Chapter 3: What's The Plan?

"Whatever you need girl, we got your back," Lita stated.

"Damn straight," Trish agreed as they all gave high-fives.

"Thanks guys. And you know what? I think I already have something in mind," Tara stated and whispered it to them.

"Wow, that is pretty good," Trish giggled.

"Yeah, I mean he'd never see this coming!" Lita agreed.

"Exactly," Tara smirked as the three women formed the new plan.

Once the plan was set, all three divas headed to Lita's rental to hit the hotel hot tub. They all ran to their rooms to change into their bikinis. Tara was excited, since she felt that a hot tub would help her relax after the hectic night. She threw on a robe and quickly made her way down to meet up with Trish and Lita. They were already in the water, Lita in a red bikini with a black skull-cross bones on it, and Trish with a hot pink bikini with white Hawaii flowers on it. Tara shed her robe, unaware of the eyes watching her from the doorway.

Stone Cold had just gotten back from the arena, and was going to hit the gym that was right next door to the hot tubs. He heard some hyenas giggling as he was walking by, when he saw her. Tara had shed her robe, just about to step in. She had her back to him, with her hair tied up in a ponytail. He couldn't help but stare as he saw her standing there with her violet bikini that wrapped around the neck, leaving her back almost completely bare. I need a beer, he thought and quickly headed on to the gym, his bag in hand.

"You know, Tara, you had an audience," Trish chuckled as Tara stepped into the water.

"Who?" Tara asked as she adjusted to the hot temperature.

"You'll never guess!" she giggled. Tara thought for a minute, then rolled her eyes.

"Stone Cold?" she sighed. Trish and Lita laughed at the look, and possibly the blush on Tara's face.

"Speaking of which, when do you plan on getting back at Mr. 'Beer Bash'?" Lita asked.

"Hmmm. Well, I haven't really thought about when, but it should be at just the right time." Tara stated with a smirk on her face. The three girls thought about it, when Tara came up with an idea. "Do you two have any matches next week?" she asked.

"Well Taboo Tuesday is right after Monday night's show, so I think it'll be a Battle Royale. You need to have your debut match soon girl, we wanna see what you really got," Lita chuckled.

"Tell me about it. I've been trying to tell Bischoff to let me have my match with Mickie James, but he just brushes me off, the bastard. Anyways my point is, maybe we should strike while RAW is going on. I don't know if he has an actual match or not, but when he leaves the arena he's going to be plenty surprised." Tara kept thinking about the look on Stone Cold's face when he sees what they planned to do. After a bit more gossip and relaxation, the girls decided to head back to their rooms. "I'll be up in a sec, I wanna grab a water bottle first. Any idea where a vending machine is?" she asked as Trish told her there was one in the gym right next door. "All right, I'll call you guys tomorrow to get the 'supplies'. See ya!" she called out as she put on her robe and went towards the gym.

Tara walked in, not even realizing someone was actually working out that late at night. She saw the vending machine and headed right towards it on the east wall of the room. She pulled $2 out of her robe pocket and put it in. As she waited for the water to vend, she suddenly heard weights clanking. Tara jumped a little and turned around to see someone lifting weights, but she couldn't see their face. However she did see the open can of beer next to the bench, and rolled her eyes. Tara hoped she could just grab her water and leave without him noticing, but when the water banged around and got stuck, she knew that idea was out the window. She tried hitting the machine to make it come out, when she heard the weights be put up. For reasons unknown, she actually turned around. Stone Cold was actually sitting up, watching her and taking a long sip of his beer. His gaze made her a little uncomfortable, as she tightened the robe around herself.

"I dunno what you're covering yourself up for little girl, there ain't nothin' under that robe worth seeing," Stone Cold smirked. Tara simply turned around and continued trying to get the water out of the machine. She suddenly felt a hand take her arm and move her out of the way. Before she could even yell at him, she gasped at him kicking the machine. She saw her water come out, having gotten unstuck. However she wasn't the one who took it out, as Stone Cold opened it and drank some of it. After putting the top back on, he threw it to her and headed back over to the weights.

Tara was ready to low-blow him right then and there. When she saw him lifting the weights again, a thought came to her head. With him unable to see her, she walked over to him, taking the cap off the bottle. Stone Cold felt water trickle all over his face, as he threw down the weights and sat up to see Tara already at the door.

"What the hell is wrong with you!" he yelled.

"Just wanted to try an experiment. I figured if I poured cold water on you, steam would come off. You know, since you're so hot-headed. Well, thanks for the water," she sang while walking out, drinking her water.

Stone Cold cussed as he wiped the water off his face. This little girl is asking for it, he thought to himself, suddenly not in the mood to lift weights anymore.

Tara was actually running back to her room, not knowing if Stone Cold was actually coming after her or not. Once she got back into her room, she actually started laughing. She quickly changed into her pajamas and went to bed, thinking about Stone Cold's reaction to what she and the other girls had planned for him.

The next morning, Tara woke up and called Lita and Trish to head to the grocery store. Once they had bought everything they needed, with questioning looks from the customers and cashier, they headed back to the hotel.

"Okay girls, I talked to some people and they said that Stone Cold will have a match on Monday against both Carlito and Chris Masters. Now, that is before the diva Battle Royale, so we can either do it before his match, or during," Tara explained.

"I say during. If we do it before, then there's a chance he'll catch us, or someone else for that matter. Then instead of going after Masters and Carlito, he'll come after us," Lita stated.

"I agree," Trish said. Tara figured that worked as well, saying where they would meet and what everyone's jobs would be. "This is going to be so much fun!" Trish laughed.

"Oh hell yeah!" Lita said, the girls giving high-fives. "Though it sucks that you won't be in the Battle Royale on Monday, or at Taboo Tuesday, Tara," Lita stated with a frown.

Tara's good mood was shot by the comment, because it was true. "Well, I can't participate until I have a debut match. Knowing Bischoff, it's going to be around...never!" Trish and Lita shook their heads.

"We can talk to him about it for you," Trish offered.

"Nah. Thanks but I have to do this myself," Tara said with a small smile on her face. "Besides, it's all just as well that I'm not in the Battle Royale since tomorrow night I'll be a little, busy," she winked. The three girls laughed, knowing Monday night was going to be a night to remember.

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