Okay. So. This is...not exactly a 'story,' per se. Twenty-five prompts, twenty-five drabbles/oneshots. Simple enough to understand, yes? Their genres will be varying, depending on the prompt, so...that's why I chose 'General' for the story. xD;;
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1. Beginnings

It was a normal Clan day. The sun was shining down warmly from up in the sky, and the clouds drifted by lazily. It was sunhigh, and many cats were sitting outside the dens, absorbing the sun's rays and sharing tongues with each others. Not all cats were partaking in this activity, though. Currently, a dusty-colored tomcat was pacing around restlessly outside the nursery.

"Ferncloud, I've sent for Cinderpelt," he mewed, sounding anxious. "Why can't I come in?"

Just then, Cinderpelt hurried forward. "She's kitting," the medicine cat explained kindly. "Just wait here; everything will be alright." Only a slight flash of fear in her eyes betrayed her uncertainty; clearly she was still upset with losing Silverstream. She drew in a quick breath and squared her shoulders, as if bracing herself.

Dustpelt could barely manage to nod his head in acknowledgment as the she-cat slipped inside the den. The next moments seemed to pass by at an agonizingly slow rate. He could hear the pained cries of his mate and Cinderpelt's soothing murmurs. He didn't know how long it would last, but he did know one thing for sure: he didn't envy she-cats one bit.

Suddenly, Cinderpelt padded out of the den. "It's over," she mewed. Though she tried to hide it, Dustpelt caught a bit of relief and excitement in her bright blue eyes. "Ferncloud has given birth to two kits."

Dustpelt blinked. "Can I go in, now?" he asked, hardly able to breathe as he registered the fact that he was now a father.

The medicine cat nodded, and the warrior squeezed inside the den. There was his mate and, pushed up against her belly, there were two beautiful kits.

Cinderpelt poked her head into the den to meow, "I'll leave you two alone for awhile, but Ferncloud's tired, so don't take too long." Then she nodded and left, flicking her tail in farewell.

Dustpelt rasped his tongue over Ferncloud's ear. The she-cat looked up at him wearily, though she returned the greeted. The two lay together in silence for a bit, then Dustpelt meowed, a bit hesitantly, "What should we name them?"

"Now, now, there's no rush," chuckled Goldenflower, who was in her own nest a few fox-lengths away.

Dustpelt shrugged, but he was secretly thinking that he would like to name the black-furred kit 'Spiderkit.' He looked at the other one and wondered what to name it. Then he decided to leave that one up to Ferncloud—he had already taken it upon himself to select one name, after all.

Ferncloud purred softly as she gazed at her kits through loving eyes. Then she looked up at Dustpelt and murmured, "It's the beginning of two new lives in ThunderClan."

Dustpelt, with nothing to say, just purred in agreement, already proud of his new kits.

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