How dare he.

A low hiss came out of my mouth, to low for Bella to hear.

His head shot up to look at where the hiss was from, but something behind me caught his attention and froze him solid. A deep growl cut from behind me, right behind me, and the breath sent my hair around like the wind.

Laurent fled and four large wolves flowed him.


I took a deep breath and slowly rotated my body so I was facing the other way. The largest wolf, or second largest, stood staring down at me with deep brown eyes.

I put my hands up and open my eyes all the way so he could take in their color.

"I'm not a leech, as you would put it. I'm friends of the Cullen's. Kill the fool, if you don't, I will, but I'd rather not if you don't mind. The treaty doesn't apply to me, so you are still welcomed here. Looks like I'll need all the help I can get protecting this one." I nodded back to Bella, not turning away from him.

He shot at me.