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Padawan and Master

How long has it been? Since the time she first set foot on this sacred ground? She did not know. Too long, perhaps. She vowed never to look back. Looking back would only make her stop, and it would only bring back memories she clearly wanted gone. Staring into the clear water, she wondered about the things she had done, and whether they were the right ones.

Never looking back, that was a vow she took a long time ago, and now, when she stops to take a break, she would break that vow. To never look back, meant to never regret, because if one were to look back and regret, they would only see their failures, and be haunted by mere visions of the past. Her past. One of blood and tears. The screams that echo within her head. The faces of those-


She froze her mind, cutting off her thoughts. She didn't like too much free time, it usually ends up with her going back to those memories. Freezing her thought processes helped her from going too far, and was a technique her master had taught her in times like these. Meditation sometimes helped clear her mind of those thoughts, though if she wasn't concentrating hard enough, those thoughts would emerge stronger than ever.

She got unsatisfied with simply sitting down and staring into the lake. She came out to get some fresh air and rest, but what she got was simply bad memories. She really needed a change of pace.

".... What do you need, Mykel?"

She questioned the man who stood behind her. He stepped out from his hiding spot behind the tree, smiling casually as he always has. With his almost handsome features, he was cocky about almost everything, mainly women. His dirt brown hair kept in a neat short form, and his blue eyes that almost every women in the galaxy would fall for, but maybe a few exceptions.

"Maybe it isn't what i need, but what i want."

He held her chin, making her face him. She stared back rather expressionless, and indifferent, before slapping his hand away. It wasn't just creeping her out, it was irritating.

"If you have no business with me, then i shall take my leave."

She turned to go, but Mykel stopped her.

"Fine, fine... your master has requested your presence."

Her eyebrows perked at that. Her master, who had left for a solo mission, had returned?

"Master is back? Why wasn't i informed?"

She felt slightly betrayed, but then again, her master tended to do things like that, go off without telling anyone. But even so, would it hurt so much as to let her know about the situation once in a while? Her master never seems to tell her everything, always pausing before getting to the important part. Another bad habit of her master, pausing, hesitating, and even day-dreaming. But she cared for her master, because her master was the one who saved from the darkness, and from despair. Because her master was her life.

"Don't know. Master Korr just arrived, and i was coincidently there, so i was asked."

"... Alright. Thank you, Mykel."

"My pleasure, Kaite."

The blood red haired Korriban born padawan had not seen her master in two weeks, and two weeks was a long time for her. As for her master, currently back in her own quarters. Jedi Master Jaden Korr. The young Jedi Master took her black robes off, and tossed them onto her bed, not really caring for how it looks. She took the band that held her long grey, almost white, hair in a tail, and ran a hand through her hair, making it flow freely down slightly past her shoulders.

Jaden walked over to her desk, and her eyes narrowed at the amount of dust that had collected on the things on her desks, namely holocrons and datapads. There was enough dust to make Shooke Tah, the resident Jedi scholar, furious. Jaden had enough of the Cerean librarian ranting off to her about how things should be kept. Still, the amount of information that the new Jedi Order has, is rather limited.

Most of them were made after the fall of the Galactic Empire, when Luke Skywalker, the Grand Master Jedi, and Vanquisher of the Sith, recreated the Jedi Order. For information that pertained before the start of the Galactic Empire, well, that was hard to come by, and that was what Jaden was constantly looking for. These days, Jedi aren't allowed to take the actual data or holocrons out of the archives, but Jaden managed to secretly 'borrow' a few. Shooke Tah doesn't need to know that.

Jaden Korr sat in her chair behind her desk, throwing her feet up onto her desk, while rubbing her temples with one hand. Her eyes shifted to the shelf at one side, where on the top row sat a whole bunch of bottles. Her free hand reached out towards the shelf, where a bottle started to hover, and fly towards her hand. Grabbing the bottle, she uncapped it, and took a swing. A long hard swing from it.

It's contents flowing down her throat, though maybe to some, it would be burning. It was, after all, Derv Kisk, an extremely potent hard liquor that few can even look at, let alone drink it. But Jaden was used to it. Drinking helps her calm down. Washing down her worries, her fears. Jaden Korr is a Jedi master with more worries than a Jawa not getting droids to sell. Her mind was constantly clouded with thoughts, memories, pain, suffering, and everything else.

Meditation helped, as Master Skywalker had taught her how to control her thoughts better. Another was indulging and throwing everything she had into her work and research, and the last being drinking. At first, Jaden could not drink a lot, but over time, she came to drink more, and heavier liquor, to the point where Luke and Kyle would actually try to steal her bottles away from her if they think it may cause a problem, though no problem has been caused because of this... yet.

But why was there a need to do all of this? Jaden was suffering from her own past. A past filled with regret and bitterness. It was a past that few knew about, and even fewer knew her involvement and thoughts about it. Jedi Master Jaden Korr, a member of the new Jedi Order's Council, and one of the most powerful Jedi in the order, was once a Sith Lord.