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The truck slowly pulled to a halt in front of Luke's diner, breaking the newly fallen snow on the ground.

Luke sighed as he turned the ignition of the truck, the engine silencing. Bringing his hand down from the steering wheel the stirring of his muscles in his shoulder didn't wake his young nephew who was asleep having unconsciously closed in on the warmth of Luke's arm. The gun metal hair was messed from the mousse and not showering it out. Breathing an intake of breath he looked down at said head of hair and out at the landscape of quiet night Stars Hollow.

For the long drive Jess had been stubborn to stay awake, bored from finishing his latest book, but his will was broken when Luke discreetly turned on the heater, allowing the cab to feel warm and it wasn't long before he nephew's eyes closed and didn't reopen.

The trip was a quiet one for the most part. Another "fishing trip" that Luke had taken Jess on after the most recent incident. This one was enough that he and Jess stayed an extra few days to cool the air.

They would never accept him. Luke finally decided. And to be honest they didn't need to. Jess was a special kind of person. The one who didn't waste his time on pointless chivalry but gave enough to listen and in his own way help them figure out what he thought without telling them straight out. He spun yarns to confuse people but he did it to make them think. To make them see the truth on their own and figure it out themselves.

He took no credit for his genius either. He blew it off with a smart ass comment or a roll of his eyes and he moved on with his life. He was an observer and when it came down to it, if he was in need to intervene then he did. That's why Luke took him on these "fishing trips" because someone needed to be there to make sure Jess realized someone was grateful. Not because he was avoiding the spotlight of anger from the townsfolk Someone did care and that someone knew exactly what Jess was doing. To give the teen a break from his acts and to make sure he was ok. That he was taken care of. Jess looked out for Stars Hollow and Luke looked out for Jess. No matter how much he spoke of his hatred for the town, Luke wouldn't be surprised to see in the future where he was dead and buried, little mini Jess's running around with books and mini Rory's. And with somethings that Jess did upon which Luke would never able to understand, he knew that he wasn't supposed to. That Jess was supposed to take care of it and he always ended up fixing it in someway or another.

And with these thoughts Luke looked down at his nephew, whose gun metal hair was messy and body was warm from Luke's shoulder, Luke knew very well that Lorelai was outside in the snow, Taylor was watching suspiciously from his blinds, Ms. Kim was reading the bible, Kirk was hiding in a tree, and Ms. Patty was gossiping late night news to someone on the phone, all while Jess was asleep on his shoulder looking so innocent and childlike as he gripped his book in between his slim waist and arm. Stars Hollow didn't need to know that Jess needed music to sleep or that he looked innocent and childlike when he was.

He was sarcastic and smug but he was kind and thoughtful.

Stars Hollow would never accept Jess, but they would always need him...And he'd eventually be there.