The rebirth the FOH

Graydon Creed presidential campaign was in full swing. His anti-mutant campaign platform was rallying many behind him. Not only was it gaining in momentum but, the government was taking its own anti-mutant steps.

Ororo had been spending the day in NYC. She spent some of it with Sue Richards of the Fantastic Four. She wore a pair of blue jeans and a loose blue t-shirt. She wore sneakers and her hair was pulled into a long ponytail. She was walking to a new plant store she had heard about. She walked in a little bell chimed.

"Just a minute!" someone called out. The store was full of all varieties of plants. It felt like a greenhouse which did not bother Ororo at all.

"No problem, I am just looking," Ororo answered. She saw many plants that she was interested in and she found several she was not familiar with. Ororo touched some of the leaves checking their texture and making sure they were well watered and nourished.

Just then the cashier appeared from the back brushing her hands on her apron. "Sorry was replanting some new plants. Is there any thing I can help you with?" she asked. Ororo looked up and saw a woman that looked to be in her early forties. She had dark brown hair and deep brown eyes. The lady had a winning smile. "Is there any plant in particular you are looking for?" she asked.

"Just some new plants for my greenhouse," Ororo responded. She was notice the plants were being well taken care. There were vibrant colors and were not drooping in the slightest.

"Well I have not had time to put them out but I did receive a new shipment of African Rosemallows. They are just seedlings now but they will grow up to five feet tall," the lady told her.

"They are beautiful," Ororo told her. "I have seen them growing wild in Africa."

"Would you like to see them? They are my first shipment and I would like a second opinion on their condition," she told Ororo.

"I would be honored," Ororo told her.

"Great!" she responded smiling. "They are just past this door," she told Ororo. She was opening another door then the one she had come out of. Ororo walked through the door into a dark room and the door and she had come through was slammed shut, and the hissing of gas came from all around. Ororo tried pushing the door open again but it was locked tight. Ororo held her breath and tried to summon her powers only to realize they were neutralized. Ororo held her breath as long as she could then she had to breathe in the gas. Within moments she was out cold.

"It seems that might actually work as to catch mutants and generate money for our cause along the way. I must say the mutant detection over the door is genius," the sales lady told someone who was out of sight.

"Thank you my dear," a male voice replied. A man stepped out from the back. He had a tattoo on the side of his neck with the earth and the letters F.O.H. across it.

"With all the mutant sightings in the area, it was an optimal place. We figured there were enough mutants that some would want plants that a plant store would be a great cover to draw them in." There was a sound of a truck starting and the man grabbed a gas mask from under the counter. "I will take her in and see you later," he told the woman.

"See you later," she told him as he slipped the gas mask on. He turned on the lights on and quickly opened the door and entered the room Ororo was in. He quickly closed the door behind him so only the barest amount of gas escaped. The room was tinted green by the sleeping gas. He none too gently picked Ororo up and dragged her over his shoulder before unlocking a back door to the room. He dropped her in the back of a pickup and secured her arms and feet to the truck. He then covered her with a tarp to hide her from view. He then got in the passenger seat and the truck took off.

Several hours later at the X-mansion:

"Scott have you seen Ororo?" a red haired woman asked. The man turned he had ruby colored glasses and military style cut brown hair.

"No, when were you expecting her back?"

"A few hours ago. I'm starting to worry Scott. It's not like her not to call if she is running late," Jean pointed out.

"You're right. That is not like Ororo at all. Have you tried contacting her telepathically?" he asked. She raises her hands to her temple and closes her eyes her eyes in concentration, then squeezes them tight. She opens them and slowly, disappointedly lowers her hands. She looks directly at Scott.

"I get nothing, not even a whisper."

"She could be out of range and stuck in traffic," he suggested. Jean glared at him because they both know that was unlikely. "Let's go talk to the Professor," Scott told her rubbing the back of his neck. Then headed down to the Professor Xavier's office and Scott raised his hand to knock when the door was opened from within.

"Scott, Jean I was about to call you," Professor told them as Hank let them in. Hank, Logan, Rogue, Remy, and Bobby were already there. They all had serious looks on them. "This was aired just a few minutes ago," he told turning to the TV in his office. He turned it on and hit play. The TV came to life showing some sort of rally.

"We received this clip from an unknown source just a few minutes ago. It seems to be happing in Central Park," the female newscaster was saying. She was off screen will the TV was full of protesters. The crowd was chanting and once she had finished you could hear the crowd chanting.

"No more mutants! Protect our children! No more mutants!" they chanted. The crowd had signs stating "No more mutants" written in red. A middle aged man stepped onto a makeshift stage and the crowd cheered. He wore a dark blue business suit and flat black dress shoes. He had light brown hair and was medium built. He raised his hands and the crowd died down.

"My friends, we have gathered here today to take a stand. To stand up for humanity, for our future and our children's future," he had to stop for the crowd to quiet again so he could be heard. "We must stand together to survive!" he tells them raising his voice. "We can not let these mutants win and take our homes, our jobs, our families away!" the crowd shouts in agreement. "We have the power to stop them! By working together we can stop them! The Friends of Humanity with your help can stop the mutant menace from spreading. They can stop the mutants for good with your help!" he tells them. The crowd starts chanting "Friends of Humanity" making the man smile. He gestures them to calm down and slowly the crowd quiets down after a couple of minutes.

Logan shook his head. He heard the stuff before. The Friends of Humanity were up to their old tricks again. He saw their trademark sign on the back of the platform on a flag. The globe of the earth with the letters FOH on top of it, the X-men had dealt with them before and it was obvious to him they had to deal with them once again.

His eyes scanned the room taking in the general mood and reactions in the room. Hank was a bit edgy and tensed he watched intently. He along with Scott, Jean, and Bobby had been dealing people like the speaker since their early teens, when they were the original X-men. He was the most noticeably mutant of the assembled. He looked like a blue gorilla with blue eyes dressed in a white lab coat and had a pair of glasses perched on his nose.

Rogue was tensed and had his fist clenched in balls. She looked was she was ready to destroy something and Logan knew she did not need much to destroy something large. She was dressed in her green and yellow uniform. Her yellow boots reached just past her knees and her yellow gloves covered her hands. Her brown belt and Brown fighter jacket complete the out fit. Her green eyes held anger her brown head band kept her brown hair with its distinct white front out of her eyes. Logan could see she was eager for a fight and he knew she could do some real damage with just her fist because of her super strength. He knew that she wore a suit that covered her whole body was for her protection along with everyone around her. Even the slightest skin to skin touch could prove devastating for both her and the person she touches due her mutant power to absorb the energy, thoughts, and if the person had super powers, their powers from them. Rogue lived in constant fear of harming those around her and absorbing them permanently. She had done that before and gained super strength and flight from the person. But, she also had the woman's mind running around her head.

Logan's eyes then slid to her on again off again boy friend Remy. Remy wore his customary floor length trench coat over his purple and black body suit. His knee high boots looked metallic but, Logan knew that Remy could do more on them then any could in metal boots. His hair was kept out of face by, his uniform that covered his forehead and the back of his head and ears. His face had no coverage and his red and black eyes watch the TV intently. One could even imagine there was a fire with them. Logan knew the trench coat had various pockets the held many cards that Gambit could charge in an instant and use fling them so that they exploded causing damage to his target. The coat also hid an expandable bo-staff that Remy had.

Jean stood to Remy's left. Her eyes were glued to the TV taking in every move. She and Scott unlike the others were dressed in civilian clothes. She was dressed in a pair of tight jeans that did not do anything to hide her shapely legs. She was wearing a loose green t-shirt that matched her compassionate green eyes. Her hair was fiery red and she had a temper to match but, she was more known for her peace making then her temper. Logan when he first came immediately was attracted by Jean but, he knew that was not meant to be.

Next to Jean was her husband, Scott. He was also in his civilian wear, a pair of loose fitting jeans and a loose t-shirt. He was standing tall and at attention. He looked almost military how he stood despite never being in the military. He wore red tinted glasses. Logan knew that Scott was like that because of his powers. He was unable to control his powers without his special goggles or visors that he wore in uniform.

Last of the X-men was Bobby. He was the one of the youngest in the room. He was also one of the original X-men. He was tensed but did not show the anger that Rogue showed or the calmness that Scott showed. He was dressed in a simple pair of blue trunks. That was all Bobby needed, his mutation prevented him form getting cold and when he was out in the field he was called Iceman for his ability to create things out of ice and the ability to turn his entire body into ice. He had come a long way from when Logan first joined the team. But, he was still the prankster of the group but, he also knew when to be serious. He was concerned by the one who was not he did not see that had him a little worried, Ororo was usually one of the first to come to meetings like this since she along with Scott lead the teams on missions.

He then turned his attention back to the TV and what was happening there. "We have set up a hot line for any mutant sightings. But, we are counting on you, the good citizens of the cities to help. Together we can stop this menace together humanity shall prevail!" he shouts. The crowd roars in response. He is handed a sign that he holds up and that is when the TV is turned off by the Professor. "We must be on alert we may be called on to help at any moment to help out with riots and things," the Professor warned them.


~Professor, we have another problem,~ Jean sent to him telepathically. ~Ororo was suppose to be home a few hours ago but, she has not come back and I could not contact her when I tried to contact her I did not get anything.~

~I see~ he sent back. He hands were folded into a triangle in front of him.

"One problem Chuck," Logan stated speaking up. "We are missing 'Ro," Logan said calling Ororo by a shorten version of her name.

The Professor was about to respond when his phone rang. Taking everyone by surprise apparently no one was expecting a phone call. He picked it up and greeted the person on the other end. It was apparent it was not good news as the Professor's face turned sad within a few moments he hung up and closed his eyes.

"Professor?" Jean asked softly concerned. He had closed his mind off to her and that was usually a bad sign.

"That was Sue Richards, Ororo had gone and seen her earlier. They just return from an incident in the city. They apparently found Ororo's wallet but not her," he told them sadly. Jean and Rogue gasped while Remy mumbled under his breath well placing an arm around Rogue's shoulders. Scott wrapped and arm around his wife's shoulders and Logan let out a growl.

"I'm on it Chuck," Logan stated pulling on the cowl of his mask over his pointed hair. He was now fully covered in his blue and yellow uniform that covered everything but the middle of his arms and his lower face.

"Not alone," the Professor told him his tone left no argument. "We already have one X-men missing we do not need another one," the Professor told him. He held a hand to stop any protest. "I know you can take care of yourself but, so can Ororo. Jean, Scott, and Hank I want the three of you to go with Logan. Bobby, Remy, Rogue you three will stay here and help monitor the situation," the Professor told them. The X-men nodded and went their separate ways leaving the Professor by himself. "God speed my X-men," he whispered.