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Chapter 12

'Explosive tags?' Jiraiya thought as he hid behind a tree.

"You can't hide from me."

Jiraiya's eyes widened as Kakashi appeared in front of him. He narrowly dodged the punch the was sent towards him and landed on the forest ground. He watched Kakashi carefully as he jumped down from the tree.

"You better fight at full power Jiraiya because I'm not holding back."

"Just tell me what's going on Kakashi!" Jiraiya shouted. He brought his arms up to block a punch from Kakashi.

"The only way you're going to get those answers is when you're dead!" Kakashi said. Jiraiya jumped further back as Kakashi went for another blow.

'Is there no reasoning with him?' Jiraiya thought. He noticed there was something off though. Kakashi's been sending nothing but punches and kicks. Not only did Kakashi have a wide range of jutsu, but he also had demon chakra, so why wasn't he using them?

Jiraiya was suddenly knocked back by a strong force.

"What was that?" he said to himself. He saw that Kakashi was staring off in another direction.

'This is my chance,' he thought.

"Jiraiya, disregard what I said before."

"Don't think you can--"

"No, listen to me," Kakashi said as he turned towards Jiraiya. That's when Jiraiya saw Kakashi's eyes, they were pained and hurt, filled with regret and sorrow.

"Listen to me. You and Konoha need to stay out of this, but you can tell them on thing, I was never on Orochimaru's side. I needed him, to learn to control this power. Now, I don't need him and I think I know what I have to do," Kakashi said, a small, sad smile on his face. Jiraiya was a little confused, Kakashi's loyalty has been jumping back and forth, so he had to be careful.

"I've been having dreams," Kakashi said, looking down. "about these paw prints. I think they're trying to take me somewhere. Maybe to the answer I'm seeking or maybe to my death. I'm not sure."

"Kakashi, why won't you let your friends help?"

"Jiraiya, promise me something," Kakashi said, ignoring Jiraiya's question.


"Watch over Naruto. You need to make sure that he doesn't come after me." Kakashi turned to leave.


"I also need you to play dead for Orochimaru, just stay away from him too," Kakashi said as he disappeared into the trees.

"Kakashi! Damn it." Jiraiya wasn't sure what to do. He hadn't even been able to get a say in anything. He swore and began to head back to the village. He would at least do something he could, and that was make sure Naruto didn't leave the village.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Naruto was quickly packing his bag, bringing only important and needed stuff. As he pulled extra clothes out of his drawer, he closed it rather hard, which resulted with a shattering sound. He turned around and saw a picture frame on the ground. He dropped his clothes and picked it up. The already cracked glass, was now shattered. He narrowed his eyes and rubbed them to stop tears from coming. He took the picture out and placed it in his pocket.

"I'll find you myself, Kakashi sensei," he said and finished packing. He summoned a shadow clone and ordered it to walk around the village as he snuck out. He was able to get out of the village undetected, but didn't stop moving for at least an hour or two. AS the sun began to set Naruto started to walk. Naruto watched the ground as he walked, he began to notice something strange. Was the ground glowing? AS it got darker he was able to make out what was glowing.

"Paw prints?" he saw as he felt them, but it was strange. The was no indent in the dirt. It was as if they were just sitting on top of the ground. Then something registered in Naruto's mind. This glow was the same glow he saw before he became a fox.

"These have to involve Kakashi somehow," Naruto said as he began to follow them, picking up his speed a little.
- - - - - - - - - - -

"What?!" Jiraiya shouted as he slamed his hands down on Tsunade's desk. "What do you mean he's gone?!"

"Lower your voice will you," Tsunade said. "We just found out this morning."

"Shit," Jiraiya swore.

- - - - - - - - - - -

"Damn it! Come back!" Naruto yelled into the air. Unfortunately when the sun rose the paw prints faded and disappeared. Naruto punched a tree and leaned against.

"I need to find Kakashi sensei now," he whispered to himself. He began to walk in the direction that he last saw the prints going in. He ended up at a cliff.

"Crap, they must have made a turn or something," he said as he looked down. "Man, that's a long way down."

He suddenly heard a rustle from behind, but before he could even turn around he was tackled to the ground and a kunai was pressed against his neck.

"Who are yo---" The figure said but stopped mid sentence. "Na-NARUTO?!"

"Huh?" Naruto opened his eyes, which he didn't even remember closing, as the kunai was removed and looked up and the figure on top of him. His eyes widened.

"Ka-KAKASHI SENSEI!!" Naruto said, a big smile on his face. "I found you!" He shot up and hugged Kakashi, knocking them both back.

Kakashi was lost for word and shocked. Didn't he tell, barely a day ago, Jiraiya to make sure Naruto didn't come after him?

"Are you alone, Naruto?" He asked as he pushed the boy of him and stood up, Naruto following suit.

"Yeah, I had to sneak out of the village. I knew Granny Tsunade would never allow me to---"

"You idiot!"


"Why did you come after me?!"

"I had to! I needed to know!"

"Know what?!"

"If you really betrayed me! To join that bastard Orochimaru! I couldn't accept it. I need to get the answer from you!'re like my brother Kakashi."

Kakashi saw the tears welling up in Naruto's eyes, he looked away.

"You're a fool for coming after me."

"Well, that's fi--"



"I'm guessing since you found me so fast, you saw them."

"Them? Ah, you mean the paw prints?"


"Well, I lost them when the sun came up, but where do they lead?"



"I've been here since last night. They ended at the cliff. I haven't been able to find anything."

"Looks like we'll have to wait 'til night."

"Yeah, I guess."

Naruto studied Kakashi, he could tell something was bothering him, but let it slide. He was probably the cause of it anyway.

"You didn't answer my question."


"Are you with Orochimaru?"

"....No, I used him to teach me to control my demon side."



"I knew it all along!"

Kakashi smiled.

"I knew deep down you'd never betray me!"

"Yet you still came after me."

"Hey! I had to--"



"Thank you."


"Come on, I don't know about you," Kakashi said as he stretched his arms above him. "but I'm beat, haven't slept in a few days."

"Yeah, I could use a nap."

"Follow me."

Kakashi lead Naruto to a small cave beside the cliff. It was rather tight.

"So, learn any new tricks from that bastard?" Naruto asked as he sat down. Kakashi smirked. Naruto's eyes gre quite big as he saw Kakashi become a wolf.

"That's so cool! I wanna do that! Teach me!"

"Uh, I don't think I can," Kakashi said as he laid down. Naruto began to pet Kakashi's head, he saw Kakashi's eyes begin to roll. Naruto lay beside Kakashi.

"I've missed you, Kakashi sensei."

" sensei." Kakashi said, Naruto could tell he was falling asleep.


"Heh........I've missed you too, Naruto."

With that, they both fell asleep, waiting for the moon to raise.

- - - - - - - - -

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