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"Leah, do you remember when you phased earlier?" Sam asked.

I thought it was a random question, but I answered anyway, "Yes..." it was kind of hard to forget.

"Well, do you remember how you had no choice, it was like you had no control..." Sam continued.

"No....." I said, horrified as I realized what that meant.

"Welcome to the pack, Leah." Sam said. I didn't know if he meant it as a joke, meaning that the entire pack hated being forced to change. The other side of me, the rational one, realized however, that was the unbearable truth: I was now part of the pack. Someone save me.

Going Wrong

"I guess this means you are a member of the pack now" Sam said, attempting a wolfish grin. I could hear the thoughts he was trying to cover up. He didn't like the idea anymore than I did.

"I didn't want to be a werewolf! Especially not with"...he could hear the thought I desperately did want to finish...."you." I put my furry head down. "I'm sorry, I thought to him. Its just hard." My eyes stayed focused on the ground throughout the exchange.

"I know, and its my own fault." Sam replied in his mind. I could feel the regret pouring off of him.

"No its not. I just really wish that you, of all people, couldn't hear my thoughts. Things between us just aren't .." I really couldn't even think of what could describe what was felt between us.

"Sam!" I heard a new voice think. In my mind, I began to see new pictures of brown paws running through the woods.

"Its Quil." I thought, once again forgetting about the mental connection.

"Yes Quil." Sam affirmed the wolf's earlier statement.

"Wait a sec is that Seth?" Quil asked. Why did everyone think I was Seth?

"Umm, no." Sam responded. Why couldn't we go with the idea that it was Seth? I mean, really. Did everyone have to know the truth?

"It sounds like him or can't be? Quil seemed almost shocked before he announced his guess. "LEAH!?"

"Oh great!" Why couldn't I remain anonymous?

"Yep that's definitely Leah! How in the world?" Quil was racing toward us now, excited to see the first girl wolf. "I mean, girls aren't supposed to become wolves, are they?"

"Cut it out quill " Sam interrupted, rolling his eyes. And clearly his orders were obeyed around here.

"Just phase back and don't tell the others. I'm going to walk Leah through this and then we will have a meeting. You can spread the word about the meeting but just tell them I have news." Sam told Quil, clearly trying to get rid of him.

"Alright! Will do!" I heard Quil think; soon after no one was there.

And I had new questions "What did you mean 'phase'! And walk me through what? Why does quill obey, what meeting is this and why are u having and lastly I am NOT joining the pack!!" I was surprised Sam was even able to keep up with my thoughts, as fast as they were.

Sam made a throat sound and I realized he was laughing!! "Same old Leah," he said. I tried hard not to let that affect me. "Ok first of all phasing is changing from a wolf to a human and back. I am going to walk you through how to change back, because I doubt you want to remain a wolf for very long. Quil obeys because I am the head wolf- the chief- and by instinct we must follow a chain of command. The meeting is to tell the others because like it or not you are part of the pack."

I shivered. Clearly, I went under the part of "do not" like that I am part of this pack. I didn't want to join at all. In fact, I wouldn't be phasing again, either.

Sam, of course, heard those thoughts. "You can try to avoid it but your instincts will naturally cause you to phase and in the pack we help each other- and Leah you will need help." His thoughts were calm again. "I know you don't like this and I know you don't like me. I'm trying to make this as painless as possible for both of us. You weren't the only one hurt you know." His thoughts slipped out.

I had had enough of dealing with these mind communications. My thoughts needed to remain my own. "Alright we can talk about this when I'm human again?" I asked, or well, told Sam. I simply was not going to talk anymore right now. "So, how do I change back?"

"Why don't we go back to your house so you can get your ..." As much as he wanted to hide the last word his thoughts gave him away.

If wolves could blush than I would be beyond scarlet right now. "What!!" I thought with my wolf eyes enlarged. This was not happening to me...

"Well they don't just pop into existence," Sam explained. He moved his paw to the side to reveal a pair of jeans rolled up wound on a rope.

"Oh great," I thought. "Just Perfect. Alright let's go." Without looking to see if Sam would follow, I ran back to the house with my thoughts on my brother Seth again to avoid any other subject that might come up. It seemed to be my way of blocking my thoughts.

We reached the house in record time and I pushed open the door with my front paws. I looked like a dog doing a trick at the circus I thought with a grin. I raced upstairs and saw my dad still passed out by my door. My heart might have stopped at that moment.

"Oh no!" I heard Sam think with a shock. "What happened!" He heard the story in my head very quickly. I showed him how I was sure it had been a dream- at the time and how becoming a werewolf had wiped all other thoughts from my memory.

Sam, however, remained somewhat calm. "Alright, we have to do this quickly. Okay just stay inside and don't go anywhere near your dad." I obeyed, shutting the door behind me.

"Okay," I heard Sam's voice in my head, instructing me. "Now try to imagine yourself human again with your favorite outfit on. Your walking forward." It seemed as though he was trying to make me feel like I was human again. I could imagine how I looked, how

I walked.

I moved my paw as Sam spoke. "That's it, now, try to stand up as a human." I tried, focusing as hard as I could. Immediately, I felt my body shaking and shrinking and the next thing I knew I was human again. I changed hurriedly and tried to wake my dad up. I couldn't. I checked for a pulse and felt a faint beat- very faint.

"Sam!" I cried through the doorway. I could actually hear his moving by the door. He was in his human form as well.

"Leah?" He called uncertainly. Obviously he was wondering if I was decent. I, however, didn't have the time. My dad was on the floor completely passed out!

"Who else?" I yelled sarcastically back at Sam. "Now get in here!" Oh, please, let him be alright. I shook my dad again, but still he didn't wake up. Tears were running down my face. "Please, Dad." I shook him again. "I need you." And so I did, I needed him now more than ever. However, it seemed just like everything just was going wrong.

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