Chapter 13:

It was a week following Ororo's rescue and the day after the election. Remy and Rogue were sitting on the opposite of ends of the couch watching the news. "The election is official and the expected winner Creed lost to his opponent," the news caster announced.

"Merci!" Remy exclaimed.

"I agree Sugah," Rogue told him. "About time we got some good news," she told him. The news continued about the election then switched over to other news.

Both Rogue and Remy sat up when they saw the destroyed warehouse. "Today we have found out a warehouse believe to be destroyed by the renegade mutant outlaws the X-men has been linked to the F.O.H. group. It is well known the F.O.H. have long harbored anti-mutant feelings. It is believed to be connected to several kidnappings and attempted kidnappings in the New York City area. Also files that have turned that link a local flower shop to the F.O.H. and to several kidnappings. The flower shop has been closed down and police are stating that it might have been secretly a front to a kidnapping operation," the news reported.

"I still want to know how you were able to sneak that folder into the police station undetected, Remy" Hank told them coming in wearing his doctor's coat unbuttoned with his glasses perched on his nose.

"Trade secret Mon ami," Remy told him with a grin placing his hands behind his head with a smirk.

"Swamp Rat just wants us to think he did something special," Rogue shot back.

"You wound me Chere!" Remy told her grabbing his heart. Hank chuckled as Rogue just rolled her eyes.

"Get real Swamp Rat," Rogue told him. As some commercials came on. She and Remy were well known for their on again off again relationship. Hank just chuckled and headed to the kitchen where he found Warren and Bobby raiding the fridge.

Warren noticed Hank come in and tossed him a Twinkie which Hank caught with ease. "How is Ororo doing?" he asked as he snacked on a granola bar he found.

"She is doing good, trying to convince me she is fine and ready to get out of the med-lab. She is threatening to flood the lab if I do not release from the Med-lab soon," Hank responded with a chuckle.

"You mean she hasn't yet?" Bobby asked laughing. "I thought she would have done that several days ago!"

"Logan wouldn't let her. She is getting stronger and I plan to release her later today on the condition she takes it easy," Hank told them.

"You really think she will take it easy Hank? She can be as stubborn as Logan and he has a healing factor," Warren pointed out.

Hank chuckled at Warren's comment. "That is the reason I am letting her leave because we all know Logan will make sure she obeys. Also she is getting a bit antsy and longing for the freedom of the skies," Hank pointed out.

"Can't say I blame her, I would be getting antsy myself. Plus with her claustrophobia and her connection to nature she is got to be longing for open skies. I know I do when I am coped up as long as she has been and I not either," Warren pointed out and he stretched his wings in emphasize.

"Should we take bets how long to she takes to the sky?"Bobby asked jokingly.

"I think we all know the answer to that one Bobby," Warren shot back.

"As soon as she can," all three stated laughing.


Jean and Scott were outside sitting on a bench:

"Everything ok Jean?" Scott asked. "You have been awfully quiet lately," he pointed out.

"I'm fine just picked up some thoughts from Ororo that are disturbing," Jean told him leaning into as he wrapped his arms around her. "It seems that her nightmares about being trapped have returned with vengeance. The past few nights her nightmares have woken me up," Jean told him.

"I believe Hank told her she can leave today so that will help. I am sure sleeping in her attic with her plants will help," Scott pointed out.

Jean nodded in agreement. "I expect her to take a short flight since she has been cleared and want to be around just in case," Jean stated.

"I highly doubt Logan will let her go too far or too high," Scott pointed out.

"Still," Jean started but was cut off when she felt a wave of relief coming from the doors of the mansion. She turned to see Ororo standing there with Logan at her side. Scott turned to see what had gotten her attention and saw Ororo and Logan standing there. Ororo with a smile called a wind to her and lifted into the air. Logan watched her and walked across the yard as she flew across.

Jean could feel her sense of relief as she flew and smiled herself. Jean made sure to keep an eye on her as she touched the clouds. She then disappeared into the clouds, before dropping down under the clouds again.

"She seems to be doing better," Scott commented to Logan.

"She is getting there. Having nightmares as I am sure Jean can testify," Logan responded without taking his eyes off Ororo. Who was lowering herself for a landing.

"Tired darlin'?" Logan asked her.

"Yes, but refreshed," she told him as he wrapped his arm around her.

"You have been needing that for awhile," he told her giving her a kiss as she sat on a bench facing Jean and Scott.

"You look better then you have been," Scott pointed out.

"Still getting tired easily," she stated with a sigh.

"It takes time I am sure with some more rest you will be back to normal," Jean told her with a smile.

"Which I have been telling you for days now," Logan pointed out to Ororo with a chuckle. Ororo smiled at them and nodded.

"That you have love," she told him giving him a kiss. The four turned their attention to the setting sun that was giving off orange, pink and red against the clouds. It was a beautiful ending for the team.