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The Child

Clutching tightly onto her drenched and water-logged cloak, she continued to run. To continue down the path her mother had shown her. It was her only salvation. She dared to turn back. Down the hill from which she came, lights, hundreds of them, dotted the scene. Fear struck her cold. She turned back and continued to run. As fast as her small legs could take her.

To where exactly, did this road take her, she did not know. She did not care. The dark trees that she ran past seemed to stare at her very movement, her very breathing. From lively lush green leaves, the trees now were bare, cold and empty. Still, she persisted. But running on mud had its consequences. She tripped, tumbling into the dirt face first. She wanted to cry, but held her tears. With hand clutching onto a small pendant around her neck, she carried herself up, and continued.

The dark clouds that poured the heavy rain over her head seemed to just slow her down, clouding her vision, making her way nearly never-ending. But soon, she reached it. It was unmistakable. A giant castle ruin. Judging by its structure, she was sure that it was once a beautiful castle. Now left in shambles, no one ever wanted to go near it. Still, she went in. Pushing the large wooden doors that were still relatively intact, she at last, gained shelter.

But her pursuers were still there, and that she knew very well. As grand as ruins may be, there was no possible hiding place for her. She clutch her pendant tightly, squeezing her eyes shut, all the while the image of her mother's smile imprinted in her mind. Angry shouts could be heard from behind the door.

Startled, she stumbled backwards, picked herself up again, and darted from the main hall. Running through the empty stone corridors, she did not stop. Her breathing heavy and hard. She did not know where to go, but her feet ran. She stopped. A small wooden door by the side which could prove to be her salvation.

She did not know where it led, but it was her best option at the moment. Running inside, she immediately, lost her footing, and fell down what felt like hard stone steps. She was still conscious when she stopped falling. Her legs were covered with bruises, cuts, abrasions and her right leg was twisted. Still determined to go on, she got up, and limped in the darkness.

She wanted to hide. But this room, what seemed to be a cellar when her eyes adjusted to the dimness, held no proper hiding spot. Exhaustion finally catching up to her, she leaned against the wall, trying to catch her breath. That was when the wall to her left shifted suddenly. It caught her full attention, and she stumbled back away from it. The wall made a sort of crumbling sound, the bricks looking like they were coming off.

Correction, being pushed out from behind. The sounds of pickaxes furiously impacting against from the other end of the wall. She was frightful. Had her pursuers finally caught up with her? Then, the wall collapsed, and a tiny head popped out. At first, she was startled by its appearance. Small in size and brown skinned.

Carrying a large bag on its back, it stared at her with its extremely large black eyes. It made a weird hand gesture, then, she knew what it was. It was signalling her to follow it. She did not know whether she could trust it, but at the moment, she had no other option. She limped off the wall and followed it into what appeared to be an underground tunnel.

Garnering her courage, she followed the creature deep into the tunnel, just as many more of that creature sped past them, either going in the same direction as them, or the other way. The tunnel seemed to descend deep into the earth, and the deeper they go, the more she felt afraid. She did not know what would happen to her, but for now, this is her best bet.

For what seemed to be hours, the creature finally led her into a large cavern. No, not cavern. Room. the creature led her through mazes of corridors, past countless hallways, and even more doors, from which came sounds that she could not even imagine. Then, she saw something. Darting from around the corner at an extremely fast speeds, three, no four, dark shapes ran towards her.

Frightened at first, but then she took a proper look at the shapes that had stopped in front of her. Dogs. But these had two or three heads on each body. With blood red eyes and sharp fangs, she strangely did not feel alarmed. These dogs were large, larger than what she was more accustomed to see. The dogs gave a whine and sat down on their hind legs, panting at her, as though expecting something good.

She did not have anything in particular, so she did the next best thing, pet the dogs on the head...s. The dogs gave an approving whine, and sped off. She was rather baffled by their behaviour, but she guessed they had something to do. She followed the first creature once more, till they reached a large pair of iron doors. The size of the doors was already imposing, being able to move a building through it.

By the doors, stood two purpled colour creatures, each holding onto a spiked club and a shield. Both looking grumpy and menacing, not to mention tall. The first creature went up to the doors, and the two guards did not even give it a glancing look, though it may be because they were more interested in her. Their dark stare seemed to bore through her very soul. With a loud churn, the two iron doors swung open, as though operated by machinery.

The first creature gestured her to enter, and she did, though it did not. Behind her, the doors closed gently, leaving her in a vast empty room. Or was it? She had noticed it before, since it looked just like any other odd thing in this place, but there was an extremely large orb in the middle of the room, atop of a structure that looked as though it was made to support something really important, like in a temple.

Then, the orb pulsated, completely taking her by surprise. The orb's beat, lighting up each time it did, was like a heart. A giant heart. Where exactly was she? Was it a mistake to follow that creature? She simply hoped, that no more weird creatures would appear. The orb pulsed again, then stayed silent. She did not what to expect. It was... odd. She took steps forward, only cautiously.

Stepping up the grand steps, she reached the orb. It had a smooth polished surface. She felt warm. It was comforting, and the feeling reminded her of her mother, gently stroking her hair, her warm smile. The orb suddenly flared, blinding her. She staggered back, and her foot missed the step. She fell back, but what she expected to be hard floor, a pair of strong arms caught her instead.

She looked up to her rescuer, and what she saw quite shocked her. A human. Wearing grand black robes with a hood over his head, the man gently brought her back up to her feet. She was confused. Who was this person? And what was he doing in this place? The man reached out for her pendant, and gently touched it, stroked it. Pulling back his hood, she saw his face for the first time.

It wasn't entirely human, but still held many resemblance to one. His face was coarse and rough looking. Dark long hair that seemed to flicker like flames. His dark eyes seemingly deep and infinite. Her eyes were just the same. In a way, he was all too familiar to her, yet she did not remember him at all. After a brief silence, he spoke, voice filled with power and authority, yet it also held warmth and comfort for her.

"You are Seferia's daughter, are you not?"

It sounded more like a confirmation, than a question. But she did not mind that. To her, it felt as though she can tell him everything. She nodded her head in reply to his question. The man studied her for quite some time, before he sighed.

"So the time has finally come, has it."

He turned back to the giant orb, and stared hard into it. With curiosity getting the best of her, she peered by his side to take a look. What she saw amazed her. Like a map that had real moving points, the orb displayed seemingly everything.

The small large-eyed critters that scurry about, the multiple headed dogs that ran amuck, the two purple skinned armed guards at the door, even them standing in this room with this orb. There were hundreds, no, thousands of creatures that walked in these giant halls under the deep earth.

The view shifted from the overhead view of this place, to the outside ruins of the castle she ran through to get here. Burning torches. Faces of the villagers. It frightened her, and without thinking, she grabbed onto his robe for security. He turned to her, and smiled, gently stroking her silver hair.

"I will not let anyone hurt you."

He reassured her, before turning back to the orb, and placing a hand on it. The orb flared fiercely, the air around the room intensified like she was drowning in water. It threatened to tear her lungs, but she resisted it. Then, she heard it. Thunderous roars echoing in the tunnels. The floor rumbled greatly, like the earth itself was threatening to split into two. She looked back to the orb, and saw it. Like water flowing through rivers, the thousands of creatures from the countless rooms of these halls rushed out and into the hallways, converging into the main hallway.

They were aiming for one place, the entrance to the castle. Like ants, they rushed forth, and the villagers, caught unaware of this, were easily overwhelmed. In a matter of seconds, the creatures dispersed, and retreated back into the halls of the deep earth. Nothing was left of the villagers. Not even a blood splatter. It was like they disappeared. The man sighed, and turned back to her. His smile was warm and comforting.

"You have nothing to worry now, my dear. I will protect you with all of my might, i swear this upon my name as a dungeon overlord. My name, is Val Dek Roth, ruler of the East, and most importantly, your father."