The next few days were filled with surveillance and party preparation. Graduation was right around the corner, and Alice wanted to check to make sure we had gotten everything on our first trip. We had of course, but knowing Alice, she would find some extra odds and ends to add on.

In about two hours, we were going hunting. To Edward's great distress, Bella was going to Jacob. And to his greatest displeasure, he'd have to listen to me some more. Unfortunately for Edward, all I could think about was Seth. I had been listening to his thoughts and they were more or less always about me.

It was nice to know how much his was intertwined with me, even though we'd only actually talked to each other once.

"You're becoming a Narcissist." he commented as I entered the kitchen.

Like a four year old I stuck my tongue out at him. "If Bella knew how much you thought about her, she'd be just the same."

"She already knows how much I think about her." he smiled.

"Uhuh." I rolled my eyes and walked to the car, well aware how close he was to my heels. "You know I can read your mind."

"Don't you think you're getting in this whole love thing a little too far?" he questioned, rudely.

"Why? Can I not be in love?" I asked him sarcastically.

"Well, yes you can, but." he paused.


"He's a wolf."

I stopped in my tracks and put my hand onto his chest. "Don't even go there." my voice was evil. He looked at me in awe. "There is no possible way you can look down on me for liking him. Not when you've fallen in love with prey."

"Prey, yes. But immortal enemy. No. I can't say that I have," he looked me dead in the eyes.

"I can not believe you!" I threw my hands up in defeat. Esme looked over her shoulder from ahead. "You are aware that your son is a total ass right?"

She smile and turned back around. Edward's chuckle came out low.

"That's not very nice Julia." he smiled. I shot him a fierce glare and started to run ahead. "Wait!" he shouted from behind and started to run.

"You may be fast Edward Cullen." I started, and then quickened my speed. "But you will never match up to me!"

We hunted deer. All the while, I snuck into Jacob and Bella's conversation, with Edward blocked out of course. I had cut him off just in time too. Jacob had the audacity to call Bella mean. But what was worse was that she agreed with him. They really didn't make boys the way they use too. Politeness must not be cool anymore. But I really wasn't expecting the whole kiss and face punch thing. Edward caught that. He demanded we go back immediately.

Once back he rushed into the Volvo as I continued to the line. Jacob was planning to go there and I need to have some words with him. After his and Edward's tiff, sure enough, he came to the spot where I rested. He noticed me instantly and shifted as I turned away.

"What are you doing here?" he asked his voice harsh.

"Okay rudeness," I put my hand up to stop him and gracefully got up on my feet. "And you wonder why Bella doesn't like you like she like Edward." I watched as his mouth hit the ground.

"Excuse me?" he puffed, making his chest look big.

"You heard me." I replied, crossing my arms over my chest and cocking my head to the side. "You're rude."

"How?" he sounded offended.

"'You're the mean one.' and 'Oh by the way, let me kiss you when you obviously don't like me. I'm going to force you to like me.'"

"She does like me!" he threw his fist down.

"No, not really." I rolled my eyes.

"She does. She has love for me."

I sighed. What a fool. "There's a difference between loving someone and being in-love with someone." I told him, looking into his eyes. They were moist.

"It's not fair." he shook his head. "How can she love a monster like you? Your kind isn't even alive."

I shrugged and looked up to the east; at least he didn't call me ugly. Then he started talking again.

"I can understand Seth." it caught me off guard. I must have looked at him stupidly because he continued to explain himself. "I mean it's not that I like you or anything, but it isn't like he can help it. I can feel his love for you. He never shuts up, it's annoying." I smiled. I knew he thought about me, I could hear him. "But I feel like that for Bella. It's not fair." he repeated.

"It's just…not the same. I mean, you haven't imprinted on her."

"Well, imprinting didn't work on you." he shot. This was true.

"But I love Seth." I retorted, because this was also true.

"What about Edward?" Once again, he came back with something unexpected.

"What?" I questioned back.

"What about Edward? I thought you loved him?"

"I was wrong."

"You gave up."



"No. I didn't give up. I got smart." I said fed up with his argue. He was wrong. He needed to realize that and leave good enough be. "Like I said, you can love someone but not be in-love with them. That's just it. I'm in love with Seth; I love Edward as a brother. I realize now that it was always supposed to be him and Bella. It was never he and I as a couple. To many years together I guess. I'm leaving good enough where it is. What's the point of ruining a good relationship because he fell madly in-love? I can't change that, and I couldn't even if I tried."

He looked at me and grunted.

"What?" I asked him again, cocking an attitude.

"I still think you gave up."

I sighed. There was no way to get through.

"It's because he came back." he mumbled. "If he hadn't have come back then, then, then." he took a breath and sighed. "Then I would have had more time, she would have fallen in love with me."

"No." I shook my head. "I think true love is instant. When she was with you she was thinking of him. It wasn't your name she cried every night in her dreams."

"In her nightmares." he corrected.

I rolled my eyes. "Same difference. The thing is, she wasn't thinking of you. If I broke up with Seth and he started hanging out with you, you wouldn't think he had fallen in love with you now would you?"

He glared at me. "That's different and you know it."

I smiled at him and giggled. "Yeah, I know."

He huffed then a wolf cried in the distance. Sam.

"I have to go on watch." he mumbled.

"It's probably better for you to let out some steam." I nodded to myself.

"Yeah I guess."

"Try not to break you hand, and tell Seth I'll see him soon, and that I miss him."

Jacob gagged at the sweetness of my voice. "Fine." he grumbled then ran into the trees. I hoped I had made my point, but somewhere inside of me, I knew I hadn't.