As Lady Heather opened the door, Sara felt an odd sense of calm come over her. Not knowing why, she knew she could trust this woman. All her feelings of anxiety and jealousy had been washed away. This was not the same woman she remembered.

"Sara, please come in."

"I.. I'm looking for Gil, I saw his car outside. I need to speak with him."

"He's still asleep" She then saw the fear in Sara's eyes. The heartbreak. "He needed somewhere to stay, that didn't remind him of you, so I lent him the guest room." And Sara's eyes once again held relief.

"I need to speak with him. I don't know what to say to him, but I need to fix things. I can't let it simply end."

"Please, let me make you some tea. Please sit and talk with me."

Sara had agreed to this. She knew she was Gil's love and soul mate, but she also knew that this woman had also played a big role in his life. Though she had always felt animosity towards her, she also knew that if there was any way things would be set right between her and Grissom, Heather would be the only one that could help. Gil had told her more than once that Heather needed him, and it was now that Sara realized that they both needed Heather.

Studying the intricate patterns on the fine china that she was handed, she noticed how this mirrored Heather. So complex on the outside, yet so fragile. Its warm soothing contents bringing warmth and comfort to someone as long as it is handled properly. Yet so easily shattered. This woman was not her enemy. This woman would be her savior.

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