Mana here. This is my first South Park fic and I'm pretty nervous. Normally I write Fruits Basket stuff, so you'd kinda figure. Anyway, I'm gonna start this out with a bunch of fluffy StanxKyle drabblets, and each chapter's gonna be centered around something, mkay? Romance, friendship...I don't know. You decide. Well, here goes…


Kyle had always been jealous of Stan Marsh's hair.

It was as dark as the night sky and it shone brighter than a full-moonlit night.

And on those rare occasions where Stan would take off his hat, the wind would grasp the black silkiness, tousling it relentlessly.

At these times, Kyle wished his hair would do that.

He wished that it would be like his best friend Stan's.

But no.

He had only a useless auburn "Jew fro" he was so self conscious about that he kept it hidden under his green ushanka.

He would secretly cringe every time he saw his best friend's hair, wishing it would have been blessed upon him instead.

On a Friday night Kyle decided to stay the night at Stan's.

Of course, he hadn't told him yet, but because they've known each other since diaper days no one would mind.

"Hello Kyle," Sharon greeted him, "Stan's upstairs."

Kyle nodded thanks and ascended the staircase.

"Hey dude," said Kyle casually as he proceeded into Stan's room.

But then he stopped, eyes wide.

"Dude what the hell?"

In Stan's hands was a hair straightener.

"It's not what it looks like," Stan said quickly, "see Shelly went out with friends and I went to her room and I saw this thing and I just wanted to check it out…"

Kyle stayed frozen.

So this was why his hair was silky shiny every time his hat was off.

It wasn't natural at all.

It was fake.

"Hey Kyle, you ok?"

"Stan…" Kyle looked somewhat hurt.

"Aw dude! Don't get upset over this! Jesus Christ!"

"Do me next."

Stan dropped the straightener.


"You heard me," Kyle took off his Ushanka, "do me next."

Stan smiled as he nonverbally invited Kyle over to sit on his bed.

He combed through his messy fro and began to straighten the first strand towards his face.

The newly straightened strand fell in front of his eyes.

Stan worked his way through more of Kyle's thick curls until everything became a homogenous mixture of smooth and straight.

Kyle looked at himself in the mirror.

This hair went down to his neck, looking somewhat like Stan's.

"Dude that thing kicks ass!"

Kyle flipped his hair for the first time ever.

His new hair flowed elegantly around his face and teased his cheeks

Stan shrugged.

"It looks good on you, Kyle."

He ran his fingers through Kyle's hair.

"I'm jealous, dude."


Ok, I suppose that wasn't too bad for a start, right? Have mercy ^^;;