Disclaimer: I do not own *takes a deep breath* Naruto, Gaara, Matt from Death Note, Reno from Final Fantasy, the Cuppy Cake song, Burger King, Martha Stewart (lol), the genius rabbit and pancake photo, the world, this website, or YOU. But I do own my insanity/genius mind and my lack of absenses in this site, and of course the computer I am typing on.

The usuals:

1.] Call him emo.

2.] Blame him for stealing Temari's eyeliner.

3.] Act like the pre-shipuuden Sakura when you're around him and instead of obsessing over cockatoo head (you know who he is), obsess over him. Yes, you heard right. HIM.


The Lexicon of The Most Annoying:

4.] Pour oil and water into his gourd and stir well.

5.] …Attention to all Final Fantasy (and/or Death Note) fangirls: Imagine him in orange tinted glasses or goggles and markings right underneath his eye. Do you see Reno? (And possibly even Matt?) … Yes, you should. Now… GET THAT BOI! *OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!*

6.] Paint honey on his roof and/or windowsill. Why? You see when you're an insomniac, you don't sleep, thus, you have no use for a bed. This guy happens to hang out on top of roofs a lot… you get it right?

7.] Decorate his office with raccoon figurines directed toward the front of the door and his desk. That way, he has hundreds of beady little eyes staring at him the moment he steps into the office. Isn't that welcoming?

8.] Use beef jerky as arrows and aim. If he gets you, just say you were just trying to feed his sand (or Mom as some rumors said).

9.] Tell him jokes about porcupine jokes. In German.

10.] Give him fake eyebrows for his birthday.

11.] Spam him with post-its to remind him he has to feed his pet cactus.

12.] Add on to his "eyeliner" by adding "eyelashes".

13.] Sing the Cuppy Cake song to him in the highest pitch.

14.] When he has a hang-over.

15.] Glue a Burger King crown to his head so he could "make" his point of being officially kazekage.

16.] Don't forget the kid's meal either.

17.] Tape a "Don't Feed" sign to his gourd.

18.] Decorate his office with bananas.

19.] Replace his clothes with T-shirts that say: " I'll be the next Martha Stewart!"

20.] Spike up his hair with glue to add "flair". (it rhymes xD)

21.] send him Christmas cards even though it's not Christmas.

22.] Get him on a program where he has to give ten raccoons an anti-tick bath every month.

23.] Replace his Kazekage Info File Picture with the bunny with the pancake on his head.

err.. you guys should know why I'm gone.

- Schoolwork (check)

- Forgot password (just recovered it today *check*)

- Writer's Block (check)

- Now obsessing over Kingdom Hearts manga and videogame cut scenes (CHECK, DAMIT!)


Got the point right?

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