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"Hey, Edward," I called to him when we were hunting," look, I didn't get one spot of blood on my shirt! "

"Nice you did great Bella," he walked over to me, swept me into his arms and kissed me. It was a way different kiss then the kisses from my dim human memories. We didn't have to be so careful now that I was a vampire. I wasn't so breakable now. I had to be careful not to break him.

He suddenly stopped. "What's wrong Edward?" I spoke urgently to my vampire husband.

"It's Alice. She just had a vision. Something is wrong."

"Well let's get out of here!" I said and we sped through the forest toward the big house.


We burst through the door. Edward sniffed around. He looked over at Nessie, who was sleeping in Jacob's arms. Jacob had a horrific look on his face and it was directed toward Alice. Edward looked at her. She had a blank look on her face. Down at her feet, was a crushed light bulb. She must have dropped it when she had the vision. But she wouldn't have dropped it on purpose. Vampires never drop things on purpose.

"Alice!" yelled Edward," what's wrong?" We quickly exchanged glances then turned back to Alice.

"Someone is coming. Someone very dangerous." Alice's eyes focused and then looked at us.

Edward and I exchanged glances. Edwards face was very worried. I was sure mine was too.

"Alice, what do they look like?" I questioned.

"Well it is a girl. And she has short black hair that is strait. She is a vampire but she is a newborn."

"umm, Alice," I asked my voice shaking," when is she going to get here? Do u know?"

"She has been running for a very long time and she has come from Italy."

"You don't think she is from the Volturi do u Alice?" Edward asked?

"No she is from Italy but she isn't from the Volturi or I would be seen that. But she has been running for over a week now so we should have only hours until she gets here."

Her face looked very grave but here eyes hadn't focused back to us yet.

"Alice, does she pose any threat to our family?" Edward asked.

I all of the sudden had this feeling I needed to ask Alice what this vampires name was.

"Actually Edward, I don-"

"Alice," I interrupted," what is her name?"

"Wh-what?" Alice stammered.

"I said what is here name." I calmly said.

"Umm, I-I-it is Lacee."

My phone rang. it was weird because even Alice looked surprised. She should've seen it coming. I snatched my phone out of my pocket. I looked at the CID. I dropped the phone. It hit the hard wood floor with a thud. I almost fell over but Edward caught me.

"Bella love what is the matter?" Edward spoke urgently.

"The CID. Look."

He snatched the phone up off the floor. His face turned paler than it normally is. If that is even possible.

Jacob spoke. My head snatched up. He hadn't spoken once. I had forgotten he was even there.

"What does it say?" Jacob demanded.

"Alice looked at the tiny phone screen.

"It says Lacee." Alice said gravely.

"Well that is a coincidence. We were just talking about a vampire that is coming that also might pose a threat and try to kill us, and her name is Lacee," Jacob giggled," but your phone just rang with the name Lacee on the CID! Isn't that funny?!" Jacob looked around the room. He noticed no one was laughing.

"Well come on, Bella obviously knows another Lacee and she is just calling to say hi to Bella."

Jacob looked at me. I shook my head. I didn't know anyone named Lacee. Suddenly, the phone stopped ringing. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

"Well we don't have to answer it now," Jacob laughed.

The phone started to ring again.

"Oh is it lacee again?" Jacob joked.

"Um actually, Jacob, it is," Edward said dryly. I looked at Edward for an answer.

"Should I pick it up, Edward?"

He looked over his shoulder at Alice who was shrugging her shoulders. He looked back at me and did the same.

"I guess, Bella" Edward said. I flipped open the phone.

"Hello?" I barely whispered.

"Hello, Bella," said a high jingly voice.

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