out her wand and held it on him.  Her hand was shaking. "I said drink it!"

Afraid of being hexed, Draco pulled the cork out and drained the potion.

"Good," Hermione whispered.  "Now tell me the real reason why you pretended to be my friend."

"I was desperate," he said.

"Yeah…that's what you said before you tried to turn Ron into an ice statue."

"It's true.  You didn't really have to make me drink this potion because I was really planning on telling you the truth."  Draco said.  "I needed help.  I didn't want to be a coward anymore.  I did it to save my father."

"What are you talking about?" she demanded.

"My father is a Death Eater, all right?" he shouted.  "So are Crabbe and Goyle, who are supposed to be my friends!  They work for Voldemort!"

"You shouldn't say his name."

"Saying his name makes me feel braver," Draco mumbled.  "You want to know why I hate Potter so much?  Because I'm jealous!  He survived every encounter he had with Voldemort and he's so damn courageous!  I would kill to be that brave!  His parents were brave too.  You know Voldemort tried to get followers, but Potter's old man wouldn't succumb to be his follower him and he killed his parents for it.  They had the lucky way out.  Potter should be grateful."

"What--for his parents to be dead?  You know how Harry lives now?"

"It's better than serving Voldemort for all eternity, don't you think?" Draco demanded.  He sighed.  "If Voldemort is as powerful as people really say he is, he shouldn't have any Death Eaters!  My father wasn't as brave as James Potter.  He didn't admire Voldemort, he was afraid of him so he became his servant.  I wish my father would stand up to Voldemort, make him stop."

"I don't understand," Hermione whispered, "I thought--"

"What, because I'm in Slytherin house and I tease everyone that I like Voldemort?  I hate him!" Draco's closed his eyes tight and a tear slid through one of them.  "I thought he was gone for good after he killed Harry's parents.   But then Voldemort had to possess Professor Quirrell and make him drink that unicorn's blood and try to steal the sorcerer's stone.  Now Voldemort is still out there.  He'll kill everyone when he gets the chance."

"That's why you pretended to be my friend?" Hermione asked, "to get back at Voldemort?"

"I know…it was a cowardly thing to do," Draco admitted, "I had to do something.  I found out that a sacrifice could probably put an end to Voldemort.  A mudblood sacrifice."

"You what!? You're sicker than I thought!"  Hermione shouted. "You were doing more than just trying to turn me against my friends," Hermione said, "but you were going to sacrifice me to Voldemort?"

 "I'm sorry.  I didn't know what else to do."

"Why me?  Why not Seamus Finnigan?"

"Finnigan's half and half--it wouldn't have worked."

Hermione paused and rubbed her arm in thought.  "Wait…when you gave me that cloak and broomstick for my birthday and we went out for a ride, you wanted to show me something, weren't you?  That thing you wanted to show me was the sacrifice, wasn't it?"

"Yes," Draco replied.  "But then I was having so much fun with you, I totally forgotten why we left in the first place.  I didn't even care.  I remembered again my reason why I talked you into a ride so I planned to try again on the night of the Yule Ball.  You see, I only meant to pretend to be your friend, to like you, maybe even fall in love with you…but I started to like you for real.  I couldn't do it.  I fell in love you, Hermione.  I felt guilty for my reasons to pretend to be your friend so I was going to tell you the truth.  I really think you're a good person and I didn't want any harm to come to you.  I want to try again and really be your friend this time."


"Of course," he insisted.  "I just had a truth potion, remember.  I made a mistake and I'm sorry.  I just wanted to stop Voldemort and save my father.  I'm tired of being a coward.  When we saw Quirrell drinking that unicorn's blood, I ran and left Potter alone.  If that centaur didn't' show up when he did then Harry would've been killed and that would have been the end of everything.  I was mad at Potter for not choosing to become a Slytherin and I wanted him to pay for it with his ego…but…I realize there's a reason why he was sorted into Gryffindor.  He's the only one who can stop Voldemort.  We can't let him die."

Hermione was shocked.  Draco was praising his rival. "But you…hate Harry!"

"Yes, because he's braver than everyone in the school put together," Draco admitted, "and survived every encounter he had with Voldemort. All the other students love him for it.  Just because I laugh when he makes his house lose points doesn't mean I want Potter to die."

Hermione smiled, "Draco…I can't believe what I'm hearing!"

"I can't believe what I'm saying," Draco said, "but remember, I had a truth potion.  I made a mistake and I'm sorry.  I realize even if I had gone ahead with the sacrifice then it wouldn't' stop Voldemort.  Only Harry Potter can do it.  But I was desperate.  I wanted to save my father.  I just…didn't want to be a coward anymore!" Draco placed his hand over his eyes and sobbed.  He turned his back on Hermione and let him have his flip. 

Hermione felt that Draco was holding this in for his whole life.  She walked to him and put her hand on his back.  "You're not a coward, Draco."

"Huh?" he wiped his eyes and looked at her.  "Of course I am…I did a bad thing."

"No, you are not," she insisted, "you tried to save your father.  You could have just let it alone, but you went ahead and did something.  It probably wasn't right, but you were willing to sacrifice a classmate for your father.  If that's not courage, I don't know what is."

His lip quavered.  "But I couldn't go ahead with it."

"And that was even more courage," Hermione told him.  "Don't worry, we'll save your father. We'll save all the Death Eaters.  I promise.  You ought to tell Dumbledore. He'll find a way."

Draco wiped his tears a way.  "Thanks, Hermione.  You're right."  He sighed.  "Friends?"  He held out his hand.

Hermione nodded and grasped his hand, "friends."


Hermione walked through the courtyard, the snow falling around her.  She shivered.  She had on no jacket.  She heard footsteps in the snow behind her and someone wrapped a robe on her.

"After what just happened to you," Ron said, "you should stay out of the cold."

"I just wanted to look at the snow for a minute," Hermione said, turning around.  Ron had his arms around her.

"So…did you get the truth out of Malfoy?" he asked.

"I did.  His story was kind of sad."

Ron looked surprised, "Sad?"

"Yeah.  But I don't want to talk about it right now."  She sighed and leaned against his chest.  "I'm sorry that everything was such a mess for you this year."

"Well, I was pretty bummed when I found out you were going to the ball with Draco," Ron admitted.  "But we can still go next year."

Hermione gasped, "oh, I wish you had told me sooner.  I had already promised Harry that I'd go with him!"

Ron gasped, "what?  The traitor! How could he--"

"I'm joking, Ron," Hermione said laughing. 

"Oh," he blushed.

"I'm glad everything's all right now," Hermione said.  "It's like magic…real magic.  How everything turns out."

"Yeah," Ron nodded.  "Real magic."

They were caught by the twinkle in each other's eyes.  Ron lifted Hermione's chin up and kissed her.  Hermione could not believe the way it made her felt.  It was much different than Draco's kisses.  It warmed her soul.  She wrapped her arms around his neck and melted into the kiss.

Harry was passing the hall with Ginny.  She Ron and Hermione through a window.

"Harry--look," she said.  "I've never seen Ron so happy."

"Neither have I," Harry admitted.

Ginny kissed Harry impulsively on the cheek. Harry blushed.  "What was that for?"

"Just for being you," she replied and ran down the hall.

Harry smiled and looked at the window again.  His best friends were happy.  They were all together again.  A smile crept on his face.  Now if only he could stop Voldemort, Harry would be the happiest man in the world.

The End.  Not bad for my first HP fic, huh?