The Terror of Haruhi Suzumiya and Ranma Saotome


The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi was written by Tanigawa Nagaru and published as the anime by Kyoto Animation.

Ranma was written by Takahashi Rumiko and published as an anime by Kitty Films - Fuji TV and Viz Communications, Inc.

They own their own characters and other such trademarks, only Characters that I make are owned by me.

Author Note: This will be the only Note I will provide as the forums and reviews can answer questions and I recommend my ff net forums. This Fic will be done in first person from Kyon's POV

It has been eight months since the start of the school year and my first encounter with Haruhi Suzumiya. It is now December and a very cold walk up hill to school. When I reflect on the school that I choose it was to make sure I had an easy time either going to or from school. It was funny in retrospect how hard it was going to school. I overlooked the fact that the easier it is one way the harder it is the other. In the end I guess the same applies to dealing with Haruhi, in that any thing involving her is easier to finish then it is to start.

I have thought this many times before and find new truths each time because my experience with her only grows. Recently I became afraid of a realization. I spend my after schools each day with an alien, and esper, and a time traveler. For me this has become normal, each time I find some new surprise I need to shoulder a new burden, but that was what I had expected growing up that anyone who was connected to someone like an alien, an esper or a time traveler, would live an interesting life. Since things like aliens were now normal for me, and anything involving Haruhi is abnormal. My realization was that life with her must be abnormal, and now that it has appeared normal to me something had to change.

Yet being here with Haruhi, all this is normal for me, and with Haruhi nothing stays normal for long. Sometimes I wonder if she really is aware of 'the abilities' that everyone claims she has. If so then she would know that she has an alien, an esper and a time traveler in her club. But I know that isn't true, because if it was she would spend all day learning all she could from them.

In any event things have fallen into a sense of habit and normalcy around here. And even now as I take my seat in front of Haruhi I know that things will not stay as they are, and that some new stranger will be voluntarily arrested by Haruhi.

I walked to my seat and saw Haruhi in hers, with us being the last seats in the back row and hers behind me, it gives her the opportunity to interact with as few normal people as possible. It is now that I sit here in the classroom that I notice for the first time that there are several empty seats. Sure I had expected the seat that was vacated by the former class representative who officially left to Canada. But that trip must have been dangerous, after all Yuki lost her glasses when the freak vaporization occurred before she left the country. However, putting the knife wielding psychopath aside, the three seats next to Haruhi and myself were now vacant, it was the two directly next to Haruhi and myself, plus the last seat in the following row leaving two seats next to Haruhi.

As I thought about this fact and the truth was that Haruhi would have made a fuss about the suddenly absent classmates, I then took notice of Haruhi herself. She reminded me of when we had first meet, it was as if Mikuru had suddenly switched Haruhi with her past self to get a moment of quiet away from the costumes. I allowed my mind to slip to the Mikuru image collection.

Back in the classroom Haruhi was obviously distracted. She had looked like a group of aliens walked down the street outside her house with a sign in multiple languages identifying them as aliens and she slept through it. Or perhaps it was that she was just told that a space probe proved that the stars were just painted on s large sphere around the solar system and the universe ended there. Actually if it was the latter then it would probably cause her to recreate the world again.

I stared ahead and out a window myself, and thought about the situation. A bored Haruhi was a dangerous one. She was like a jungle cat, when supplied with nourishment and a chance to rest, it was quiet. However when starved like any animal the results are not enjoyable. It was then that I again remembered our first vacant seat, the one of Asakura Ryouko, gone but not forgotten. Hoping for future relaxation, and a busy else where Haruhi, I decided to poke the jungle cat.

I turned to Haruhi and asked, "Do you know why we are three more students short now?"

Haruhi looked at me and then turned away with a the bored look still on her face. "They moved to a different city."

That answer seemed too fast, but how did she know and I didn't. So I checked, "Are you sure?"

Haruhi seemed in a bad mood as she snapped, "Who am I? Their keeper?"

This was a worry to me. The starved jungle cat just ignored a full course meal set out for it. Of course there was no way that I could know what is happening, so I chose discretion; cowards may die a thousand deaths, but it means we have a thousand lives too.

As class started I noticed Haruhi looking more bored than usual and decided not to tempt the fates, or else I would say something to cause her to come up with some weird idea that will leave me dragged through who knows what area of a backwater place until after school. She had the tendency to see school as a way to meet the unusual rather then as a place of learning.

Sometimes while sitting in the clubroom with an alien, an esper, and a time traveler, one wonders what will happen next to make a person question what is going on in the world, but than its questions like that that lead to weird things. Once I had a conversation with Haruhi about Snow White, which we had seen it in class, which was ironic considering that this was just post the event that the others dubbed the 'Snow White' incident.

It was then that the topic came up and she professed a desire to meet a 'Magical Knightly Prince' to come in and chase away the drudgery of normalcy. It really was a shame that I failed to realize how much that little desire would change the status quo at this time.

The class came to session and the teacher came in with a new student. The new student was built like an athlete. In retrospect this was as insulting to him as it would be to say to a professional dancer that they dance well. It is a major understatement of ability. As the student stood there I noticed a few things about him. First was he wasn't in a uniform, he was wearing a Chinese no sleeve shirt, and black pants of some sort. Being in the back of class prevented me from telling more than that about his clothes. He had his black hair in some kind of pigtail.

The teacher brought the class to attention and announced that there would be some new students transferring into the class and they would fill the vacant seats that the suddenly moved students had left. There was only one here for today and he was apparently new to the area.

However the most memorable thing about this new guy who was transferred to our class was his self introduction.

The teacher then gestured to Ranma to introduce himself more, but what he said was simple, and probably I was the only one in the room that day that would come to know the full extent of the meaning, "Hi, I'm Ranma Saotome. Sorry about this."

At first I didn't know what he was sorry about. Now that I think about it I know perfectly well what he apologized for, and I can't blame him. I then heard Haruhi's chair move and in a moment of foolishness I turned to look. I will never forget the look on her face that time as the look of sheer joy on Haruhi's face sent tremors to my very soul but soothed it at the same time. It was like someone you know and trust uttering that legendary phrase, 'Trust me I know what I am doing.'

As I listened to the teacher while watching Haruhi, I heard, "Our new student is a Prince of the newly acknowledged nation of Jusenikusa. It is located in the Bayankala mountain range in China. Apparently he is also a martial artist and has been transfered here hopefully until the end of the year."

The expression on Haruhi's face seemed to only intensify, and I knew from the look on her face that life just got more interesting, and that soon I would have Martial Artists attacking me for some reason. Not that they would be out of place with aliens, esper, and time travelers. But what scared me the most was Haruhi's proclamation right after the introduction.

She called out, "My betrothed prince has come for me!"

Many thoughts had run through my mind but none expected the groan from the new student, Ranma, "Not another fiancée!"