A Jawa sold me three annoying droids

The Truth was a much larger, and stranger ship than the Visage. Instead of a cruiser, it was more like a luxury ship. It actually had bars, restaurants, a viewing lounge, spas, recreational centres, and many more strange rooms that wouldn't find on a cruiser capable of destroying a space port when its captain was denied excess for docking mainly because she was drinking too much.

And most of the ship is maintained and serviced by droids. The onboard computer had its own A.I., and so it would command the other droids if it ever needed a certain part maintained immediately.

Maintaining the bedrooms and other places Jaden and Kaite would use often, and also serving Jaden and Kaite directly, is the droid B3-XK, and has a strange accent which Jaden only commented on as 'butler'. Luckily that droid also controls the amount of drinking Jaden can do, and it quite used to getting shaken up by Jaden if she ever gets angry.

A very... calm and understanding butler indeed. The kitchen and washroom maintenance as well as some other recreational places is HM-56. This droid has a more 'bossy' attitude, unhappy whenever something is not clean or placed right. Kaite was nagged by it a couple of times when she failed to put the pots and pans back after cooking. Well, not that Kaite cooked all the time, only when HM-56 isn't in the kitchen.

Kaite had numerous times when she really wanted to slice that droid into pieces, and surprisingly, so did Jaden. So why didn't she? Well, Jaden said that master Skywalker put it there himself, to make sure Jaden didn't do anything too rash, and the droid had an command input that would cause the entire ship to blow up if the droid is threatened till it cannot defend itself.

Scary, if Kaite ever did think about it, but Kaite rarely did. The last droid is one who is rarely seen, FT-22. It deals with maintenance of the battle parts of the ship. Everything, from hangars, to engines, and gun batteries, are all serviced by that one droid. How it manages to get around is beyond Kaite.

Kaite only met it once, when she was blocking its route to the hangar. It screamed at her in a high pitch shrill, and went around in circles shouting incoherent things. In short, Kaite called it 'mad can'. After dropping her things in her quarters, Kaite decided to take the liberty of seeing if she could get more information out of her master. She got up and made sure she didn't forget her sabers.

Walking around with her robes felt lighter and easier as well. Kaite did note that while most Jedi did not wear robes or cloaks like the Jedi of the old days, Jaden tended to wear black robes and cloaks over her black clothing. Besides Jaden, only a small few chose to wear black, and Master Skywalker being one. Stepping out of her quarters, Kaite immediately heard the sound of her master's ranting.

It was obvious that B3-XK was stopping her from drinking again. That droid was specially built to be tolerant to Jaden's rage, and also be easily repaired, or rebuilt, if the need for it ever arises. The number of times it actually had to be rebuilt, was beyond Kaite's counting abilities. Kaite knew that her master was no ordinary Jedi Master, yet the number things that Jaden had and was capable of was far beyond odd, or extraordinary.

For one, Jaden is the only Jedi to possess an armada of ships. Second, Jaden seems to be very connected to the various crime syndicates and government offices. Thirdly, Jaden is actually very rich, though how or where she actually gets the money is something even Kaite doesn't know. Like purchasing parts, or just normal things, Jaden never seems to be using the academy's money, as Kaite knew that the academy's budget was way lower than what Jaden normally spends.

Just recently, Jaden bought swoop bikes just because she liked the new designs. Kaite stepped onto the bridge, just in time to see a sight that she was used to seeing. Jaden slapping B3-XK non-stop till some of the droid's wires broke. Several screws and bolts were already scattered onto the floor.

"I want to drink!!!"

Jaden screamed at the already shut-down droid.

"Master, the butler is out."

Kaite pointed out to her master, who stopped her slapping, and actually took a look at the droid.

"... Oops. Bah, i'll fix him later."

Jaden tossed the droid's metal body one side, and swept all loose pieces to one side of the bridge with the force. And Jaden was the one who kept telling Kaite not to abuse her force powers.

"Anyway, what do you need?"

Jaden turned to her pupil, eyes somewhat twinkling.

"I wanted to ask more about the mission to Hoth."

"Hmm, well, i've told you everything that needs to be told."

"But you're hiding something else."

Kaite narrowed her eyes at her master, who only smiled.

"Aren't we all? And you're getting sharper."

"Don't change the subject!"

Kaite snapped. Jaden sighed, dropping into the command chair, while inputting the new coordinates to Hoth.

"You'll know when we get there."

"... You don't believe that we can actually find a Holocron there, do you?"

Jaden did not answer her apprentice, only staring quietly at her screen. Kaite had her answer. Jaden wasn't looking for a Holocron. But something, or someone.

".... Fine. When you do feel like telling me, i'll be taking a bath."

"In the spa?"

Jaden's mood suddenly turned a complete round.

"... In my room."

"Aw, why not we go into the spa together?"


Jaden laughed while her apprentice stormed out of the bridge, red to the face. And when the door shut once more, Jaden ran a hand down her face, her expression and demeanour switched back, her gaze darkening.

"... You don't need to know, Kaite. My past... is my own, and you shouldn't walk within it as well.... Rosh, do you really think i'm too lenient on her?"

A/N: I'm experimenting with the different uses of the force. After Force Unleashed, i began to think a lot on how force powers could be used. Also, once again, my OCs are NOT all mighty. They are WEAK compared to the main characters.... like Luke is ALL MIGHTY AND CAN WHOOP ANYONE'S ASS!