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"I just want to say, in my defense, that I'm only following the doctor's orders," Chuck said with a smirk as he sneaked up behind his very beautiful, very pregnant wife and wrapped his arms around her round belly as they stared at their reflections in the mirror. His hands automatically began a soothing, rubbing motion along her belly that earned him a swift kick from the baby.

Blair smiled as Chuck frowned.

"That's my girl. She doesn't want daddy messing with her," Blair said confidently as she continued to brush her hair in long, even strokes.

"Boy. And my boy's only doing it to say hi," Chuck shot back, the smile back in place as his hands slid higher on her belly, tracing a light path along the underside of her heavy, large breasts. Pregnancy usually made a man and woman grow apart, the changes in her body making it difficult for a couple to maintain intimacy. But Chuck loved the changes in Blair's body, he reveled in the newly formed curves, in the heavier, bigger breasts that now overflowed in his palms. He loved the feel of her bountiful butt as he cupped her, and he loved her very pregnant belly making itself known. Letting the world know there was a Bass growing inside of her.

"I don't know why you're even touching me, Chuck. You're the one that refuses to have sex with me," Blair grumbled as she ceased moving her brush and stared harshly at him. "And I don't very much care for the way your rubbing against my breasts. You know what it does to me you asshole."

"Your hormones use to rage for me to fuck you. Not they're raging for you to verbally abuse me every chance you get. Thank goodness you can barely waddle, or else you'd be physically abusing me as well," Chuck teased, dodging the hairbrush that came towards his head and moving to the other side of the bed.

"It's your fault I'm this monstrously large! I'm a beached whale!" Blair cried out, the subject a sensitive issue for her.

"Baby...come on now. I was only teasing you. You know I love every single delectable inch of you. And I'd be fucking you against that mirror right now, if the doctor hadn't told us to refrain from any sexual activity until after the baby is born."

Blair smiled up adoringly at her husband as the words sunk in, "Really?"

Chuck laughed. "You know, this is why you're perfect for me. You're the only woman that would consider me saying 'I want to fuck you' a compliment. But to answer your question...yes really. You know I haven't stopped fucking you since the moment you became pregnant. And I had no intention of stopping. But let's be serious here for a minute and think of the baby. We can't jeopardize junior's health," Chuck said seriously.

"I wasn't saying that. There are ways for you...things you can do...ways that don't involve sex sex. And she will be OK afterwards," Blair said, continuing the argument of whether the baby was a boy or girl, but also building a case for herself as to why their sex life didn't have to come to a complete stop.

Chuck wagged his eyebrows in acknowledgement and began to walk closer to her. "Oh really? Like what?" he asked innocently.

Blair rolled her eyes and turned her back toward him, grabbed another brush off the vanity and resumed brushing her hair.

"Hmm. Like what?" Chuck continued.

"Well if you have to ask, then I guess I don't want anything," Blair said rudely, ignoring the fiery look in his eyes that caused her body to warm instantly.

"Oh I think you do want it," Chuck murmured as he reached her and trailed kisses along her shoulder.

"Chuck..." Blair moaned softly.

"Yes baby?"

"On your knees..."


"I can't believe you looked!" Blair shouted as she barged in through the door of their penthouse and waddled over to the couch.

"Blair, I swear I didn't look. I thought you were looking..."

"So you looked?!" Blair asked incredulously.

"I didn't look! You looked!" Chuck shouted back, his head pounding from Blair's incessant shouting all the way from the doctor's office.

"No I didn't. But how could you do it, huh? I thought we agreed we didn't want to find out the sex of the baby until the day he or she comes," Blair said more softly, the feeling of betrayal raking through her.

"Baby....I didn't look I swear. And even if I did, it's not like you didn't," Chuck threw back at her. "So I don't see what you're getting all emotional about."

"Fine. I looked. Believe what you want. Because apparently I'm a liar," Blair said indignantly, hobbling to her feet and begin to ascend the staircase.

"And I'm a liar as well, apparently. But at least you're a liar in the know. And now you have the upper hand and I hate it. So tell me what the sex of the baby is and we'll be even," Chuck shouted as Blair began to disappear up the stairs, surprisingly quick considering her eight months of pregnancy.

"Fuck you!" he heard the small voice shout from up the stairs.

"You want to play games, baby? We'll play games," Chuck mumbled as he grabbed his jacket and walked out of their apartment.


Blair was sprawled out on their bed, miserable, feeling fat and wounded that Chuck hadn't bothered to chase her up the stairs and apologized. The baby was kicking up a storm, obviously sensing her stress, and she was hungry to boot. She was hungry and she couldn't roll her fat butt out of bed. Stupid jackass. Got me all fat and pregnant and now he's not even here to get me some bloody food.

Just as her mind was conjuring up every insult and cuss word imaginable aimed at her precious husband, the subject of her rant came waltzing in through their bedroom door looking smug and satisfied.

"What?" Blair asked suspiciously, and with a great deal of attitude. If she had a .45 and a shovel he would be long gone. "Did you just finish jerking off or something?" she asked caustically.

"No, honey. I know how you like to watch me do that so I saved it for later, don't worry," Chuck shot back at her, causing Blair to roll her eyes and attempt to wiggle around in bed to give him her back.

"Get out of here, Chuck. And while you're out there...get me some food. I'm starving."

"Just so you know..." Chuck started as he took a seat next to her on the bed and placed his hand on her shoulder, only to have her shake away from his touch, "we're even now."

"'We're even now.' What the hell are you talking about, Bass?"

"You know what I'm talking about. You, Bass, no longer have the upper hand. Because now...now my dear wife....we're both in the know," Chuck said triumphantly as he laid back against the pillows and stared up at the ceiling with a smug smile across his stupid face.

Irritating, infuriating, incorrigible man! If he's saying what I think he's saying, he's dead! Dead!

"Did you find out the sex of the baby?" Blair whispered almost inaudibly.

Chuck stared at her and frowned. "No shit." And then rolling onto his side, he let out a sigh and began to ignore her.

"You stupid son-of-a-bitch!" Blair shouted as she shoved him with all her strength and managed to knock him off the bed.

"Hey! What the fuck?" Chuck shouted as he rubbed at his elbow that had knocked against the side table and got to his feet.

"Why would you do that? Why would you deliberately go and find out the sex of the baby?" Blair yelled in annoyance.

"Oh come on, Blair. Cut the dramatics. I know you know it's a boy."

"What?!" Blair shouted in shock, growing completely still and her face scrunching up as if she'd just smelled something peppery. The tears filled her eyes before she had fully processed what Chuck had said.

"What?" Chuck asked in confusion as he watched Blair's face become distorted and the tears begin to fall across her cheeks.

"A boy! We're having a boy?" Blair screamed in delight as she sat up on the bed and held on fiercely to her stomach.

"You really didn't know?" Chuck asked in disbelief. He was a fool. A complete and utter fool.

"No! But we're having a boy? Really?" she asked again as she stared down at her stomach and smiled.

"Yeah," Chuck said, the smile returning to his face as he hurried over to her side and wrapped one arm around her and placed the other one over her stomach. "We're having a junior," he said joyfully.

Blair met his eyes distastefully and shook her head. "Junior's are so tacky. We have to think of a name."

"Tacky?! Charles Bartholomew Bass Jr. sounds wonderful."

"Wonderfully stupid," Blair corrected as she began to slide off the bed. "I have to call my mother. And Serena. And Lily. And Nate. And everybody!"


"You ready to pop that baby out?"

"Serena, take Dan out of here. He's not helping," Blair moaned out as the contraction hit her full force and caused her to writhe in pain.

"Honey. Don't you know not to mess with a pregnant woman? Especially not a pregnant woman in labor," Serena reprimanded her husband as they stood to the side of the bed and watched Blair breathed her way out of her contraction.

"Sorry, Blair. You look wonderful, just so you know," Dan stated quickly to appease her.

Blair forced a smile and nodded at him.

"Are you hitting on my wife, Brooklyn?" Chuck asked as he waltzed into the hospital room with a cup of ice and a cup of coffee.

Serena giggled as she pushed Dan over to the door and instructed him to wait in the waiting area with the rest of their friends and family. "Are you ready to be a daddy, brother?"

Chuck smiled as he stared down at his pained wife and nodded. "As much as she is to be a mommy."

"Have you two picked a name yet?" Serena asked. After weeks of buying baby name books, making lists of names, burning lists of rejected choices, getting suggestions from their friends and family, Serena had grown weary of helping them choose a name and had decided to bow out gracefully from the decision making game.

"We've narrowed it down to two names: Aiden Harold Bass or Sebastian Bartholomew Bass. I really wanted Charles Jr, but Blair didn't let me," Chuck said on a pout as he took a sip of his coffee.

"He'll get use to not getting his way," Serena teased. "After the first year of marriage, they kind of get use to it."

Blair laughed.

Serena laughed.

Chuck sucked his teeth.


Thirty six hours later the world was set on a tailspin as Blair and Chuck brought into the world another baby boy Bass. It was grueling and painful and exhausting, but when she heard the sounds of her baby crying she felt her heart melt. And she knew at that very moment why it was that she loved Chuck Bass so much. It was because only he could grant her such a wonderful gift, only he could give her the perfect child, the perfect family, the perfect life.

As she stared up at the man that she loved being handed over their child, she saw the tears falling freely from his eyes. For the first time in her life, she saw her husband cry. And he was holding their baby.

"Do you have a name for him?" the nurse asked as Chuck lost himself in the feel of his baby in his arms.

Blair nodded as she held back the tears, "Charles Aiden Bass."

Chuck looked up at her in confusion.

"It's not Junior, but I figured I'd let you have the Charles at least. Besides...he looks just like his daddy," Blair whispered, annoyed that her hands were under the effects of the anesthetics used for the C-section, and that she couldn't hold her baby.

"I promise you," Chuck said on short, panting breaths as he brought the baby close to her lips and helped her place a kiss on his forehead, "I promise you, Blair. I will love you both forever."

And she knew he would. Just as she knew she would love them both forever. Because as much as it upset her feminist, independent woman temperament, Chuck had her body, heart and soul under lock and key.

Both Chuck's did.