There was something about her new dorm room that made Kelsi feel a little bit uncomfortable, though she couldn't place just what it was for the life of her. Her roommate, Rebekah, was great--a singer and dancer who had discovered her calling at the age of nine. They got along almost perfectly. Her room was spacious and clean, even after they both had unpacked.

Kelsi sighed, picking out a few tunes on her keyboard half-heartedly as she heard Rebekah get up to answer a sudden knocking at the door. She heard a muffled voice coming from the doorway--obviously very much male--but she payed it no mind, instead focusing on the keys and began playing the opening chords to Everyday.

"Once in a lifeti-"

Kelsi's hands crashed down on the keys in surprise, interrupting the song with a handful of disjointed notes, before she leapt up and spun around, a smile beaming on her face. "Ryan!"

The choreographer laughed whole-heartedly as Kelsi flung her arms around his neck in a hug and he wrapped his arms around her just as fervently. "I take it this means you're happy to see me?"

"Duh." Kelsi grinned as she loosened her grasp and pulled back to look at him. "How'd you know where my room was?"

"Us Evans have our ways." He winked at her, letting her go completely before continuing, "I was kind of hoping you'd like to join me for an ice cream run."

Kelsi nodded eagerly, reaching over to switch her keyboard off. "Let me just go get changed really quick."

As she disappeared into her room Ryan finally felt the curious gaze of her roommate on his back. He cleared his throat awkwardly, nodding respectfully in her direction. "Uh, Ryan Evans. I'm Kelsi's friend from high school."

"Bekah Newton." A smile stretched over Rebekah's face as she nodded slowly. "I gotta say, you must be some friend to get that kind of reaction out of her.

Ryan's forehead creased as he stared at her in confusion. "...Huh?"

Bekah shrugged one shoulder as she headed to her own room, the grin still in place. "Oh, nothing. I just didn't peg Kelsi to be the kind of person who smiled with her whole body."

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