As she closed the e-mail program, she let out the sob she was holding back. It was all a lie, and she hoped he wouldn't see through it. Hope never did get her that far. She knew she had to go back.

She stood at the door of the layout room and eyed Greg.

"If you stare any harder you'll burn a hole through the table."

"Sara? Is that you?" Greg ran up to her and hugged her. He saw the emptiness in her eyes. They kept in contact after she left. He knew what had happened, what Grissom said, and then a feeling of dread washed over him… Grissom's whereabouts.

"Yeah Greg, I realized there was something I need to take care of after I left. I think you understand. Is Grissom in his office?"

"Ummm no."

"Crime scene?"

"No, not exactly. He's on a consult of sorts."

And that's when she noticed the photos laid out in front of him. The whips, the chains, the masks. She knew where to find Gil.

"Sara wait!" but her retreating form had already rounded the corner.

She stopped by the house first, knowing the shift had ended about an hour ago, but he wasn't home. There was still that sliver of hope that he went straight home after shift. She kept telling herself not to get worked up. It was only Grissom getting advice from the expert. That was all. Perhaps he just stayed for some tea. She was still just a friend right? He wouldn't, he couldn't. But then again, she was the one who told him to let go, wasn't she? She just never thought he would move on this quickly. He would be found with the only other person who "rattled him". This was just a consult, right? One friend asking another for help… Right?

As she stepped out of the rental car, her legs felt like dead weight. Each step put more of a strain on her body. She slowed her breathing, swallowed the tears, and raised her hand to the dimly lit button that was the doorbell. She knew she pushed it, knew it rang, but couldn't hear anything over the heavy beating over her own heart pulsing in her ears.

TBC? What do you think? First fic, not sure where this is going…