Ok, so this is my award winning poem :] Ok, not really but it is a published work of art! Anyways….enough babbling from me. Read it!

I Am Who I Make Me.

Don't tell me who I am

Or who I have to be.

For who are you

To speak up and define the likes of me?

I am my own person.

Don't spoon-feed me your lies.

I should have known your immaturity

When I first stared into your eyes.

You're nothing but a child -

Thinking it was all a game,

Thinking no one would get hurt,

Well, that may have been your aim.

How can I let you know,

Or make you well aware

That you have hurt me with your games

And left many scars there.

From this moment on I will ignore

Your pitiful and stupid lie,

For I am who I make me

And over you, I will no longer cry.

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