Disclaimer: *takes a deep breathe* I do not freaking own the E.M.O song, "I'm Blue" song, the Scary Maze, and all the Naruto characters mentioned in this fic.

1.] The Classic: Dye his hair pink, take a picture, and post it on the internet.

2.] Buy a whole lot of roses, give one to each and every fangirl, and send a letter that was from "Sasuke" saying that he loves them eternally. (draw lots of hearts and flowers too)

3.] Videotape the result as he runs away from the rampaging crowd.

4.] Put food dye in the washing machine when it is his turn to wash clothes

5.] Sing in a very HAPPY voice, the "E.M.O" song whenever he comes in the room

6.] Whenever you see him with Sakura, shower them with confetti and sing "Happy Anniversary"

7.] Narrate every single thing he does. EVERYTHING

8.] When he broods in the corner, sing "I'm Blue"

9.] In the dead of night, call him and whether he does answer or just leaves it to the answering machine, say in the most demented voice ever, " You will wake up and eat tomorrow... HEEHEEHORFHORFHORFHORF...HEE".

10.] Send him a very crappily drawn picture of himself holding hands,smiling with his teammates with a rainbow in the background and Kakashi probably sliding down on it.

11.] Sign him up for a one-year (or two-year) subscription of Limited Too's daily magazine. [I personally hate that store..]

12.] Tell everyone in Konoha that he has the hots for both Sakura and Ino.

13.] Watch him get pulled and argued over by Ino and Sakura.

14.] … For best results, treat Ino and Sakura to coffee and sweets BEFORE they find out and run over to Sasuke's.

15.] If they ever have computers there, sneak in Sasuke's room, switch the homepage into a yaoi website, and if possible, put a password on it so he can't change it.

16.] Watch him throw it out. Keep it for awhile. Then, on his birthday, give the beaten computer to him.

17.] To torture him even more, before you give it to him, make the computer automatically turn on at night and have an evil and scary screensaver that pops up every six seconds. (Think of the Scary Maze on this one)

18.] Paint the bottom of his shoes in any noticeable color.

19.] Watch as he runs out of the house, leaving (insert color here) footprints. If you want, put up a sign saying "Where's Emo Elmo?" pointing his footprints. (I could seriously picture little kids asking if he is THE Emo Elmo.)

20.] Make Opposite Day official in Konoha by signing it up and telling everyone but Sasuke so whenever he says something bad to Sakura, Sakura will think that he really loves her based on how really mean he is.

21.] ... Can you IMAGINE how he will react when almost everyone will act like him? (happy,energetic people + opposite day= Sasuke)

I was extremely bored and I had the sudden urge to write this "How to Annoy Sasuke". Sure, this could be like one out of millions of fics but this kid seriously needs to stop revenging in people. I mean would he also want revenge on a salesman if he forgot a cent in his change?