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My Precious

With resolve Sam stepped forward. "Jack is the father."

Strange thing was, Jacob didn't seem to register the last part of the sentence, but the fact that Sam called Jack, well, Jack! "I'm sorry?"

At that point Colonel O'Neill stepped up, placed a hand around Sam's shoulder. "You heard her, she's mine," the slightly younger man, Jacob noted, nodded towards the bundle of joy in the grandfather's arms.

The 'she's mine' comment didn't only apply to the baby, Jacob realized, but to his daughter as well, emphasized with the arm around Sam. Or was Jack clutching that shoulder with little too much force?

For a moment, Jacob looked between the parents and the child still safely tucked in his left arm, searching for traces of the truth in the little one's features. Do you see it? he asked Selma'c. 'No,' came the reply and just as it did, the girl opened her eyes. 'Ohhh, there it is,' the Tok'ra found the evidence in the most beautiful brown eyes she has ever seen.

"She is beautiful," Jacob remarked out loud. "Hello there," he made a face, "well, hello little one, how you doing," he started to open and close his mouth in an attempt to entreat the baby, and he succeeded. She squealed, a smile forming on her tiny mouth.

"Oh my, aren't you gorgeous. Do you know what I'm gonna do to your daddy? Do you?" Jacob continued to make faces for his granddaughter. "No? I'm going to kill him! Yes, I will. Yes, I will," the girl continued to watch the new face with her smile intact, every once in a while a joyful scream. "And slowly! Weee!" he tickled his precious cargo, "Yes, you like that, do you? And then, I'm going to find a sarcophagus and revive him. Yes, I will, yes, I will. So I can kill him all over again for touching my baby girl."

A muffled and annoyed 'dad' was heard, but Jacob paid no attention to that, or to Jack's paled face.

A flash of Jacob's eyes startled the baby for the moment, but than she gave another happy scream. 'You should not laugh at Jacob's plans little one, he is serious,' Selma'c tried to reason with her. Than the distorted voice started to chuckle, 'I think she likes it,' and continued to flash his eyes while the baby squealed.

Suddenly, Jacob was again in control. "Don't worry Jack," he said without actually looking at his son in law, "I won't hurt you, not until she grows up. It would be a shame to leave her fatherless," he stared with love, reassuming his attempts to make the girl happy.

Jack tugged on Sam's sleeve. "I think it's time to start working on that second child, you know, just in case?"


the end