It was finally over. The Volturi were gone and everything was finally calming down. Now Edward and I could live peacefully (for once) in our little cottage with our new beautiful baby girl Reneesme.

Jacob's heart was mended now that he had imprinted on Reneesme, and all the rest of my family was finally happy, including my new sister, Rosalie. She and I had not gotten along to well, but now that she accepted me for giving up being a human, we were friends. Now Carlisle, Esme, Emmet, Rosalie, Jasper, Alice, Edward, Reneesme, and I, could finally live in peace. Like I said, everything was finally good.

It had been a while since all the boys out on a hunt together. Edward had refused to leave my side ever sinceā€¦ever since our confrontation with the Volturi. It had been about 4 months and they were long gone by now, so I suggest the boys hunt together. They all agreed after a small debate I had with Edward, which I of course won.

"We'll be back in three days. Call if you need us for anything." Edward was still a little worried about leaving me for that long of time. He hadn't let of me for about two days, always holding my hand or touching my knee. His brothers had waited for a month or so to go on this trip, and were starting to get annoyed with him. I couldn't stand another minute of Emmet complaining about his brother not caring about the "guy stuff" anymore, so he would be going this weekend- even if I had to drag him there.

"We will be fine. Really. Now get going or Emmet is gonna come in here and haul you out himself." He laughed and then took me in his arms. He leaned in and gave me a passionate kiss that would have made me faint if I were still human.

"I'll see you soon. I love you so much Bella."

"I love you too, Edward." We kissed one last time before he hugged Reneesme goodbye and dashed out the door.

After the jeep was long gone, Alice jumped up from the couch and was in front of the couch that me, Esme and Rosalie were sitting on. Reneesme was sitting on Rosalie's lap playing with a strand of her blonde hair.

"We'll now that it's just us girls, what do you guys wanna do? Oh I know! How about we all go shopping!" Everyone one the couch groaned at the thought of shopping with Alice. Whenever we went shopping with Alice, it always ended with the rest of us wanting to kill ourselves.

"Fine. Well what do you sad excuses for women want to do" The way she said this made me laugh because she sounded like a five year old pouting.

Rosalie suddenly had a delighted look on her face.

"I know, let's play baseball!" We gave her a look like she had 3 eyeballs.

"Well I actually like the sport and the boys never play fair. I think it would be fun for just us girls to play and actually get to participate in this game."

"That actually sound like fun!" Alice sounded like she liked the thought of that more than shopping, which was very unusual.

"Then baseball it is," I said as I went to get the phone.

"I'm gonna call Jacob and tell him to come watch Reneesme while we play." He happily agreed to watch her and said he'd be over soon. About two minutes after I hung up the phone, Jacob was there.

"Hey Nessie!" He yelled as he quickly moved past me and took her into his arms, giving her a giant bear hug.

"Jake!" She squealed his name every time he came over. She sure did love him.

"Well were off now, call us if need anything"

"Sure thing Bells, have fun!" He waved goodbye to us as we darted out the door and headed into the woods.

When we got there, we took our positions and started to play. Rosalie was right, this was actually fun. We had played for about fifteen minutes when we heard footsteps off in the distance. We had all stopped playing and were all looking in the direction to try and tell what was coming.

"Alice, who is it?" Of course she would know who it was. Alice had the marvelous gift of foresight, well kind of.

"I don't know" We all gazed at her with puzzled looks.

"What do you mean you don't know?' Rosalie said.

"I can't see anything," Alice uttered as she closed her eyes, "just a blur of black."

Esme turned to look at Alice.


"Perhaps. Do any of you guys smell anything?" We all took a sniff but only smelled vampires and werewolves.

I looked at Alice

"Just the usual Vampire/Werewolf mix of smells." As soon as I finished that sentence, we saw the footsteps we were hearing.

Eight vampires and two werewolves appeared from behind the trees as we stood there- frozen.